March 23, 2019

California Law Forces Schools to Teach Importance of Barack Obama’s Election

Obama_CommunistHave you thanked your Dear Leader today?
Thanks to a new law scheduled to be signed by California Governor Jerry Brown that feels more like North Korea than America, students in California will now be treated to a big dose of indoctrination that stresses the importance of the election of their glorious leader, Barack Obama.
AB1912, signed by Gov. Brown, mandates that the California Instructional Quality Commission consider the inclusion of Barack Obama’s election as material to be taught when reforming the state’s history-social science curriculum.
According to the bill’s sponsor, Assemblyman Chris Holden (D), “We want to make sure that future generations understand that the election of our nation’s first African American president was a historic step in the effort towards equality and that previous elections involved intimidation and violence that prevented millions of African Americans from voting.”
The California Assembly passed the shameful legislation earlier this month, 76-1.
Holden’s office celebrated the inclusion of Obama’s election in textbooks and explained this was an opportunity for Obama to “take his rightful place in California textbooks.”
Simultaneously, the Department of Education continues to push Common Core standards that continued to outrage parents from coast to coast. The one-size-fits-all curriculum, critics argue, instills a dogmatic obedience to Barack Obama and fosters a generation removed from the concept of small government and self-reliance while normalizing abusive government measures as the cost of security.
This latest law to come from California, seemingly, affirms conservative criticisms of the left. The cult of personality surrounding Obama has been creepy at best, and dangerous at worst as the left glorifies the anointed leader of American socialism.

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