January 24, 2019

CNN: Obama Pressuring Insurance Companies to Shut Up about Problems with Obamacare

Drew_GriffinCNN’s Drew Griffin appeared on Anderson Cooper and reported that he has confirmed that “the Obama administration is leaning on insurance companies companies to keep a lid on problems with the health care law roll out.”

According to CNN, if an insurance company says anything publicly about the many problems being created by the implementation of Obamacare, “you’re going to get a call from the White House, with pressure to be quiet.”

Griffin reports that insurance companies “feel defenseless against the White House PR team . . . and they are fearing White House retribution.”

“The White House is exerting massive pressure on the industry, including the trade associations to keep quiet.” – Robert Laszewski, President, Health Policy and Strategy Associates, LLC.

Industry insiders are saying that insurance companies are being forced by the administration to drop coverage and policies that do not meet the hidden requirements of Obamacare, resulting in the loss of coverage for millions of Americans–the same Americans Obama personally guaranteed would NOT lose their coverage.

Griffin said, “Despite all of the rhetoric from the President, you simply cannot keep you current health care plan if it does not meet these requirements.”  He reports that Laszewski’s group “warned the Administration about this very scenario, and ignored the advice.”

“I think the administrative mess you’re seeing right now is indicative of what happens when somebody tries to run somebody else’s business and think they’re smarter than you are.”  – Robert Laszewski

Anderson Cooper and the CNN team seemed quite surprised by the tactics of the Administration, and wondered aloud why the President and the White House would adopt these strong arm tactics.


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