August 20, 2019

Make America Democrat-Proof

trump_revolutionDemocrats have changed America in a truly dramatic way. After failing in their bid to keep slavery legal in the late 1800s, they came back with several ploys to break down the American way of life, finally diluting the personal protections afforded by the U.S. Constitution by championing the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Amendments.

The Sixteenth Amendment allowed the government to take the wealth of individual Americans through the taxation of their income–something specifically disallowed by the founders in the Constitution. Why were the founders against this? Because it takes the power of the purse away and individual decisions from families and citizens, and puts it in the hands of the government. We can see how annual trillion dollar spending to enforce government authority has greatly changed the nature, size and scope of the federal government.


Once the jewel of American cities, Detroit was taken over by Democrats and imploded on its own boat and corruption.

The Seventeenth Amendment eliminated one of the specific checks and balances embedded into the Constitution, to divide power between the two chambers of Congress. The House of Representatives was to be elected by the people, in geographical districts. The Senate, however, was to be elected by the legislatures of the various states, and was to represent the interests of the states. The Seventeenth Amendment changed those checks and balances, rendering the Senate subject to election by the same electors as the House of Representatives. Rather than protect the rights of the states, which are often at odds with the fickle will of the people (especially on bringing home the bacon issues), both chambers of the Congress are now forced to pander for votes from the same constituency–the people–whose votes are easily purchased with their own tax dollars.

With the limitations on the federal government thus lifted, it has increased its power and scope continually, flooding the countryside, businesses and families with federal intrusions. Democrats have infiltrated teachers unions and universities, along with media and the press, all constantly bombarding our American youth with messages that the federal government is the answer to every question and every problem, and that it continually needs more power and money. These institutions simultaneously broadcast that America is evil, and that personal liberty and free enterprise are destructive and unfair to minority groups.

How to De-fund and De-fang Democrat Institutions

At this point we must utilize the opportunities afforded us by the current anti-establishment wave, and do everything in our power to de-fund and de-fang these entrenched institutions. We must:

  1. Eliminate the student loan program and replace it with a federally backed online university program–which halts the leftist indoctrination of our college-age youth and de-funds leftist propaganda universities (see our article “It’s Time to Overhaul Higher Education,” Oct. 25, 2015;
  2. Eliminate teachers’ unions, and support school choice and charter schools for all children;
  3. Eliminate 80% of all federal agencies, and lay off 80% of federal employees, returning them to the workforce to find productive work in the private economy;
  4. Return the federally withheld lands in Western states to those states;
  5. Pass a balanced-budget Amendment, and cut the federal budget by a significant amount.

By eliminating these strongholds of Democrats, we can rid ourselves of the permanent stranglehold they have on our nation.


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