September 25, 2020

Is Obama Targeting LDS Canneries?


LDS_Temple_TargetThe Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS or Mormon) has a network of food canning and distribution centers around the nation, where volunteer church members donate time to can food grown on the church’s farms and orchards or purchased from other sources. The purpose of this network of canneries is to provide food to those who have been caught in disasters or just caught short by an ever-declining national economy. Millions of pounds of food are prepared for distribution annually in the LDS canneries.

LDS_Cannery_1Recently, we have heard rumblings that the federal government has been paying very close attention to the church’s cannery network and that the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Food and Drug Administration have been imposing increasingly burdensome regulations and requirements on the LDS canneries. Despite the cutting-edge technologies and state-of-the-art equipment at these ‘clean-room’ quality facilities, federal agencies have been hitting the LDS church with improvised fines for “violations” they find during surprise inspections. Reports of an FBI “raid” at one facility where agents demanded a list of the names of the cannery’s patrons was especially troublesome.

LDS_Cannery_2Indeed, a muffled discussion within the LDS canning network has confirmed all of these abuses, but the LDS Church has refused to report the abuses openly, wishing to avoid a ‘Tea Party’ type of confrontation with the federal government–although the Church has almost certainly been targeted by the Administration in the same manner as other independent-thinking groups.

Accounts confirm that in fact, the LDS Church is shutting down all of its canning facilities east of the Mississippi River, and some in the west as well. These units will cease canning operations by the end of this month, and will only make prepackaged items available to patrons thereafter.

Reagan_Ogden_CanneryWhy is the federal government going after the LDS Church? There are a number of reasons that come to mind. Obama’s nemesis in the general election was a prominent member of the LDS Church. Members of the church tend to vote in a conservative block. The LDS Church teaches the worship of God and His Son Jesus Christ, independence, morality, education, and family and traditional values–all things that are abhorrent to the current administration, which has proven its willingness to abuse its authority to go after those with whom it disagrees (Romney supporters, patriotic groups, conservatives, Christians, etc.).

J.L. Thompson is an LDS/Christian writer, and holds a Juris Doctor degree. He is Editor-in-Chief of Scottsdale Multimedia, Inc., a leading ghostwriting firm.  Volume One of his new novel series “The Coming Flood” has just been released, titled Enoch in the City of Adam. Visit J.L. Thompson on Facebook

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  1. Liberals want the government to be the conduit of charity, and they are willing to force others to surrender their property in order to accomplish that.

  2. Indignada ya que yo si soy mormona,y da rabia ver como el gobierno de obama esta tratando de opacar a la iglesia que lo único que hace es ayudar alas personas mas necesitadas.y es una iglesia que no le pide nada a las autoridades y nos solventamos todos nuestros gasto con el diezmo que paga cada miembro,es por eso lo grande de nuestras edificios y todos los gasto que hay nadie de ninguna gobierno los paga…..
    yo tengo el caso de mi pais chile,todo el mundo critica a los mormones,la mayoria de rie… pero cada ves que en mi pais hay una teleton hay que ayudar a alguien , hay esta la iglesia asiendo a cambio de nada.
    gente no se dejen llevar por lo que escucha vivan el evangelio y veran que nada de lo que se dice malo de nosotros es vedad,

  3. The LDS cannery in Kent, WA and Mukeltio, WA have stopped canning operations months ago. You can still buy bulk items. You can buy cans and borrow their dry-pack canner to can up wheat, oatmeal, beans, etc. at your home. I confirmed with the manager of the Mukeltio, WA facility that he has not been asked for any lists of names or accounts.

  4. Could you all leave the Church and it’s teaching alone. This is a politics in its making.
    The US govt is full of secrets n scandals that they don’t even know who to listen to. So many layers of agencies such as FBI, CIA, etc; which sometimes working against n spying on each other. Some that have dominion n authority over others that sometimes you don’t know who is in control.
    This so called shut down of the church factories is nothing more than being a bully. They want to flex their muscles n show the Church who is in charge. They r jealous that the church is flourish n well enough to stand on its own two feet even in tough enconomic times. They r afraid that the church organisation n it’s prosperity might be a threat to the govt n it’s so call National Security. It’s another form of Socialism.
    Didn’t Obama solicit help from the Church in its recent govt shutdown. Well, there u go.
    Laki Scanlan from New Zealand

  5. Al though I agree with most of what was stated I believe we are burring our head in the sand by blaming Obama for the Romney defeat. The Republicans did more to defeat him than anyone else. It is easy to grumble but until people actually do something, like join Units Families and fight for the family and other groups that slog away at stopping the powers that are. We are in a down hill spiral because people waited too long to respond to the cry for help a number of years ago.

    • Your probably right. There are so many people who support the “entitlement” programs anymore that it wouldn’t have made any difference. Everyone thinks they are owed a living these days.

