August 9, 2020

Evidence of Widespread Voter Fraud Found in Virginia Governor’s Race

mcauliffeRichmond, VA–Merely hours after the close of a bitter and divisive Governor’s race in Virginia that saw Democrat Terry McAuliffe pull out a win over Republican Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, irregularities in voting data have emerged.  According to mainstream media outlets McAuliffe supposedly defeated Cuccinelli in a razor-thin 47-46 percent victory to become the next Governor of the great state of Virginia.

Immediately following the announcement, Cuccinelli’s office opened a full investigation into the legitimacy of the vote and quickly turned up surprising results.  In 13 districts, multiple instances of intimidation at the polls were reported.  Large black men wearing traditional Black Panther garb were reported lingering around polling places approaching older voters asking questions about who they intended on voting for.  In Loudoun and Fairfax counties (traditional Democratic strongholds), election officials withheld submitting voter data in order to get an idea of whether to count absentee ballots or not.  In an audit of the voter registration information, it quickly became apparent that MULTIPLE votes were cast by people who were either deceased or had long ago moved out of the district.

According to exit polling Cuccinelli won the race by big margins reaching a high percent of the key voting blocks of women, Latinos and Blacks.

Cuccinelli was a target of large amounts of out of state financing as the Democrats set out to make the race be a referendum against the Tea Party movement.  McAuliffe got a late boost from Bill and Hillary Clinton, as well as Joe Biden, who campaigned hard for the Democrat.

Even in defeat Cuccinelli reminded voters that the election was in fact a referendum against President Obama’s Affordable Care Act.  “Despite being outspent by an unprecedented $15 million,” he said, ”this race came down to the wire because of Obamacare. That message will go out across America tonight.”

Sources within Cuccinelli’s office have warned that “this is not over” and that Ken will be challenging the results of the election in court.

No such irregularities have been discovered in New Jersey where Republican candidate Chris Christie was re-elected in a landslide victory.

By Chase Logan

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  1. Virginia’s voter fraud is just a warm up for what will happen in November and the next Presidential election. Hillary will win by fraud and who is there out there to do something about it when the Democrats have everyone in their pockets.

    • Violet Wilson says

      Democrats can only win by cheating. This does not bother these Amoral people. They have no honor and none have a conscience. America has gone to the devil. The Revolution will come………………………………. I suspected Northern Virginia the minions abound…………..

  2. Patrick Lampe says

    It is imperative that any conservative candidate have poll watchers and vote counters i every precint. Election by voter fraud must stop, now. Before the elections. . . WELL BEFORE THE ELECTIONS. have your County’s Civil Grand Jury investigate your County’s registar of voters to make sure voter rolls are purged and up to date. The grand jury has a lot of power over government agencies. Most county agencies won’t mess with a GJ investigation. Can lead to a criminal grand jury investigation. Most Grand Jury members are older, conservative people that still believe goverance should be in the hands of the people. Good Luck. I hope you challenge this fraud.

  3. Here’s some MORE data for you.

    Respectfully Submitted by SD2010.

  4. Its not over till its over. According to Va24.2-804 that might be January 9th.

    Election fraud exists in
    A ) Voting illegally,
    B ) wrongly counting the votes and
    C ) the process of gaining (or attempting to gain) a person’s voting choice by fraud (18USC1343) or bribe.
    There are more counts with easily found conclusive evidence of C ).
    The remedy for C ) on McAuliffe can be fast and easy.
    And build momentum for a remedy to A) and B ) .

    Terry ‘Catfish’ McAuliffe adopted 18USC1343 felony as his campaign strategy.
    No Virginia Republican appears to have been prepared for a candidate that lied like Terry ‘Catfish’ McAuliffe .
    That can change.
    Never again in our lifetimes should Va experience a campaign like that of 2013.

    Terry ‘Catfish’ McAuliffe adopted 18USC1343 felony as his campaign strategy.
    No Virginia Republican appears to have been prepared for a candidate that lied like Terry ‘Catfish’ McAuliffe .
    That can change.
    Never again in our lifetimes should Va experience a campaign like that of 2013.

    See the “Draft Sworn Application to Federal Grand Jury for Indictment of Terry McAuliffe on multiple counts of 18USC1343 Felony Perpetrated in His Ads ‘Schools’ and ‘Bunch’ “.
    The gist is that no future political campaign in Virginia will lie as boldly as McAuliffe’s.

