March 23, 2019

Harry Reid Releases Romney Taxes

After making shocking but unsubstantiated claims recently that Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney has failed to pay taxes for 10 years, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid released secretly obtained copies of Mitt Romney’s tax returns today according to an unnamed source, proving that Romney has paid no taxes for at least one of those recent tax years.

Upon close inspection of the tax returns the White House authorities who authenticated the birth certificate of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named have similarly attested to the authenticity of the Romney tax returns.

The most disturbing information discovered in the tax returns is that Presidential hopeful Romney made over $23 million and paid absolutely no income taxes.

The Senate Majority Leader made his stunning public announcement from a makeshift podium set up at the Disney World Dumbo ride, according to an unnamed source. Aids passed out copies of the 2009 Romney tax returns as Reid put on his Mickey Mouse ears and boarded the ride.



  1. Good job not pointing out this if fake… Being a good news publisher is obviously not a priority.

    • Of course it is fake. It is written in crayon and lists their occupations as “Outsourcing” and “Millionaire’s Wife.” The article ends with a wink icon. It is so obviously a fake, to say it outright would be an insult to the reader–like explaining the punchline after the joke has been told. We have no intention of insulting our readers–we’re not the Huffington Post. However, for you who barely got it, who are used to being faked out by most media outlets–it’s a fake–a joke.

  2. It’s obvious someone filled in the blue markings on the form

  3. hahaha well its fake of course,, but Ill humor you and say its real, its a form1040,, of course its zero,, a form 1040 is fir the w2 income you make when you work for someone else,, it has to be filled out in order to complete the forms where the money he did make is taxed,, the bottom line on the 1040 have to carry over to his schedules that show the taxable income,, and if you people are so gullible to fall for this one,, shame on you for being so stupid

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