  6. AnitaSisi Hingano says

    Our LDS church leaders says that posts like these are unnecessary. Which only creates misinformation and unnecessary concerns. The church welcomes federal level modifications and says it’s for the better. Safer and cost efficient for everyone. I’m giving our government a benefit of a doubt that they are just doing their job. Our church leaders believes in our government. We should do the same. The Lord takes care of those who not only takes care of themselves, but also others. Let’s move forward with faith and hard work like usual, and know the Church doesnt want all these unnecessary false concerns in the media.

    • We appreciate your faith in our federal government, but most of our readers will agree that your faith is not only naive, but misplaced. From the time the feds sent Johnston’s army to control the LDS Church, which was outside of the US at the time, the Church has learned to mollify an evil, imposing juggernaut–unlike the Jews under the Romans. But let’s be clear, the Church does not “welcome” the dictates of a totalitarian regime any more than Christ did at His time. Like Him, the Church merely tells the membership to try to co-exist with the government, to render to them what they claim, no matter how unrighteously. Read the scriptures to learn where your allegiance should be directed. You will find that it is not to an overbearing government. Anti-Christ rises.

    • Unfortunately it is never enough to just agree with the government nor is it always correct, we live in a Country where The PEOPLE should be active in the government process not like other forms of Government. Therefore to have the governing we want we need to move it forward.

  7. This article is correct in concluding that this harassment by federal government agents is not about food safety, but they failed to identify the actual motivation behind it. The correct answer is that the fascists who are taking control of America cannot tolerate large groups of people who will not be totally dependent on the government in the event that the normal channels of distribution break down, either because of a natural disaster or because the government decides to seize complete control. There is no other plausible explanation for FBI raids on bishop’s storehouses. Now the ObamaNazis are going to have to come up with an excuse for preventing the Church from selling prepackaged food.

    Buckle up!

  8. When are you fools going to understand that oh cannot be part of the kingdom of god while your under the thumb of Babylon the Great!!! Danial 7 says the beast will make war with the saints of the most high… But most lds members want to be drunk on the spirit of Babylon. You fools covenant to defend the kingdom of God unto the laying down of your lives if nessisary but you don’t. You make friends with the beast thinking it won’t destroy you in the end…. Mormons need to start reading there bibles.

    • A 22 year old kid that loves the bible!!! says

      We do read the bible. Just as there is in your church or faith, we have those who do defend and who follow things as commanded. In James 2 it says, “Yea, a man may say, Thou hast faith, and I have works: shew me thy faith without thy works, and I will shew thee my faith by my works.”

      We have opportunity to show our faith and defend it every day. The kingdom of god isn’t necessarily the church but the principles of the gospel and the upholding of truths and righteousness. I find it quite shocking that only when “bad things” are protrayed about the church that people, such as yourself, attack on such little things. Granted you are trying to uphold your faith and show it through your study and works but I am trying to do the same. I am defending the kingdom of god HERE AND NOW by sharing with you my thoughts directly and honestly. WE BELIEVE IN THE SAME GOD. He teaches about love and charity but how come people from other religions forget this and cause hatred and contention to arise. In Habakkuk the Lord says “Why dost thou shew me iniquity, and cause me to behold grievance? for spoiling and violence are before me: and there are that raise up strife and contention.”

      By bringing up Daniel in this way you are causing contention and showing iniquity to the Lord. I hope that you can read this and have a change in attitude.

      • Mr. Bobby Jackson says

        You know, I don’t understand why religions fight, the Israelis an Palestinians are ripping beach other apart, Christians can’t get along with Christians even! I’m a Mormon, I read the Bible and Book of Mormon daily, and I worship the same god. I’m just a normal guy who stand as any Christian human being would, loving one another is something crucial and I support anyone who stands for their religion, but that doesn’t mean that you need to get aggressive and attack others with your words. We are just like you. And we all need to just do our own thing. Live and let die.

      • A 16 Year Old that reads the scriptures Daily and Studies at school says

        Well Said my friend

      • You sound like a very intelligent and knowledgeable 22-year-old. I agree with you, and I love the statement we believe in the same God, because that is so very true. It is really sad how “Mormon’s” and their religion are so targeted, ridiculed, and judged, by the very people who claim to be such good Christians. I wish people in society would just have the respect of others and their faith whatever religion that may be.

    • a person who cares says

      this is not the end of it im afraid by the government I think that he is going to keep after it until it negitively effects everyone world wide. The president of this country is taking out his revenge on us Mormons because of Romney which isnt fair how would he feel if we circled the wagon and started KKK meetings and targeted people such as him self im not trying to be raceist in the slights but we are be being discriminated against because of our religous beliefs and who tryed to represent us in the election. People need to quit judging us and to the mark tyson guy that commented on here we do read our bible i believe it is the same as yours if not then you need the correct verison of it the book that we read the most is the book of mormon so until you read that dont say that we dont read our bible.

