May 24, 2019

CDC official calls Obama ‘Marxist,’ Says S. Border is Letting in Dem “Voters”

obama_pelosiA federal health official dealing with the surge of illegal immigrants last year at the southern U.S. border ripped President Obama for the months-long crisis, calling him a “Marxist” and “the worst pres we have ever had,” according to newly released internal emails.

The emails, obtained and published by the conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch, show a June 9, 2014, exchange between Centers for Disease Control and Prevention logistics specialist George Roark and agency public health adviser William Adams.

Roark begins by writing: “Unreal, no country in the world would allow this.”

Adams responds: “Well, in ten years or less, they’ll all be voting … Commander’s intent …”

Roark concludes: “It is very clear that is the case. This fellow is the worst pres we have ever had. He truly is ‘the amateur’ but a Marxist, too.”

Roark declined to talk to on Monday, when reached by phone at the agency’s Atlanta headquarters. The CDC has yet to respond to a question about whether the agency addressed the email exchange with Roark or Adams, and whether either was reprimanded or punished.

immigrants_criminalsJudicial Watch said it obtained the emails as part of an investigation into the CDC activating its Emergency Operations Center to deal with tens of thousands Central American immigrants, including many unaccompanied minors, trying to get into the United States at the Mexico border.

The center was opened to address concerns about the border-crossers’ health and the potential for them to bring contagious diseases and other illnesses into the country.

The Roark-Adams exchange was included in about 3,000 pages of emails obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request, and more documents related to the Judicial Watch investigation are forthcoming, the group said Monday.

The U.S. law that gives some protection to illegal immigrants from non-bordering countries — and puts unaccompanied minors into the hands of the Department of Health and Human Services — was in fact signed by President George W. Bush in December 2008, days before Obama took office.

Judicial Watch also found in its investigation a June 18, 2014, email in which CDC intelligence analyst Daniel Bubacz said the situation that summer was the result of a “Leave No Child on the other Side of the Border Policy” — a reference to the controversial federal education policy known as No Child Left Behind.’s Joseph Weber contributed to this report. 

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