December 19, 2018

Gun Control Dem Senator Arrest for Gun Trafficking

Leland.Yee_.000One of the leading anti-Second Amendment rights crusaders in California, powerful State Senator Leland Yee, has ironically been arrested for (drum roll…) allegations of gun running, along with a host of other corruption charges, including campaign fraud (see video).

Federal agents raided Yee’s home Wednesday while at the same time Yee’s offices were also raided, reports CBS San Francisco. The report states that Lee’s littany of corruption charges involve his current campaign to be California’s next Secretary of State, and that Lee was charged, among other crimes, with a scheme to move guns into U.S. from Russia:

The federal complaint was filed March 24 and unsealed Wednesday alleges Sen. Yee was engaged in soliciting illegal campaign donations in exchange for political favors and was involved in a conspiracy to traffic firearms from Russia.

The complaint also alleges Chow was engaged in money-laundering, conspiracy to transport stolen property and conspiracy to traffic contraband cigarettes.

Leland Yee is the third Democrat from the Democrat-controlled California State Senate to be arrested for criminal charges in the past year, and ironically and hypocritically, was a leading gun control advocate.

Yee attempted to achieve some degree of national notoriety by issuing racism accusations and urging a boycott against popular conservative radio talk show host, Rush Limbaugh, for a comedy parody Limbaugh did on his show poking fun at the Communist Chinese President in 2011.

Yee, handcuffed and shackled, was released on a $500,000 unsecured bond last night and is scheduled to return to court on Monday.


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