    • Wow why so full of hate??? These cannerys help people stay off government welfare ( members of the Morman church DONATE their time ) to help members who have fallen on hard times. Nothing out of your pocket sooo stop hateing!!!!!!!

  9. igual es una gran prueba pero se ños enseña a honrar,respetar y sostener a nuestros gobernantes

    • Estas equivocado, hermano. Si eso fuera la verdad nunca hubieramos tenido la revolucion Americana que nos libro de Inglaterra para que pudimos esablecer una nacion donde podemos practicar y establecer la religion segun nuestras creencias. Por eso tenemos la constitucion establecido por la mano de Dios mismo. No hay ninguna doctrina que dice que tenemos que rendir a los tiranos que quieren robar nuestra libertad y religion. Hemos sido dirigido por el Señor a obedecer a las leyes del pais, y honrar al gobierno justo. Claro que hay casos en otros paises donde no vale a rebelarse en contra el gobierno, Y no estoy abogando por el derramamiento de sangre, pero lo que si estoy abogando es lucha legal y no la aceptacion de la maldad.

  10. The government is trying to make us fear them, They are trying to deplete the food supply. They are taking away peoples medical care. OR ALREADY HAVE TAKEN IT AWAY.
    What a shameful state of affairs.
    The saying of “What goes around comes around”,,and that will effect the government too.

    • Lorie Myers says

      It is not only the Mormons, but anyone that has a food storage. From what I understand the feds passed a law that FEMA has the right to come in to our homes and take our food storage. Take Obama and the current leaders out of office and put in new ones. Make it so no one can be a lifetime politician, limit their terms to 8 years just like the President only with no pension after serving. Doesn’t every one want a job that pays them after they have worked for only eight years????????

  11. I’m not mormon but I’m a veteran an be leave in america an our freedoms. We all need to join together if we are to survive. For we have been lied too an we except it. The media is pushing these lies for our government. We the people have put our heads in the sand pulling it out is a start but we are at war with our government. This is a start to the end only we can turn it around. The question is how?

  12. ese obama es un REPTILIANO, ese tipejo se a fumado todo los pedos de los masones grado 32 y de los que gobiernan la economia mundial que buscan unificar todas las religiones en una sola (la de su conveniencia) y la Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los Ultimos Dias es el mayor obstaculo para este proposito. ese es el NUEVO ORDEN MUNDIAL que quieren lograr para dominar el mundo y hacernos automatas a su disposicion.

  13. I fully support the LDS church in their food canneries.

    I am atheist and don’t agree with the church on many many points.

    At this point tho, I stand with the churches right to package and distribute food.

    • as an LDS church member I would like to thank you Rex for your support. Religion is not the only thing he is targeting. Do any of you remember the shooting in Conneticut? He focused on TWO big issues… gun control and MENTAL ILLNESS. He is trying to get people to believe that the ONLY people that commit murder are people with mental illnesses. I am borderline manic depressive, FULL ADHD and OCD traits. In the last year and a half I have had to switch medications because my insurance would not cover them.This is how he plans to prove my instability. He wants to little by little whittle away my options for stability. I have NO CRIMINAL RECORD!!!! He needs to look at history better. Look at Columbine, Harris and Klebold WERE NOT MENTALLY ILL!!! Their actions were a result of parental neglect and peer BULLYING!!! When I forget to take my meds, and I get angry and lash out, I do NOT SPEND MONTHS planning how to do it. If I feel there is a problem with my meds I am on the phone with my doctor ASAP. Obama also treats senior citizens as if they are an embarrassment to society. I really wish we could get this guy impeached.

  14. I feel that the church has done good to assist the one in need.

  15. What about all the food that the LDS Church sends to disaster areas in the US and other countries in crisis. The LDS Church is always there to help before our government can get off their butts.

  16. It is sad that the government that was set up to help and protect us now does everything in its power to make us fear them. these regulations and fines are not just on these cannaries but they have sent the army of regulaters after all business to find bogus violations to create another form of revenue for the elite in Washington.

  17. Well put Editor ~ “We have consulted the texts and find no reference to Jesus being liberal. He never stole from one person to give to another, to accumulate political power to himself. Everything he taught reinforced notions of personal work, personal effort and personal accountability. Charity was a personal act–not an act of government. Although he taught the importance of personal forgiveness, he never condoned the evil practices of humanity. He disdained centralized government and leaders who collected in the name of the poor and consumed the profits on themselves. He had little tolerance for taxation or government regulations. He was a conservative in every aspect.”
    When the government today says they want to help those in need – they are lying – it is clear there is no “Freedom of choice” when the government steps into churches and church dealings and proceeds to create problems (when there are none) – my own freedom of choice has been taken away for me regarding health care – I will lose my choice at the beginning of 2014 as will many others – we have a take over coming – I can see it clearly. And it is scary – by the shut down of these canneries it is a sign of things to come – we all need to start to prepare for hard times because it is coming!

