January 23, 2019

King: By the Content of Their Character

Martin-Luther-King-JrFifty years ago today Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered a speech, the most memorable portions of which were impromptu. His “I Have A Dream” speech was technically superior, and rhetorically persuasive.

Who among us can argue with his yearning that the dictates and limiting language of the American Constitution would apply to all citizens equally, regardless of race, religion, or other legitimate differentiation? Which defender of the Constitution and the principles upon which this great nation were founded does not likewise yearn for an America where all citizens are happy and productive, lending a helping hand or sharing a kind word to every fellow American?

In his speech, Republican Martin Luther King, Jr., publicly deplored and excoriated the Democrats who were vigorously holding American blacks back from full citizenship, institutionalizing their second-class citizen status in public places and public universities.

He shared his “dream” with the American people that such official barriers would be cast aside by government officials, pressured by kind and caring white citizens, led by the Republican Party who since before the Emancipation Declaration had championed their equal treatment under the laws of the land.

This speech was the turning point for the true civil rights movement in America.

However, the movement was soon co-opted by the Democratic Party, who saw the plight of the underclass they had created as a rallying point for the expansion of the federal government.  We have documented that coup and its insidious re-enslavement of America’s minorities in our recent articles, Zimmerman: The Subtext of July 8, 2013, Democrat Senator ‘abandons big government plantation’ to join GOP of June 18, 2013, and Dems Hurting Minorities of June 8, 2013.

“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character,” was the most poignant and enlightening line of that great speech. When spoken, American Blacks were a family centered, hard working and Christ focused people for the most part. They had indeed earned the respect of their nation by transitioning from the status of southern slaves to upwardly mobile working class people, who with equal protection under the laws could fulfill the measure of their creation in a land of promise and opportunity, as so many other immigrant groups had done, and have done since.

The problem is that “Progressive” policies have obliterated the Black Family, and crime, violence, abortion and addiction have devastated much of the entire race in this country. American blacks feel disenfranchised more than ever, and the race-hustlers in the Democratic Party and Black “Leadership” have done everything in their usurped power to drive our black brothers and sisters deeper into the abyss of hopelessness.

Indeed, the major problem facing many black Americans is society’s tendency to judge by the content of their character–which has declined steadily since the “Great Society” enticed American blacks onto the Democrat plantations. Government dependence, fatherless families, children born out of wedlock, indolence, violence, crime, unemployment, lack of character or values . . . these are the natural results of the expansion of a godless government whose main objective is to reduce the prominence of individual liberty and the family unit in favor of expansion of the government and its role in citizens’ lives.

How much longer will the cries of America’s black children go unheard by decent citizens? How much longer will we suffer the rapid encroachments of a leftist government hell-bent on the enslavement of every American citizen?

What has happened to black Americans is a foreshadowing of what awaits us all if this movement toward a totalitarian government goes unchecked. As the character of all youth declines and they pursue a path of taking more than they give, we see an inevitable course that leads to the destruction of every American family, every American value, and every person’s individual liberty.

It does not require a prophet or a mathematician to predict where we are all going to end up if we do not immediately and abruptly change our national course. If we are going to salvage our Constitutional form of government, we would do well to allow the constitutionalists to free the slaves once again, and so doing, ensure our collective freedom for generations to come.


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