August 24, 2019

Dick Morris Says Hillary DNC Speech Went Nowhere

Hillary_Clinton_3Hillary Clinton’s speech at the Democratic National Convention on Thursday was “good if you didn’t live in the real world” — and after analyzing it, “all that’s left is she’s a woman and not Donald Trump,” political strategist Dick Morris said Friday.

“When you compare with what she said with reality, you see first of all how flawed it is and secondly what a poor basis it offers for a victorious campaign,” Morris said on Facebook Live. “Not a basis for winning a campaign.”

Clinton’s speech accepting the Democratic presidential nomination capped the four-day event at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia. Trump accepted the Republican nomination the previous week in Cleveland.

Morris slammed Clinton’s remarks on numerous points:

  •  “She began by urging compromise and working together,” he said. “Is there anybody in the world less likely to compromise than Hillary? Like in the email scandal? Like in Benghazi? Her reputation is standing firm and aggressive and telling everybody to go to hell.”
  • “She said that we’re not afraid. The hell we’re not afraid. We’re scared to death. When you look at what’s going on in Nice, Paris, San Bernardino, Boston, and Brussels and all over the world — of course we’re scared. Of course we’re frightened of a terrorist attack. … We’re probably more afraid now than we’ve ever been at any point in our recent history except for right after 9/11.”
  • “She criticized Trump saying ‘I alone am going to do this.’ … Everybody knows it’s a rhetorical device … — but the idea of a person standing up there and taking responsibility and taking charge is a very good idea and taps into America’s feeling that gridlock and everybody blaming everybody else is really not working in America.”
  • “She said she will fight the influence of money in politics: ‘I will follow the money.’ Hillary follows the money, breathlessly trying to grab off some of it. … Hillary is the epicenter of wealth and privilege in American politics.”
  • “She said she was going to stand up to China. … You met with China maybe a dozen times and you’ve never stood up to them. You’ve never raised the human-rights issues. You’ve never named them currency manipulators and backed them away from their unfair trade practices. It’s totally disingenuous for us to believe that Hillary will now stand up to China.”
  • “She asked, ‘Does Donald Trump have the temperament to be president?’ … Does anybody believe Trump is going to launch a nuclear war? Who’s the one who gets us into wars? Hillary.”

“The entire basis of her anti-Trump campaign was not based on disagreements with his plans,” Morris concluded. “It was based on style — on fluff, on simply saying, ‘Oh God we can’t put up with that man.’

“The more Trump cleans up his act, which he’s been doing in the last month or so, the [sooner] those appeals fall.

“Ultimately, Hillary’s speech may have had a superficial plausibility,” he continued. “It may give her a short-term bounce in the polls, but it leads nowhere. It doesn’t lead to any strategy.”Sooner or later, Hillary’s campaign will be reduced to one line: ‘I’m a woman.’

“We will increasingly see through that and understand that we’re being manipulated into voting for someone who should not be president just because they’re a woman.”

Morris is the author of the book “Armageddon: How Trump Can Beat Hillary” with Eileen McGann, which is the No. 1 nonfiction book in the United States, based on ratings, and has debuted at No. 4 on the Aug. 7 New York Times nonfiction list.

By Todd Beamon 

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