    A law enforcement authority of the Commonwealth whether Inspector General, State Police, or Locality Commonwealth Attorney petitions a Va Federal Court Grand Jury for indictment of McAuliffe for his 18USC1343 felony.

    If officers of the Federal Court in Va block the petition “Resisting the execution of the laws under the color of its authority” as defined by Va1-248s application on federal law then those federal court officials are indicted in state court for Va18.2-111/481(5) felony.

    • DRAFT PROFORMA INDICTMENT re: McAuliffe’s 18USC1343 felony & election fraud as perped in “Schools”
      18USC1343 RUBRIC

      1) “Whoever,”
      being Terry McAuliffe , Candidate for Governor of Virginia ;
      and his accessories before and after the facts

      2) “having devised or intending to devise”
      by having authorized, paid for and made videos published on YouTube and in television advertisements :

      2b)’Schools’ in Section 2 of the Pro Forma Indictment of Terry McAulliffe obligated by 18USC4

      2b1) McAuliffe’s LIE:“As governor where would Ken Cuccinelli take his extreme agenda? “
      2b1# TRUTH: Intentionally deceptive by tone and hence fraudulent.
      Only extreme in that Ken’s agenda righteously advances the students’ interests, and the people of Virginia’s interests, in achieving as great an education for its students as its money available for that purpose can buy.

      The money is had in trust for the students’ educational benefit – All interest that others might conceit is contrary to Virginia’s law regarding trusts in which trusts (including implicit or constructive trusts) are for the BENEFIT OF THE BENEFICIARIES ( VA §64.2-703 Mandatory Rule 3a) and none other except in a fashion entirely incidental to the beneficiaries receiving due benefit.
      The interests that ALL parties might conceit for plundering that money-had-in-trust is no less than VA18.2-111 and Va18.2-481(5) felony.

      2b2) McAuliffe’s LIE:“Our schools. Cuccinelli’s education plan would take money away from public schools.”
      2b2#TRUTH: False- Not so –
      Implies that there has been a fraudulent assignment of the
      Beneficiaries’ rights to that money-had-in-trust.
      The money is for the benefit of the students in Va. (or locality).

      Money-had-in-trust moves with the student so long as the student is a student in the trust money’s geographic bounds.

      A school maybe defined as public to the degree that any qualified student may transfer into that school along with their public trust funding so long as the school has capacity within its limits of facilities and personnel and all other statutory requirements are meet.

      2b3)McAuliffe’s LIE:”That’s Right, Take money away from public schools – to fund private schools instead.“
      2b3# TRUTH: What the statutory head trustees of the money-had-in-trust do with that money-had-in-trust and how they lawfully meter it or lawfully distribute it is entirely within the authority of those statutory Trustees so long as they do not alienate the money-had-in-trust for the beneficiaries and in any way the is either an unlawful contract (say in perpetuity as McAuliffe implicitly trolls to to special interests like school officials), or not for the benefit of the beneficiaries (Va. Students).

      2b4) McAuliffe’s LIE:“Local Communities would face a choice:”
      2b4a)“layoff teachers and raise class size
      2b4b) “raise property taxes.”
      2b4# TRUTH; If the students fled an abusive ineffective school for a better school their trust-benefit-money would move with them.
      If a disfavored school lost students its balanced budget would drop.
      If the disfavored public school administrators insist on making that disfavor their locality’s problem rather than the administrators’ problem (which is the consequences of their students voting with their feet) then the locality voters will rise against those administrators and firmly send them away.

      2b5) McAuliffe’s LIE: “Ken Cuccinelli, he’s focused on his own agenda – Not us.”
      2b5# TRUTH: Ken Cuccinelli’s proposed policy is what the law of Virginia already requires.
      Ken just recognizes that those who would embezzle funds and authority are wrong if not knowingly and willingly criminal.

      The policy is no more than his duty under http://constitution.legis.virg
      “The Governor shall take care that the laws be faithfully executed.”

      There appears to be no impediment to this good and statute required thing that Ken Cuccinelli proposes in Article VIII of the Va. Constitution nor in Chapter 22 or 22.1 of the code of Virginia.

      This review of the facts of Virginia’s law appears consistent within Ken Cuccinelli’s intentions declared
      and… .

      For those reasons McAuliffe’s ad “Schools”
      is a five count of 18USC§1343 felony
      times the count of times he ran this ad.

