May 19, 2019

America–Global Manifest Destiny?

America_DestinyI can hear the howls from the left already, because they don’t believe that there is anything special about America. They don’t see America’s exceptionalism. They don’t even see that it is a particularly nice place to live.

They are wrong.

America is a “beacon on a hill,” as described by Ronald Reagan. Don’t like Ronald Reagan? How about Bono? “America is an idea. That’s how we see you around the world, as one of the greatest ideas in human history.”

The idea of America is based on its democratic-republic form of government, where all power lies in its citizens, and the states that they constitute, and only a certain limited number of powers are delegated to a “federal” system of government, and all other powers are retained by The People. This has provided the historically best, most successful fertile environment for lifting the masses out of poverty, and spreading democracy and higher standards of living throughout the world. Unchecked, much of the world could have been living in what futurists envision as a nearly Star Trek lifestyle, where people are fulfilled and have resources to pursue their dreams. Left unchecked.

Many of you may be laughing by now. I know. Leftists have done everything in their power to undermine our form of Constitutional government and turn it into just another two-bit European style semi-socialistic egalitarian nightmare. We’ve all stood by and watched as these enemies of personal liberty have twisted the Constitution until it no longer has much meaning or protection against burgeoning centralized government and bureaucratic excess. We have watched as leftists in our own ranks have reduced our economy and quality of life to international standards, and reduced our educational and health care systems to third-world, last-class standards, notwithstanding the heftiest price tags by far on the planet.

What’s next for America?

We are at a crossroads. Truly.

In the vacuum created by America’s withdrawal from the world stage, enemies of freedom are overrunning the “free world.” Islam is overtaking Europe, and is squeezing its deadly grip on the Middle East, Africa and Asia. With Islam at the helm, all of those leftists will find that they are the first to lose their heads, because Islam abhors everything that is near and dear to the Democratic Party–gays, abortionists, free speech, women’s rights, freedom from religion, etc. Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton can get themselves fitted for their burkas if America fails to stand up and flex its muscles–and very soon.

I am convinced by every indicator that as leftists soften everything that is right and good in our Western life based on Judaeo-Christian ethics, and undermine the family, and turn every group and denomination against one another, a monster is waiting in the wings, just beyond the curtain, ready to take its place on the stage.

Communists are making a comeback, in the vacuum created by America’s left. There are a couple of billion of them. Islam has expanded its borders and appetite, and is sweeping across Europe, devouring everything in its path. American leftists are flooding our own nation with poorly educated, big government supporting aliens, and are looking to the Middle East for backup aliens to take up the slack.

We are fast-approaching the point of no return. We must make a decision, and take a stand. In our efforts we will be assailed by enemies of our Constitution with epithets of Islamophobia, Xenophobia, Imperialism, Colonialism, etc. They will do everything in their considerable power to stop America from throwing off the shackles they have forged for us. They will attempt to thwart our every convulsion against the inevitable demise of America and the human dream of liberty.

We must act now. We must act decisively. Some Republican candidates for president are saying that we must close our borders against incursion, and a few even recognize the necessity of escorting interlopers to those borders and pushing them back through to where they came from. That is not enough.

The sad truth is that America and everything it stands for is under global attack–because the idea of America is completely incompatible with Islam, Communism and Socialism–the powers that are drawing a dark cloud over the world, and trying to destroy us from within. America is the last line of defense for the weak and poor in the world, the prime targets of Islam, Communism and Socialism. Without America, these totalitarian governments will finally have free reign in the world, unobstructed by the idea of personal liberty and individual rights.

It is no longer enough to stop despots at our borders. Because we allowed them to grow too much and grow too strong, we cannot now merely put up a No Vacancy sign. We will now have to wipe out the plague, the cancer, which is spreading its malignancy through the earth. There is no longer the option of surgical removal of small tumors, but the requirement of wholesale obliteration, through widespread fire.

Peace through strength has its opposite: War through weakness.

The left has made America weak in the world, leaving the masses vulnerable, and they are dying at the hands of savages by the thousands daily. Bullies are pushing their way around the world at a pace not seen since Hitler’s National Socialist Party (Nazi). There comes a point when you can no longer appease or negotiate. We are long past that point. So while Obama and his Keystone Cops are “negotiating” with our enemies around the world, emboldening them and empowering them, Americans are left with little choice than to prepare for a great conflict.

And when that conflict is over, assuming that America is victorious, how shall we rebuild the world? In our own image–this time. We must learn–from history and common sense–that not all creeds are worthy of inclusion. Savages and enemies of liberty have no more place in the modern world. Yes, it’s come to that.


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