July 15, 2019

Hey O’Reilly and Hannity—Don’t Fret, The Pope is NOT the Vicar of Christ

oreilly-popeIt is usually liberals who sit around wringing their hands about contrived issues. Recently, we see many Christian conservatives impaled on the horns of a dilemma, a position in which they find themselves more frequently in past decades.

Here is the problem. Conservative Catholics are at odds with a church and its leadership that are very left-leaning in their views of the world. We hear them daily now that the Pope is in town, trying to explain away the serious controversies caused by the Catholic Church leadership, from the very top all the way down to its army of pedophile priests.

Let me help you out here. The Pope is NOT God’s representative on earth.

How about a quick history lesson. Jesus Christ was indeed the Son of God, sent to atone for the sins of humanity, offering them a path back to His Father, if we so choose. Following his death and resurrection, he appointed Peter to preside over the Apostles and disciples of the church. Yes, Peter was the head Apostle—not a Pope.

The Roman Empire murdered the Apostles, including Peter, and the early Christian church died out, awaiting restoration before Christ’s second coming, as prophesied. In the mean while, heathen Roman emperors appointed themselves as head of the very church their predecessors had murdered, mixing their own Roman heathen superstitions with the Gospel of Christ, creating a religion partly and only loosely based on Christianity, but focused mainly on accumulating power.

The Roman leadership of that new organization plundered and murdered its way through the Dark Ages, including robbing gold and virtue from the innocent peoples of the New World. Hundreds of millions of peasants have been extorted and exploited by the Catholic Church and its “celibate” priests for many hundreds of years. The abuses have mounted to intolerable levels recently, with the membership of the church becoming vocal in reporting many of those violations.

Now, Catholic Church members wonder why their current church leadership seems to lack a Godly compass—why the Pope and other leaders seem to get a few things right (abortion, family) while getting other things so wrong (socialism, man-made global warming, etc.). The truth is that no matter how good or how bad a particular Catholic Pontiff (ultimate position of power in ancient Rome—the bridge keeper) may be, that person is nothing more than a person—voted into his position through a political process in the church’s hierarchy. God has nothing to do with making a man the Pope, and He has nothing to do with the Catholic Church—except to the extent good individuals seek to do good in the world, like any other organization or religion.

So Catholic Conservatives, my advice to you is rethink your devotion to a man and his underlings who are manifestly uninspired by God, and who wear very impressive robes and fancy hats, but whose souls are as empty as the magic spells they sell to the poor for money.


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