February 21, 2019

BREAKING: Ferguson Officer Darren Wilson NOT INDICTED by Grand Jury

DARREN-WILSONFollowing 3 months of deliberation by the Grand Jury, Ferguson Police Department Officer Darren Wilson WILL NOT BE INDICTED for shooting Michael Brown on August 9 in the line of duty.

For more than 3 months minorities have been wrecking violence on the community of Ferguson, MO, threatening to level the city if Officer Wilson is not indicted.

New Black Panther members were arrested by FBI agents Friday evening for plotting to set off explosives in the aftermath of a Grand Jury decision.

mike_brown_fingerThe original story coming out of Ferguson was that unarmed black youth Michael Brown was gunned down, shot in the back, by white officer Darren Wilson. Then, it was revealed that Michael Brown and his colleague had just robbed a grocery store, and he was acting in a violent manner. See our story of August 23, The Real Michael Brown–No Gentle Giant.

As evidence was presented to the Grand Jury, witnesses confirmed the officer’s version of the facts, that Michael Brown attacked the officer in his patrol car, and tried to shoot him with his own police pistol, resulting in a gunshot wound to Michael Brown. Mr. Brown then charged the officer, receiving multiple gunshot wounds, and died at the scene of the crime.

looting_violence_furgusonWell-known race-baiters, race agitators and anarchists have been stirring up racial unrest in the city since the shooting, attempting to convince black citizens that the shooting of Michael Brown was unjustified, ignoring all of the evidence that Mr. Brown had attacked the police officer and injured him badly, attempting to murder him.

FederalistPress.com has recently called upon Attorney General Eric Holder, one who stirred up the racial aspects of the case, to be the one to announce the Grand Jury’s decision, to assure the black community that the decision is based on the truth, and not on racial prejudice. see our article of November 18, OPINION: Holder Should Deliver Furguson Grand Jury News.

The National Guard is standing by for riots and looting.




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