June 26, 2019

Mormons and Progressivism: United Order vs. Socialism


  1. While I was in New Zealand in 1974, there was a man who would check into the hospital in order to eat. The hospital would keep him for thirty days, then release him. When he got hungry again, he would check into the hospital again. That is socialism.


    Interesante artículo, me documenta más sobre la visión que tiene la Iglesia sobre el socialismo y el paradigma que Dios quiere para el mundo.
    Este artículo reafirma lo que he pensado, que tanto el socialismo como la Orden Unida buscan lo mismo, EL BIENESTAR Y LA FELICIDAD DEL HOMBRE sobre la tierra, pero con claras diferencias que las resumo en una.
    El Socialismo busca esa felicidad SIN LA GUÍA DE DIOS, pretende ese cambio del hombre nuevo desde AFUERA de el mismo.Y la Orden Unida busca esa felicidad CON LA GUÍA DE DIOS, estimula el cambio del hombre nuevo desde el INTERIOR de si mismo, y en las escrituras tenemos claras evidencias de ello, El Salvador en su conversación con el joven rico, su dialogo con el Sumo Sacerdote del Sanedrin Nicodemo etc.
    También creo que los Santos de los Ultimos Días debemos buscar las coincidencias más que las diferencias y estimular a la humanidad a través de la difusión del Evangelio restaurado.
    Soy ciudadano de una nación pobre que busca su camino al desarrollo económico y hemos pasado por muchos experimentos políticos y todos de alguna manera han fracasado porque lamentablemente tanto los que se dicen “cristianos” como los que no reconocen a Dios se han guiado más por el egoísmo desigual. clasista y elitista en vez del BIEN COMÚN.

    • Hermano Aguilera…Se ve por el escrito que usted es sabio y que es usted muy listo. Me gustó leer la opinión suya muchísimo. Ojalá que escriba usted en varios periódicos. Gracias.

  3. I grew up in the last LDS colony to practice the United Order, (Yes, it was disbanded in 1971) It was a delightful way to grow up. All of the families bought their own materials but we all contributed our labor and built veritable mansions for each other. We built our own utility systems on land that nobody wanted and we thrived. It was a happy time. When members began to move away and non-members move in, these non-members seems so strange to us, they would not pitch in and help others. I was actually rather shocking.

  4. Daniel Cummings says

    Socialism is motivated by coveteousness; the United Order is motivated by generosity.

  5. Phil Martin says

    Something I don’t understand is why we are so worried about “socialism” making us all financially equal, when the reality in this country is exactly the opposite. As this so called “socialism” increases so does the disparity between rich and poor. Over the last 40 years the typical working man has not seen a real increase in income such that it would even keep up with inflation. At the same time, the owners of production have amassed immense wealth at the expense of those very people who work for them. This is best exemplified by the easily seen situation where, as we still work our way out of this last recession, people are being paid even less than they were before, while at the same time the corporate boards are awash in cash and declaring record earnings.

    Something is rotten in our economic system, and it isn’t the bogey man we call socialism.

    • On the contrary, the net result of Socialism is the creation of a non-working class who subsist on the efforts of others. I lived in England 20 years ago and saw this first-hand. Multiple generations living in government provided housing, their only (legal) income being their weekly dole check. These individuals were completely capable of creating their own income, either from employment, or from entrepreneurship. As the volume of social programs increase, the taxes to support them increase as well. Eventually one can live better off of the government than off of employment.

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