December 19, 2018

GOP Betrays American People

GOP-HouseAt a time when the American people can no longer afford politics as usual, and re-elected a GOP majority in the House to protect them from socialistic tax increases, the GOP led House has caved on a Senate bill that substantially raises taxes on many Americans.

As has been pointed out many times from all quarters, the taxpayers affected are those the country looks to to create more jobs in an economy with real unemployment over 15 percent. These tax hikes are coupled with the incoming Obamacare tax, which is already slated to close many businesses and put millions of additional Americans out of work.

The Republican majority in the House had no reason to go along with these Democrat tax hikes. Without their approval and support, the president and senate have absolutely no authority to raise taxes, or to even spend any money. (See our article GOP House Has Power To Wag The Dog, November 8, 2012).

The GOP controlled House only had to stand firm, and send a single bill to the Democrats; a bill that reduced taxes and reduced spending. In response the Senate and White House would have had no choice but to go along with the bill, because there would have been no money appropriated for running the government without it.  It would have been noisy, yes, but it would have forced the government into a responsible approach to a failing economy.

Instead of exercising strength, the mushy, jelly-bellied slugs in the House decided to go along to get along.

The nation is sliding quickly into a pit of quicksand, and every branch of our national government is pushing it down that hill as fast as it can.


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