January 24, 2019

Feds Retaliate Against Romney Supporters

Frank VanderSloot is a good man, personally known to the Federalist Press editors in a non-political context for over 30 years.

The hardworking Idaho businessman was recently targeted by the re-elect Obama campaign for giving $1 million to “Restore Our Future” to support Mitt Romney, and his personal information was posted on leftist websites. As a result of being singled out by the administration for his poor taste in presidential candidates Mr. VanderSloot has been harassed, investigated, maligned and threatened by thugs on the left, all in an effort to convince other potential financial supporters that the price of backing Mitt Romney will always include personal destruction.

Mr. VanderSloot’s story was publicized in the press and he blew the whistle on the Obama campaign’s dirty tactics by telling what Obama supporters had been doing to defame him.

Now, in an abuse of power of Orwellian proportions the administration has personally gone after Mr. VanderSloot, serving him with an audit notice from the IRS. Two weeks after receiving the IRS notice, VanderSloot was served notice that the Labor Department would be auditing records related to “foreign employees” working on his Idaho Falls cattle ranch. Suddenly, the Obama Administration is interested in illegal aliens working in the U.S.

Mr. VanderSloot is a longtime supporter of state and national republican campaigns, and serves on the Romney campaign as a co-chairman.

The Obama campaign has not returned press inquiries about their assault on Mr. VanderSloot, and nor have the IRS or Labor Department.
The documents requested by the IRS have been turned over to his accountant, VanderSloot said, and the Labor Department audit is just getting started, but he will fully comply and expects no problems.

Stand firm Frank, Americans support you, and you will be vindicated in November. We have seen this before, and tyrants and despots are eventually overthrown, one way or another.



  1. It’s time for the Democrat THUGS to stop now. We American Citizens are fed up and are very angry with the current Democratic Administration. It’s time to IMPEACH them all, while Americans have the rights guaranteed to them by our Constitution and Bill of Rights. If you write in a vote for one of the other candidates you may as well not even go to the polls, your votes will go to Barack Obama. I know, I did that once and voted for Perot and we got Bill Clinton for a President. I do not want to live in a SOCIALIST Country, If I did there are plenty to choose from that are already failing and I don’t want any part of it shoved down my throat like they did with Obamacare. I believe the the Democratic Administration is a bunch of criminals, liars and thieves, look at who got rich from insider trading, that is a crime for average citizens and they should not be above the law. Why weren’t charges brought against these people? Where are the Ethic Committees in Washington? Why aren’t charges brought up against the current President for Fraud, Identity Theft and more?

  2. Theresa says:

    If we start voting for these write in candidates that we know has as much chance of a snowball passing through h3ll of winning the presidential election we will be stuck with the same piece of crap and his croanies again and if he has another 4 years in office none of us will have a pot to pee in! Or a FREE country for that matter!!!!!

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