March 20, 2019

DNC Platform – More Taxes, Abortions and Sodomy

As the Democratic party faithful gather together in Charlotte, NC, to launch their final appeal for votes in the November general election, their new platform has been shaped to maximize support from the fringes of American society.

Indeed, the Rainbow Coalition that has become the Democrats’ base has wandered ever farther from the center-right mainstream of America.

In an all-out class warfare charge up the final hill of this election cycle the Democrats have focused their efforts on diverting voters’ attention away from President Obama’s abysmal record, especially on the economy.

Indeed, democrats have been pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into attack ads attempting to refocus the issues on the GOP challenger’s record, re-written by the Democrats to make Governor Mitt Romney seem like a blood-thirsty capitalist who cares nothing about the average person or women, instead of the successful, hard-working, kind and generous man that thousands who know him personally have testified.

Rather than admitting that their leadership has plunged the nation into the worst economic recovery since the Great Depression, and condemned 23,000,000 Americans to the permanent unemployment roles (most of whom are women, many of whom have descended into poverty) or burger flipping jobs, Obama and his surrogates tell us that all is well, that his policies are working, and that the private sector is doing just fine–although we do need to increase government jobs.

Indeed, rather than propose anything that might put American’s back to work, the Democratic party is offering us higher taxes on job creators, which would gut their ability to create jobs, and the revenue from which would run the government for just 9 days.

They additionally assume that most American’s feel that taxpayer funded birth control and abortions are paramount, and that we need to immediately expand programs that pay for them.

And last, homosexual marriage is being proffered like candy at Halloween. That’s just what working American families need and are clamoring for–government sanctioned sodomy, and just like traditional marriages to be endowed with all of the benefits that are offered to loving couples who enter into a lifetime covenant of fidelity and mutual care, and who take upon themselves the responsibility of rearing children to promulgate society.

The election decision between the traditionally centrist platform of the GOP and the extreme left proposals of the Democrats has never been so clear. This election will truly determine whether America rediscovers its greatness, or continues its slide down that slimy hill into the abyss of every other society that has corrupted itself into oblivion.




  1. http://Edna%20Guild says

    All so true. I loved that a lot. Will there be a part 2?

  2. http://Shannon says

    While I would agree on some aspects of this article I find the “sodomy” slant pathetic. How can you claim you are for liberty, when you believe the government should be endorsing specific family structures. Shouldn’t that really be up to the people it actually effects? Gay marriage wil happen eventually, and people will individually have the right to make up their own minds.

    When the republican party and other conservatives insist on legislating their subjective morality, they lose a lot of fiscally conservative voters who are terrified of the democrat’s economic and taxing approach. When someone is telling you that the government should be able to endorse someone else’s lifestyle and give them perks that you can’t get because the government doesn’t aprove your choice of partner, its too much of a slap in the face to be ignored, and you can’t vote for that person even if you agree with them on most other things.

    Lots of people want small government that will not over tax us, tell us whether we can own guns, or who we can marry, or make various other decisions for us. Give it 5-8 years, and you’ll never be able to put a fiscally conservative candidate in office in most states without help from small government supporters who don’t want the government preaching to them.

    “Sodomy.” You’re a bigot living in the 50s. Get over yourself.

    • http://Publius says

      Yes, the editors thought you would like the word sodomy. In fact, the realities of the homosexual life are something that most gay lifestyle proponents try to ignore. Most homosexuals do not live the type of life that others would be comfortable with, if given the opportunity to review it at all hours of the day and night. The editors don’t have an opinion about what goes on in the privacy of one’s own bedroom, within bounds–certainly bestiality is more broadly considered reprehensible, and pedophilia is still not acceptable to anyone really, although if we follow your logic, it soon will be–give it 5-8 years . . . The homosexual lifestyle does not bring happiness or emotional satisfaction to most of those who practice it, notwithstanding their boisterous demands that mainstream society accept it. In a world decaying so quickly from moral ruin, accept the fact or not, society should point people into paths that bring real happiness. Homosexuality leads few to real happiness. And in fact, traditional marriage has suffered such assaults that fewer are able to find the fulfillment it should bring. Indeed, infidelity in marriage and socially encouraged selfishness have all but obliterated the joys of traditional marriage, leaving families in ruin–nearly destroying the families and individuals of our black American brothers and sisters. The point of the article is that the left is taking us ever farther from fulfillment and happiness. Their platform codifies the effort.

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