  18. Obama is out to eliminate all opposition. He wants to destroy any any all conservative parties and/or organizations. He will use every government resource available to accomplish it. We’ve already him use the NSA to wiretap the press, use the GAO to damage for profit universities, use the IRS to target conservative groups, this witch hunt targeting the LDS welfare system, and don’t even get me started on the destruction “The Affordable Healthcare Act” is going to cause . These are only the things we know about. He is crafty, cunning, and cannot be trusted.

  19. I had a good comment, but some liberal said, “end of discussion”. I think that means we all have to concede the debate.

  20. What many seem to be overlooking is that Obama is an agent and front man, not necessarily the prime mover. What is behind this is the U.N.’s Agenda 21, a blueprint and working paper for implementing the New World Order, which he and the “Progressives” have enthusiastically embraced.
    There are both full text copies, as well as good summaries, of it on the Web, documenting and detailing the many areas of life and living to be managed, and how they’ll be managed.
    Farming, gardening, and food production/distribution are heavily represented. The E.U. is farther along the path.
    Also, never forget that DHS has listed criteria that may identify a “potential terrorist”; and one of those “warning signs” is possession of more than week’s worth of food; CDC/NIH recommending a 10-14 day supply in case of a pandemic notwithstanding.

  21. Go to the source, check out

    • BooYa–

      We have received a number of comments that refer us to the LDS Church’s statement on the subject. What you and others appear to have missed is that we referred to the Church’s statement in the body of the article, and we note therein that it appears to be overly generous to the federal agencies involved, and the degree of their involvement in issuing citations and fines during surprise inspections. We are not the LDS Church’s PR firm, so we are not obliged to take pacifying public statements at face value. Instead, we have listened to the reports of those actually working in the trenches of the LDS cannery system and observed the actual resulting shutdowns–notice that this article was published in mid June, and since then its predictions of massive shutdowns have come true. We appreciate the LDS Church’s desire to avoid direct confrontation with a leftist, anti-Christian federal government–but that does not imply that we are willing to ignore the unconstitutional pressures being applied to the LDS Church, or hundreds of other organizations who have been targeted by a hostile, anti-American administration. PUBLIUS

      • En la iglesia de jesucristo . de los santos de los ultimos dias hemos aprendido a preservar los alimentos . para ocasiones difiles ..como por ejemplo: una situasion economica dificil . para nuestras familias . o en ocasiones de algunos amigos que lo necesiten. personalmente no estoy de acuerdo . con algunos comentarios . negativos sobre la iglesia Sud . por que la iglesia prepara los alimentos para enviarlos .por toneladas . a paises que se encuentren en alguna calamidad de la naturaleza . Respetuosamente . Presidente OBBAMA le sugiero informarse bien.sobre dicho asunto , para que no se preste . a malos entendidos . y usted proceda negativamente con la iglesia de jesucristo de los santos de los ultimos dias , cuando la razon verdadera es otra. gracias , atentamente , Carmen Rosa Diaz

        • que triste me pone esta noticia.gracias a la iglesia hoy países como haiti esta siendo ayudados. y ni hablar de todo el mundo..

          • If from New Zealand. It’s a control of food supply, we are a lot more powerless than America and I see our nation as a “lab rat” test of all liberal policy.

            We are the first nation in Asia-pac to pas the gay rights bill, no referendum, just votes in parliament.
            We have legalized prostitution.
            Marijuana legalization is just around the corner.
            The GCSB bill was passed, which is the right of government to spi on our citizens.
            We have socialized medicine, which works with a nation of under 5 million.

            Our government is wanting to limit the home grown food supply, limiting garden size.

            It is the new world order and only in time will we look back and say we saw the signs, but didn’t believe, we were to ashamed to voice the truth of what we felt and we can only blame ourselves for not acting. All everyone does is talk, do something in America!!!!!!

            The absolute first place to start is the Federal Reserve. America, you are so blinded by your ease, luxury and wealth. silly bills like gay marriage and Marijuana are distracting you from what is happening. You president just through a tantrum to increase you inevitable financial collapse. America is festering with deceit and corruption and that behavior is distilling from the top down. those with power are behind you puppet president and the resources that protect him are only to disguise those who are actually in control!

            You know who they are, or we all have a fair idea. The only thing is is it’s all classed as “conspiracy.” That word is the biggest distraction to maintaining attention on the right targets. We assume talking about conspiracies is crazy talk! In every search of the truth we find links to videos with Obama as a reptilian and the doubt surfaces. Push the truth.