      And he attempts to make other people conspire with him in Va18.2-111 “Embezzlement” of the laws as Governor McAuliffe openly attempts Va18.2-481(5) “Treason” of “Resisting the execution of the laws under the (mere) color of the laws authority”.

      3)”to defraud, or for obtaining money or property by means of false or fraudulent pretenses, representations, or promises, transmits or causes to be transmitted ”
      by which McAuliffe intended to win by said false artifice and scheme the Office of the Governor of Virginia, along with all its perks, salary, power and access to the purse strings of Virginia. –

      Also such would be of great utility to McAuliffe in advancing his long history of peddling influence to crony capitalists.

      Said Published on YouTube and typically transmitted in television advertisements and by internet.

      4) “by means of wire, radio, or television communication in interstate or foreign commerce, any writings, signs, signals, pictures, or sounds for the purpose of executing such scheme or artifice,”
      Where the artifice transmission was by inherent nature of internet and television interstate with that particular nature of that being established by a Complainant’s residence in North Carolina. And where Where the purpose of the false statements in those artifices is plainly to advance said scheme.

      5) shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 20 years, or both.

  5. It’s really a sad state of affairs for us, I mean we can’t even have honest elections because of a political group hellbent on winning, no matter the cost, and no matter the problems they create for the country. It’s pretty clear that the democrats have found the key to unlock their success, lying, cheating and stealing and doing whatever it takes to win is their battle cry. It’s too bad there are so many who could care less about the country and just allow these people to take our kids and grandkids future away from them, they live like kings and everyone else gets whatever scraps they decide to pass around.

  6. Demoncrats gonna do what Demoncrats do. It’s the law of the jungle out there, the rule of law has been assassinated. Prepare accordingly.

  7. so why isn’t anything being done about this?

  8. knightflyer11 says

    It’s a repeat of the 2012 presidential election. Virginians will do nothing about this communist fraud because the state is becoming communist. They love government jobs for which the rest of the USA pays.

  9. Enemies of the state foreign and domestic need to be terminated… Doing the same thing and expecting a better result is known as CRAZY…

  10. Late to this party, but the two logical things to do are 1) as mentioned, photo ID, and 2) any district whose % of voters is greater than the average for the state, they are required to be recounted, one vote at a time.

    I am certain we would see double voting, dead voting, and absentee + in-person voting. Hell, many people have admitted it on camera. What more proof do they need?

  11. I truly believe that ANY “out-of-State financing” should become illegal under Federal Election Laws. I’m not sure why it hasn’t already.

  12. Democrats have to cheat to win….everytime for more government. Time to stop the spiral down into tyranny.

  13. There was hardly anyone at the place where I voted in Alexandria. My wife, a dyed-in-the-wool dem, noticed the same thing when she voted around 5:30 pm ( what should have been a peak time). The numbers do not add up!

  14. Ron Frazier says

    It’s bad enough to buy an election but to steal it is outrageous.


  16. accompanistcjp says

    That’s shocking (sarcasm). Afterall a Democrat won.

    • Tell me how all states without photo voter id laws always vote democrat? The democrat liberals refuse to pass photo voter id laws saying its an inconvenience to get a photo id. How inconvenient is it to produce a photo id at Walmart to get meds or do a return and how inconvenient to show a drivers license to a cop or your doctor? Voter fraud will always exist as long as people keep voting for the same ole. It is no secret that the winner was a big fundraiser for Hillary Clinton. She needs him in office. I urge all that think voter fraud don’t exist to do your own voter research with link I provided. Sign on with your state and you’ll do research in your own county. They will train. Its free and easy to research but you pay for your hour or two training which is cheap. report back when you find a couple dozen people voting that live on an empty lot or when you find your deceased dad voting or when you find 10 deceased in one nursing home voting. I can show you a few places on line where you can find your deceased relatives social security # and all the counties they lived in since birth. all you need for fake ids’.. For your info I am a swing voter and always will be.

      • LibCriminal says

        Your problem, mdactivist, is your unfortunate use of logic and reason – Both of which are anathema to DemonRATs. The Lie Stream Media can be counted on to manicure away any pesky facts and logic (which you old-time Americans seem to value so much) while inflating some iconic “victim” to be the fantasy poster child of “voter suppression”. Criminals will, given the slightest opportunity, usually behave like criminals. Its in their DNA.

        To succeed in the modern leftist nanny state you must stop depending on unreliable facts and logic and embrace your own inner victim.

