March 23, 2019

CNN: Traditional American Values Are Racist

Miss America winner Nina DavuluriTraditional American Values Are Racist. That’s what CNN apparently thinks, anyway.

According to this, Todd Starnes posted a tweet “affirming the American values” of Theresa Vail, Miss Kansas, who we’ve been basically girl crushing on since last week. He said, “The liberal Miss America judges won’t say this – but Miss Kansas lost because she actually represented American values.”

He wrote that, you see, because pretty much everything about Miss Kansas SCREAMS traditional American values.  She’s in the military, she’s a 2nd amendment supporter, she’s a woman of faith, she’s devoted to her family, and she’s a traditional conservative girl.

miss-kansas-theresa-vailBut CNN went completely bonkers and reported that Todd’s comments were essentially a racist rant against the winner of the crown, Nina Davuluri. CNN’s headline?  “Miss America crowns 1st winner of Indian descent; racist tweets flow.”  And front and center was Todd’s tweet.

But here’s the problem (for CNN, that is):  Todd’s tweet was posted before Nina’s victory was announced.


And it gets better.  Jumping on the racism bandwagon was NBC – who wrote a story called, “New Miss America’s Indian heritage sparks racist comments.” In the column, the author accused Todd of “blaming the win on a ‘politically correct’ panel of judges.”

Except that he didn’t blame the win on anything, because at the time he was tweeting, HE DIDN’T KNOW WHO HAD WON.  Nor did anyone else, for that matter.

Since Twitter timestamps are kind of irrefutable, by mid morning yesterday morning CNN had revised their story, removing all mentions of Todd. And they changed their headline to, “Miss America crowns 1st winner of Indian descent.”

Did they offer any explanation?  Nope.  Did they offer an apology?  Of course not.

This is what mainstream media reporting looks like today.


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