  22. Our cannery in Tucson no longer canning. You can order items but no longer can things for yourself. Effective 1 Nov.

  23. I have always enjoyed helping out in the canneries and on various church farms but have rarely used their facilities for my personal storage. I have all the canning tools I need to process my own and am currently converting part of my garage into a canning kitchen. We can everything from roasted turkey to fruits and vegetables and we eat what we put away. And we put away enough to share if need be – but I will be the one to decide who I share it with and will not be dictated by government as to who I will share it with. And when the food runs out, the government cannot take the canning knowledge I have, away from me.

    My parents taught me to work and to put up stores for the winter and I have taught my children to do the same. Knowledge is power and security.

    David O McKay said in 1969, “The noblest aim in life is to make other lives better and happier” Let’s all do so.

    • Great comments/reflection Bruce. Thank you for sharing.

    • Eventually Joseph shut up the store houses in Egypt before the 7 year famine. If people think times are hard now, maybe they should check out some predictions/prophecy of what is to come as well as what has happened in other civilizations that have traded industry and morality for laziness, dependence, and immorality. I hear all too often that America is too great to be destroyed, Banks/Industry is too big to fail, Jerusalem that great city can never be destroyed. The CofJCofLDS does not fight against the government because that is not where the battle to save our country will be won or lost. The real fight is in the American Home where the character and morals of people are taught and developed. Only by increasing the morality and character of our society as a whole can we hope to stave off the inevitable collapse of our society and country. That is why the church does not waste it’s time or resources arguing with bureaucrats. However, the members of the church are still citizens of this country and therefore it is our responsibility as citizens to stand up for our rights and the rights of our neighbors and argue our beliefs however they may fall. However, before arguing your politics, you should consider some of the examples of governments and leaders in the BoM. Two of the greatest were King Benjamin and his son Mosiah. It is interesting to note that they both took care of the poor among them and neither with taxes. What little taxes were collected went solely for their defense and some limited infrastructure. Neither did they accept any support from their subjects but instead supported themselves. According to the record, they had a nearly 100% approval rating. It’s a lofty standard to reach for as a politician, but if you are really worried about your re-election, this might be the winning strategy you have been looking for…..

  24. so sorry about closed canneries, when i help in canneries, it shows me the love that can be shared and received. lets try our best to keep them open

  25. Bo Compton says

    Morons… It’s fairly obvious why Ovomit and his minions want the cannaries shut down. Dependance! He and his administration want us dependent on the Government, not on a Church, unless of course, the “church” is known as a mosque…

    • You should either learn some respect for the fastest growing Church in the World or take a course in spelling. It just shows ignorance to write such a comment.

    • we respect the governance where ever we may be, but me personally i do not allow the government to rule my life or the life of my family. but if the government is spiritually or Christ like governance then it can be trusted.

  26. It is a sin under Socialism to look to anyone else but the government. That is the sole reason the Church would be targeted, because everyone can look to the Church for hope and help.

  27. Oliver is correct. The reason is more strict restrictions on these cannaries in an attempt to reduce allergy problems. e.g. peanut allergies. To met federal standards the update to most cannaries would to expensive. Therefor a select few will pack the foods. The cost to ship packaged food to the distribution centers is about the same as shipping the bulk food stock. Hence closing most cannaries will be a cost saving to the Church. I do believe that the more strict federal regulations are a typical overeach by the government.

    • This makes much more sense to me and it didn’t involve slander or unfounded & overgeneralized accusations. Thanks Robert!

    • I don’t buy into that explanation. Many large food producers pack on equipment that also pack allergens, they simply put a disclaimer on the label. This is a larger issue than government wanting a more “modern” packing facility.

    • thank you this makes some sense.
      Though I am not Mormon, my wife is and I respect her and her faith.

  28. Good comments Jennifer….I am up in Canada, and all of this feed is very concerning to me…I am concerned that some of this is sounding a lot like the 1800’s….Why doesn’t Obama look at the Church and say, “Wow, this is a great system!”

  29. I too am embarrassed by Sen. Reid’s claim to my faith. A quick search of public records reveals how he created his wealth by making shady land deals, including purchasing land using aliases and phony corporations before passing bad legislation to boost their value. He is a member of the Gadianton clan, minus the murders [that we know of].

  30. Ben M.

  31. There are probably some legitimate reasons that you aren’t aware of for why its being closed down. Don’t take it personally…It’s vain to think the reason its closing is because its related to Romney and the LDS church.

    • Robin Mitchell says

      Oliver you have no idea what you are talking about. I volunteered in a church cannery for almost a year one day a month. Obama and crew hate self sufficiency and independence. What good is it for a redistribution guru who is drunk on power getting elected POTUS if the people can support themselves instead of being dependant on EBT cards that he can shut off at will anytime sanity enters the fiscal picture?

    • Actually, as a fairly conservative Mormon, I agree with Oliver. Although the pressure being put on the cannery’s might be misplaced and unnecessary, I think it’s ridiculous to claim that it’s because of Obama’s “anti-mormon agenda.”