  17. worship_dancer says

    well gosh was any fraud in the christie re-election. is anyone REALLY shocked that PRETEND republican christie didn’t need to cheat to get re-elected?

  18. I hope and Pray Cuccinelli Fights this in Court….VOTING Is SACRED to this Country’s Existence and when it is compromised …..which it IS ….WE ARE on the road to OBlivion!

  19. What is going to be DONE ABOUT IT?

  20. The country is hurting and hurting badly. So many people, voters, are misinformed, not informed or just don’t give a damn.
    The scandals piling up over the last five years alone would have sunk previous administrations yet for some reason it endures. Endures and continues its destructive impact and still there’s a sizable population that supports the agenda.
    May God help this blind and wayward nation.

    • Thank You MIKE we are blind or at least don’t care….not until they see the trucks roll down their streets….but this president makes Nixon look like child’s play doesn’t it?

    • It’s going to get worse, specially by this president having 3 more years to find ways of completely destroying our freedom, and the pursuit of happiness.

  21. If you see something CALL THE POLICE!!

    Where are the poll watchers? Where is the EDO program? Where are the attorneys? Don’t you folks have cell phones with cameras??


    If you do not file with the police, the FBI, the secretary of state AND get it on camera it did not happen. Until you have documented evidence, these alleged events did not happen.

    Call the local news.

    • stopurmakin2mchnoise says

      Yup…everythhing you say is exactly right. How about a well run campaign with poll watchers? How about a candidate that is backed by a party that provides the volunteers it takes to get elected. If you believe that there is voter fraud then volunteer at the next election for WHATEVER party and be a poll watcher. Americans need to get off the butts and get involved. I am so sick of it!!! GET OFF YOUR BUTTS AND GET INVOLVED! The republicans keep losing because the Democrats are running INCREDIBLE campaigns. They remember how well the Bush’s did it when they got George in in FLorida, they won’t let that happen again. So they’ve used Republican organizational skills to organize their campaigns and to best the repubs and the repubs don’t know what to do!!!! IF your Republican, you need to volunteer, get involved and HELP. If your a need to remember, you too will get caught!

  22. Frankly I’m at the point where I think people should band together and stop voting all together (and certainly stop giving money to any candidate) until voter ID practices are put into place and we either go back to paper ballots or there is some level of transparency added to electronic voting whereby individuals can ensure their votes are counted.

    I live in Philadelphia and know full well how bad the fraud is here, and I don’t suspect it’s much better elsewhere. Both my fiance and I complained back in 2012 when I was berated at our polling location and we later learned our ward showed zero votes for the presidential candidate we both selected. Yet nothing that I can tell has been done about the problem or to correct it in the future. I don’t buy into party politics myself, however it is obvious given recent elections that the dems are up to their ears in voter fraud. It just kills me that they will battle voter ID, when you need an ID to do everything else in this country, including lots of ridiculous things like buying cold medicine. Even their precious welfare system requires an ID to sign-up as far as I know, which pretty much invalidates any argument that obtaining an ID would be too onerous a burden for lower-income voters.

    I may get some flack for saying this, but I’m really starting to believe we need some kind of simple test on the candidates and issues before allowing people to vote. This would also do away with certain groups paying people to vote certain ways when it’s clear they have no idea what or who they’re actually voting for. I’ve witnessed said groups busing people into our local polling stations, and I can tell you quite a lot of these folks are barely literate and have no interest in or knowledge about what they’re doing.

  23. I found it telling when Sen. Mark Warner came on stage at the hall where the McAwful brain-drain supporters were gathered and made the statement for everyone to “get a beer, its about to turn around”. At this time, Ken Cuccinelli was leading by 2%. An hour after Warner’s announcement, McAwful was declared the winner. Just how did Warner know that the numbers were about to change in McAuliffe’s favor??? Had they just sent in the votes cast from all the graveyards in Virginia? PLEASE…..Everyone, push for the recount. We can all help the cause if we ask for the vote count in our district, then compare the number of votes cast to the number of voters/population registered in our district. I’ll bet there were more vote cast than population supports. Make your election officials accountable for the irregularities and demand a recount.

    • That’s how obama and many democrat senators got elected is by fraud! Democrats do not play by the rules. When are people going to wake up? Democrats are thugs and criminals. They are domestic enemies. They rig elections like communists and islamists do,

    • I live out of state and did not vote, but I am a Virginian and registered to vote in Virginia. I didn’t vote just for the reason of sending in a ballot and having it not counted. Who do I complain to about this?

