March 23, 2019

Dem Gov Jesse Ventura Shocked to Learn Global Warming is Hoax

jesse-ventura2We must have missed the original airing of former democratic governor Jesse Ventura’s “Conspiracy Theory,” but caught the rerun the other evening, and were candidly surprised to see the thorough and honest approach the question of global warming he pursued.

“I never thought I’d be investigating global warming. I believe it’s real and that saving the planet is good,” Ventura began the program. “But now I’m on my way to see a guy named Noel Sheppard. He says he has proof that some people are using global warming as an excuse to make money and control the world. That’s a conspiracy I want to expose.”

Upon learning from Sheppard that the human-caused global warming movement is a farce being perpetrated by leftist elitists for the purpose of bilking people and nations out of trillions of dollars and a lot of political power, Ventura dispatched his reluctant team of investigators to get to the bottom of it all.

Ventura’s first investigator, June Sarpong, a true believer in the man-made global warming theory, met with a Ph.D. level climate scientist whose life has been threatened for speaking out on the subject, and he provided her with scientific data that any recognizable planetary temperature fluctuations are the natural result of solar activity, existing long before humans were burning fossil fuels. Sarpong asked why global warming proponents are faking data to convince the world that global warming is true, and he responded, “Control every aspect of people’s lives, the number of children you can have, the number of people on the planet, where they live, what they can drive. Everything.”

Ventura’s other investigators got similar data during interviews with other experts, showing that there is in fact, no data supporting the global warming theory, citing among other data, recent cooling trends around the globe, causing Ventura and the team to begin to doubt their liberal friends.  The faked global warming data conspiracy discovered in the “Climategate” hacked emails were news to the Ventura team, and when confronted with a few smoking gun emails they were hard pressed to deny that such a conspiracy exists.

The team then interviewed Amit Chaterjee, CEO of the carbon-monitoring software firm Hara. As Chaterjee obviously lied to the investigator about his relationship with Al Gore and their anticipated profits from Cap-and-Trade schemes, Ventura had enough and stormed into the interview demanding truthful answers, getting only a shaky “No Comment,”before Chaterjee excused himself and disappeared.

al_goreThe team eventually discovered that an international leftist living in China named Maurice Strong is the true “wizard behind the curtain” in this flim-flam, and that Gore’s close association with the man gravely undermines his innocent ignorance in the scheme to turn over vast fortunes and political power to those behind the global warming scam.

Ventura’s summation: “I’m no scientist. The conspiracy theory here is a scare tactic to control people, make billions, even trillions in profit. Al Gore, you’ve been a real inspiration. But a lot of other people who preach the global warming gospel aren’t out to save the world. They’re out to run it.”

We believe it is significant that while accepting his Nobel Prize for awaking the world to the threat of global warming, Al Gore firmly declared that the proof of his theory would be seen in the total disappearance of the polar ice cap by 2013. Of course, global temperatures have been consistently cooler since that time, and the polar ice cap has grown by 60 percent.  As of this writing, most of the U.S. is piled high with snow and ice, and Lake Superior is nearly frozen completely over. See our article of February 12, NEW ICE AGE? Lake Superior Nears Rare Freeze-Over | Damn Global Warming!

In fact, human caused global warming theories are nothing more than anti-capitalism chants from the left, funneling additional trillions of dollars and political power to their parties around the world.


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