      • I fully agree with Robin. Our current administration, and previous ones, have worked tirelessly to encourage entitlement and government dependence. Obama has an “anti-self reliance” agenda, and will target any group that encourages people to be independent and accountable to self and family.
        Both Ezra Taft Benson, and Spencer W. Kimball all but begged us to fight against the tyranny that is socailism.
        Are we listening and paying attention?

        • Are the Sheeple and the Sheppards arguing about the wolf?
          We all need to play close attention to the wolf, and wast less time arguing amongst ourselves. Because that is exactly what the wolf wants us to do. Wast our time, instead of using it constructively, to ‘prepare’. Whilst we are arguing, the wolf moves stealthily closer.

      • The problem is that they even took our access to canners away to can / seal our own food from home! Dry pack that is

  32. Cristobales says

    This is a silly article. Harry Reid is LDS as well. Embarrassing for the journalist really.

    • I don’t know why Harry Reid hasn’t been ex-communicated after the public lies about Romney.

      • Harry Reid is the worst excuse of what a real Latter Day Saint should be. He will have his day of reckoning. He is a kingman, trying to destroy the freemen!

    • Reid hasn’t ever been a shining example of Mormondom.. unlike Romney. Because Reid is ridiculously liberal (and an epic liar), the White House is just fine with him.

  33. I’m LDS in Idaho Falls. Two years ago our canary was upgraded with new equipment but about a year ago it was closed down. Our Church doesn’t frivolously spend tithing or other donated money. So, the closing doesn’t make sense unless there was a compelling reason. Like an tyrannical government going after people and organizations that teach conservative values and Christian beliefs.

    This is not the only targeting going on. A prominent Idaho Falls LDS Business man, Frank VanderSloot, donated $1,000,000 to Romney’s campaign. He ends up on Obama’s re-election web site as one of eight targeted Romney donors. The IRS and INS come knocking. His children get harassed by Liberals on social websites. They even sent Michael Wolf to search county records for any dirt on VanderSloot. Wolf was a Law clerk for the Democratic side of a Senate subcommittee!

    Then there was Rohm Emanuel’s mob style intimidation of Rep. Eric Massa in the Shower.

    Then the IRS targeting conservative or patriotic groups. The list just goes on and on…

    The current abomination administration is all about making people dependent on the government and suppressing any that oppose them. Liberals claim that people who oppose their programs or views are intolerant and racist. When in fact, they are are racists and intolerant and through there vindictive actions they are proving it!

  34. I think churches should be taxed like any other business.

    • Brenda in Minnesota says

      Mark, this doesn’t have anything to do with taxes. If I give a cash gift to my child, does it have to be taxed? Donations are gifts.

      • Brenda:

        Actually, the government does tax cash gifts. I believe you can give up to $5,000 to a person each year before the gift tax kicks in, then it gets taxed. The government believes it is entitled to tax again the money it has already taxed when you earned it.

    • That’s funny, I could have sworn you said like any other business, as if it is a business. In case that wasn’t a typo, the church’s business side is taxed as a business. The rest is legitimately not, and therefor should not be taxed as one. This whole taxing everybody for everything is out of control and is way off the mark that the foundation this country was founded on. I don’t protect just the LDS. But all religion. Government needs to stay out. Regards,

      • Nina Beesley says


      • Actually because the church is a non profit organization it is not taxed for anything, even on it’s business side. I used to work at one of the churches Deseret Industries, and we did not charge sales tax because the church is not required to pay taxes. It never has been, and would dare go out on a limb to say it never will be.

    • Mark,

      I don’t think anyone should be taxed. Businesses, individuals, and especially churches. We’re overtaxed as it is, and now you want to add churches to the list?

      • Gaylene Viggers says

        NO taxes Dan? How abt the funding for roads, bridges, public schools, libraries, Ntl Parks>I get your frustrationsounds like a win/win to me.

        • Ancient Rome was 100% funded by its own governors. If a senator wanted a road in his district, he funded it. Rome thrived until they were overtaken by complacency and laziness, which we are way past as a nation. Unless we have a 100% say in what goes on as a perfect democracy should be, our republic representatives should be 100% responsible for their actions.

          • We dont live in a democracy Kyle, our country is a republic.

            • While it’s true that America is technically a *federal republic,* democracy is just as much a concept as a system. We are by technicality also a representative democracy, because we, the people, elect our representatives. And we are a liberal democracy, which means that we have the benefits of civil rights, rule of law, separation of powers, suffrage (as in anybody , etcétera. So.

        • First, schools should not be public.
          Second, if those worthy causes were the only things my taxes go towards, I would not have a problem. But, when my taxes go to pay for really stupid things, or to pay someone to do nothing but push some paper around, that’s where I draw the line.
          Welfare is getting way out of control. Obama does want us all dependant on the government.
          Everyone sing! Back in the USSR!