  24. Ken lost because he is an extremist. There were other candidates that would of won but Republicans made a mistake by choosing him.

  25. This is not my first time that I read about voters intimidation by New Black Panthers. Eric Holder’s first action after becoming Attorney General was to drop the case against them.

  26. If this was true, there would be a lawsuit. Is there a lawsuit or is this just disinformation?

    • Democrats have proven that they will do ANYTHING to win. Why else do they fight tooth and nail against photo ID? Because it’s too difficult for some to get one? Really???? They’ve got TWO YEARS between elections to get one and most are FREE or cost a minimal amount! We should do whatever it takes to secure the integrity of our elections. Until we do, how do we know who really won?

  27. carroll rash says

    I swear this country is being built on who can lie and cheat them selfs to whatever

    • I agree. It is sad that the liberals don’t understand that next it will be them that is getting crushed by the very corruption they support.

  28. Larry Andrews says

    With this information & with results so close I would guess there is a better than good chance of reversal.

  29. Voter fraud has been proved with the last presidential election. Inconclusive to date, but there’s a good chance Romney may have won last November. Here’s my suggestion: EVERYONE must spread the word to their state legislators, that we want voter ID laws put into place before the next election, which for many senators will be in Nov. ’14, and most importantly, …the presidential election of ’16. This is such a fricken simple request, there’s no “LOGICAL” reason it should be ever denied. There is no such thing as “voter suppression”. NO SUCH THING!!! A photo ID is required for many basic things in life nowadays. But keep in mind, we’re working with so many ILLOGICAL (key focus: prefix of “ill”) elected officials now, it’ like a brain fart to them. Keep the pressure on!!!!!!!!

  30. cheatin ovomit style !!!!!!!!!!

  31. Add it up, illegals issued DL vote, illegally, dead people voting, multiple votes cast, withholding dare I say losing or changing ballots, intimidation.. The election was won by a mere %2. Looks like another repeat of the 2012 Presidential election where the Democrat Machine steals the election.

  32. Why cant large scarey Black men show up at my election site and ask me … a large scarey White man, who Im voting for?

    • They are not asking large scary white men, they are asking older folks. Our grandparents and parents that are not able to defend themselves and are apt to be intimidated by such people.

      • I’m a large scary white guy who is almost 70 and I too would like to be asked who I was voting for…..moot point though …I always Facebook who and what I am voting for or against…..some folks need help deciding……

      • armedandsafe says

        I’m a (relatively) small, older grandparent and great-grandparent. I would love to have some large, scary black men to ask me how I’m voting. Unfortunately, my State has gone to completely mail ballots.

    • I’m with you, Eddie. Maybe some large scary rednecks should start showing up at these polls to escort elderly and weaker people safely in and out.

      • Ya know that is a great idea. You can sign up as a poll watcher and make sure no intimidation takes place. I think they should have police at each polling place for security.

  33. This happened in Philadelphia for obama in 2008 and attorney general Holder did nothing.

  34. “Large black men in traditional Black Panther garb approaching older voters and asking who they were going to vote for” Really REALLY??? really!

    Hey large black men in traditional black panther garb! “IT’S NONE OF YOUR FUCKING BUSINESS WHO ANYONE VOTES FOR YOU PUNK ASS GHETTO THUGS!!!

  35. My biggest concern is about the voter registration process. There is no where in the process that a potential voter demonstrates that they are a citizen and entitled to vote (such as presenting a birth certificate). Just fill out this form and you can vote!

  36. Ed Hartley says

    do I smell a recount?

  37. Imagine that, voter fraud and Intimidation by Democrats. Nothing new here. They been doing this for along time, even paying blacks to vote multiple times. Why do you think they raise such a protest to voter ID. Hard to track folks without using real ID’s . Never seen a business cash a check without asking for proof of ID.

  38. Can a recall be done before McAwful is sworn in? I hope that Ken can get this done and become the next Gov of Virginia, if not, say goodbye to the coal/tobacco industries!

  39. Get a re-count!! The democrats cheated and used intimidation!!

  40. So….Is anything gonna be done about it, or are we just gonna “compalin about THIS too?

  41. If the polls are corrupt, it only leaves one solution to straighten out the country.

  42. Happened with Obama.. it would be great if someone could actually find this out AND be able to do something about it.

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