June 2, 2020

Empty Seats at Inauguration – Don’t Bother Coming Back

It has been widely reported that over 60 Democratic Congressmen are protesting the election of Donald Trump by refusing to attend his inauguration today. This is the largest absence at a presidential inauguration since that of President Abraham Lincoln–also a Republican.

There is a joke I’ve heard going around lately: “The Democrats haven’t been this angry since the Republicans freed their slaves.”

There is a lot of truth in this slight. The history of the Democratic Party, and that of the Republican party have been twisted and skewered by the Democrats and their spokesmen, the Press, in recent years.

In fact, it was the Republicans who fought the Democrats so hard to free the slaves in the Democratic South. It was the Democrats who declared a war on the nation of America, to fight for their right to enslave their fellow human beings and force them to work in their fields under the yoke of human bondage. It was the Democrats who murdered hundreds of emancipated slaves and their Republican advocates after the Civil War. It was Democrats who donned white robes and hoods and terrorized African Americans, and who fought against the post-war Amendments that afforded African Americans the rights of citizenship and of the vote. It was Democrats who instituted the Jim Crow laws, and who institutionalized segregation, then separate-but-equal facilities. It was the Democrats who fought the Republicans as they tried time after time to pass the Voting Rights Act and the Civil Rights Act.

It is no accident that Martin Luther King, Jr. was a Republican, as were nearly all of the African Americans at that time, and prior.

Now, with the history buried and distorted, one would think that Democrats were the protectors and advocates of Americans of African descent. It is not true. Presidents Kennedy and Johnson started a campaign of using “ni___ers” (in their words) to centralize power in the Democratic party. They baited and lured them into the new plantation of the Democratic Party, promising them the world, and after $20 trillion in anti-poverty spending, leaving them trapped in ghettos and lives of drug-addled, violent misery. In the words of President Johnson–the blacks were to be bought off with taxpayer dollars, and “I’ll have those ni___ers voting democratic for 200 years.”

In this great nation Democrats claim that they solely advocate for black Americans, as they preside over the abortion of more than 1,800 black babies every day (and thousands of Latino babies). Democrats preside over black children born into fatherless homes. Democrats preside over young black men being destined for death in the streets (at the hands of other young black men). Democrats preside over the imprisonment of a large percentage of young black Americans. Democrats preside over the trap of poverty, unemployment and plantation misery.

In other words, nothing has changed. The Democrats are still presiding over the exploitation of Americans of color, and African Americans are suffering the worse.

So why the outrage at the inauguration of President Trump today? We hear him called a racist, and we hear vague claims that on the campaign trail he spoke ill of America’s black citizens and said he would keep them down, in KKK style. I never heard a word of it. I only heard Donald Trump say he would change the economy so that black Americans would be lifted out of poverty, and out of misery.

Let’s look at what we’ve gotten out of the first black American president and his Democratic Party government. He promised that if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. He knew he was lying. He promised that if you like your health plan, you can keep your plan. He knew he was lying. He promised that your health care premiums would be reduced by $2,500 per family. He knew he was lying. He weakened America’s economy, running up another $10 trillion in debt (which Americans will now have to repay or go into bankruptcy), spending money that did not help the American people, but lined the pockets of white house cronies. He forced tens of millions more onto food stamps, and onto welfare roles. Tens of millions were forced out of the workforce, and tens of millions more were forced from making a living to making hamburgers at fast food restaurants. No one was devastated by Obama’s economy more than African Americans.

So why are the Democrats staying away from the inauguration of Donald J. Trump, the 45th president of the United States of America? Because a revolution begins today. A revolution that will complete the work that President Lincoln began. A revolution that will remove the fangs and claws of the Democratic Party, a party that sold its soul long ago, and sold the souls of its supporters a thousand times since in its quest for ultimate control of this great nation and its resources.

So stay home during the inauguration today. Let your seats be filled by American citizens. Stay home during congressional sessions, so that you don’t obstruct the prosperity that will soon come to America and all of its citizens, of every race and background. Go home. We don’t need you and your destructive brand of politics.

By James Thompson


  1. Why is it the black population only think that their leaders, are the only ones who tell the truth. Why do they the Democrat leaders cover up the truth that they are the ones that betrayed their black people. Wanted the blacks to be slaves, cooks, maids for them, so the white slave owners could sit around and degrade the blacks. If black lives matter? Then Blacks ,look at the source from which it came. Not from what the Demarcates say,that the Republicans are the ones who cause your troubles! Please think for yourselves, don’t let the men in their ivory towers, that say they have your back, Think for you. God gave everyone a brain, USE IT

  2. A great big amen! The African Americans have been lied to by Democrats for years and years. I don’t understand why this isn’t more common knowledge. Good article.

  3. Those Democrats that elected not to attend is a great start to “cleaning the cesspool” that President Trump spoke of. Hopefully every American can see we can, and will, continue our historical duties and operate very effectively without those Democrats! And hopefully they will stay away during congressional sessions so we can continue to move forward without them!

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