  35. Tom Barlow says

    Okay, Obama, now you’re messing with God, and I don’t think He is going to like it or take it too long.

  36. Seems odd that they would close due to a few raids and fines. That’s not putting up much of a fight. Maybe there are other reasons?

    • I agree. It said that the LDS church decided to not give everything openly to avoid a Tea Party situation. Maybe there were threats made that we aren’t aware of. I don’t know, but it deserves some kind of investigation. But i also agree with the Church’s decision that we should act rationally instead of blowing the whole thing up.

  37. The article in the Church News refers to this. It doesn’t talk about Gov regulations, but it would make sense that the church wouldn’t talk about such things, just change policy.

  38. Our cannery is shut down. You can still buy bulk food and they will even rent you their equipment to take home and use, but you cannot go to the cannery and package anymore. And no one will say why.

    • Sharon Philpot says

      Thank you Jennifer. Finally. Those of you who were canning frequently, I applaud you. I’m in a little Utah town where the population does not use the cannery much.

      Week after week the assigned workers show up for their shift and very few people attend, to assist or buy. The offerings are currently very limited-mostly beans, wheat and rice. There’s only so much of that that you can store, and you’re finished. I loved going but don’t anymore-and ours will close soon.

      I will buy from the pre-packaged cannery and I’m sure many others will too.

      Similar goods are sold in ALL our local grocery and emergency supply stores-that’s lots of competition but I prefer the church canned goods-trust their quality more.

  39. The government is wicked and if the LDS people are self sufficient then they are independent from the govt for help. It’s a sick world we live in

  40. Here in Mesa, AZ the cannery is now offering only prepacked food. You are still able to can your own bulk food that was purchased from the cannery, but gone are the days of the stake canning days.

  41. One who thinks... says

    Just look at the picture that this website produced for this story and ask yourself whether this reporting is trustworthy. This story is conceived and propagated in ignorance.

    • The graphic seems entirely appropriate to the story–it depicts a target on the icon of the LDS Church, the Salt Lake City Temple. The story asks whether the administration is “targeting” the LDS Church’s cannery system. Many readers are providing eyewitness accounts that the story is true, despite the Church’s efforts at maintaining good will with the feds and downplaying the effect of their gestapo-like tactics to shut them down.

    • One who, Our cannery just shut down. And I have been hearing accounts of Feds investigating canneries and church farms and charging fines and demanding ridiculous regulations for about a year, now.

    • I think the point of the picture was to demonstrate that this has been a way of life for a long long time.

      If you are not Mormon you really wouldn’t know, would you? I am. I will tell you that my local cannery shut down about a year ago. No reason given. Every person in our religion has volunteered hours upon hours every year canning food for the elderly in their community who can’t do it for themselves anymore. We all try to keep at least a years supply of food storage at all times. The cannery is kind of a big deal. Now we still preserve at home, it just takes twice as long.

      These things that don’t affect you Liberals are easy to ignore when you don’t understand our way of life. We would never try to force our small town values and traditions down your throats, even though yes they mean everything to us and yes we wish everyone could see things through our eyes. There are things in life that cannot be taught, they have to be experienced. But why can we never get the same respect? Why do people in overly populated areas think everyone should bend to their rules? This is not a one size fits all world.

      And why do people think we don’t care to help others? We just don’t care to hand over cash to the government gor them to toss at any stupid damn thing they decide. We are all about service to others. We live it every day. I would rather dig in and get my hands dirty snd be actively involved than throw money into the wind and just hope it gets to the right place. Stop being so angry and do something real to help someone real today, huh?

      • Jennifer, I am not LDS, but support you fully! We have to reign in this out of control federal gov’t!

      • Oh really? “You liberals” huh? I am LDS and I am a liberal. Stop saying we dont shove our traditional values down peoples throats because we do it all the time. And second of all, can the LDS church members just stop trying to smear the president. Guess what sweetie? No matter how much you dislike him, he is still the President. And he should be respected as such. I didn’t like George W. Bush, but guess what? I still respected him as a president and leader. So learn to do the same. No, Obama isn’t coming for your bibles. No he isn’t trying to shut down the LDS church because of Mitt Romney. So get over yourselves.

        • Jamie, no matter how much Obama is still the president, he is still disliked because of his bad policies, his poor values, his lies and his enforcement tactics. And guess what? People are allowed to dislike him. Like you and your feelings towards GWB, we can respect Obama and his office and still disagree with him and want him to change his ways. I, personally, have no respect for him as an individual, but I respect the fact that he is our elected leader. So get over it and get over yourself.

          • Our President needs all the prayers he can get! I dislike this man to the highest degree, he is the worst President we have ever had. I did not vote for him, because he goes against every thing I believe in. And yes I believe the 12th article of faith: “We believe in being subject to kings, president, rulers, and magistrates, in obeying, honoring, and sustaining the law.” My husband and I worked in dry pack cannery for two years and loved it. We were able to become self sustaining, and work hard for what we have, we’ve never had to take hand out from our gov’t.

        • Jamie, I do NOT have to respect the president when (using a clear and objective mind) it is clear that he lies and that he violates the Constitution and that he places himself above the law at the sacrifice of our liberties and our tax dollars. I respect the OFFICE of the President–please tell me where does it state in law OR church doctrine that I have to respect Obama? Right, IT DOESN’T! And we do not “shove our…values” down anyone’s throats. You need a fact check on your own church. I have NO respect for Obama, either as a president or a true leader. He is neither. And yes, he *is* coming for our Bibles and any other form of religious worship that does not agree with his ideology. I suggest that you wake up and realize the deception that is going on. Study the Book of Mormon and see how it shows everything in the latter-days leading up to the Second Coming.

        • Here here! !

          • Jamie,

            Respect is earned, not automatically given. And Obama has done nothing to earn my respect or the respect of the Americans living with their eyes wide open! Also Obama is NOT my elected official! His election was bought and forced upon us by the Electorial college and thousands of fraudulant votes! Our religion isn’t forced upon anyone, as everyone has a choice as is Gods plan to begin with. Read the Revelations in the Bible, and D&C 77. Go listen to talks given by President Ezra Taft Benson given back in the 60’s that warn of exactly what we are going through at this very moment! Open your eyes, I pray, please! We have been told that even the most elect will be lead astray, Harry Reid is proof of that, don’t let it be you too! Pray that you will see what it is that God want’s you to see, pray without bias and with sincerety! Stand up for the values this church has taught you, and you will see that they are no where to be found in our government!


    • My husband and I volunteer our time twice a week five hours a day at the Lindon Bishops Storehouse and Cannery. Yes they are shutting down our cannery and moving everything to the newer and larger cannery in Salt Lake City. The storehouse gives free food to anyone who needs it, all you need is a Bishops order to receive all that you need to help you get on your feet. We do believe in serving each other and in being independent of the govt, and canning our own food is part of what we do. Targeting the church is just another form of govt control. Several years ago our Deseret Industries (sheltered workshops) had to shut down the food served in each store. People that worked there were depending on the lunches served and some times they were so poor that that was the only really good meal they had for the day, but that didn’t matter to the govt. It would seem that we are targeted, but like all the other persecutions that we have suffered through we will survive this one too.

  42. One of the Acts that Obama has instated was to make food storage illegal saying it is hording. In reality the Obama administrations primary goal is to control the people. What better way is there to do this than controlling our food, how we get it, how much we can have etc. The L.D.S. Church has always promoted self-reliance, something our current administration is trying to destroy.

  43. Delilah Everhart says

    I am getting tired of government

  44. Obama, what a fool . This group (LDS church cannery) seems to be doing what we all should be doing, helping each other. Not depending on a government handout….this Church offers a hand up. You Mrmons rock, more of us shoud follow your lead.

    • Thank you.

    • Thank you kindly for your comment! I have several really close friends that are not of my faith. A few years ago they came with me to the LDS cannery in Idaho. My friends were amazed how clean and organized it was. We had a great time and they were excited to purchase some of the extra food we helped can. They were impressed with the fact that we are taught self relience and try to live it, rather than relying on hand outs during difficult times.
      These are sad times we are living in. What is this world coming to??? :-(

  45. You can’t be a slave of the state if you are self suffician. Other people can’t be slaves of the state if you help them be self sufficient.

  46. Chris V - Omaha says

    I’d like to see some sources. I’m LDS and while this is alarming it’s speculation without sources cited and specific events.

    • Jennifer R says

      I am currently in Michigan and although I don’t have links or anything to prove that this is true. The Cannery near our Temple has been closed down and only has prepackaged food available for purchase instead of getting bulk items and canning them yourself.

    • My husband works in the welfare system on a farm and has verified that this is happening!

    • Yeah, I’m in Washington state, and our cannery here has been shut down for about a year now. Like everyone else has said, we can buy prepackaged foods, but we can no longer buy things at a great discount and package them ourselves at the cannery. What we ARE allowed to do is check out a home canner, and buy the bulk stuff and canning supplies, and can it all at home. It’s only more difficult that way, because you have to buy the entire bag of wheat or pasta or beans, etc instead of just what you need. So I have to wait much longer until I can afford to buy the whole bag.

      • Okay, just kidding about the pricing. The prices are the same, actually. I realized it’s been so long since I’ve been able to buy stuff that I didn’t know, so I just checked. I’ve been living off my food storage, cause the economy sucks.

      • Helga, you should have a canning party and go in with some friends to split costs.


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