August 5, 2020

Mormons Determined to Give White House to Clinton, and Supreme Court to Left

utah_temple_mormon_trumpThe state of Utah is historically a solid red state, its heavily Mormon population identifying best with the pro-Christian, pro-life, limited government and spending philosophies of the Republican party. This election year, however, the voters of the state of Utah appear to be enamored of the idea of a protest vote, wherein they demonstrate their dislike for the superficially flawed Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump by voting for independent third-party candidate Evan McMullin.

Putting aside the question of Evan McMullin’s fitness as a presidential candidate, the fact is he can’t win the 2016 presidential election. So whose votes will go to him? He claims to be the most conservative of the candidates–therefore, nearly every vote he receives will be poached from the Republican candidate.

The polls are extremely tight this election, despite a hailstorm of revelations about Hillary Clinton’s many criminal acts and daily bombshells about hers, her campaign’s and the Democratic Party’s disdain for America, its values, and its citizens. The press is clearly in Clinton’s back pocket, burying every salacious revelation about Clinton, while inflating every unsubstantiated handful of mud the Democrats can invent to sling in Trump’s direction.

The truth is that this year’s election is the last gasp of America and its ideals. Obama’s goal was to “fundamentally transform America,” and he has succeeded to a large degree, devastating our free-market economy, making immorality the norm, minimizing all aspects that demonstrate American greatness, regulating businesses to the point of shutting doors and moving operations overseas, and inflaming racial tensions. Internationally, he has decimated America’s influence and standing, and has undermined our loyal allies while propping up our enemies. Islamic terrorism has been nurtured under Democratic leadership, and Americans are no longer safe from terrorism in their own cities.

Hillary Clinton promises more of what Obama has given us. She has also made it clear that she will pack the Supreme Court with leftist judges, who will reinterpret the Constitution to allow every unconstitutional program and policy that the Court has disallowed for the past 200 years. She promises that America will be remade in the image of what she and her leftist Alinsky devotees have envisioned since the 1960s.

Donald Trump, on the other hand, offers America pro-life, pro-family, pro-Christian policies. His recently announced Contract with America is exactly what our nation needs to heal from the absurd policies the left has inflicted on our nation and its citizens. He pledges to replace Justice Scalia and other aging Supreme Court justices with Scalia-like jurists, who view our Constitution as the Founders viewed it–a document that limits the scope and power of government, and that protects American citizens from governmental overreach. Yes, Trump has some superficial blemishes, but they are insignificant in the big picture.

Mormons would be wise to remember how superficial prejudice backfired on the Evangelicals in the last election. Mormon Mitt Romney was eminently qualified to lead our nation, and would have spared us so much of the misery we have suffered at the hands of a leftist Obama–misery that is deeply entrenched in our institutions for generations to come if we don’t reverse the damage immediately. The feeling that Mormons aren’t quite Christian enough for Evangelicals, resulting in throwing their votes away, puts the blame of an Obama second term squarely at the feet of Evangelicals. Will similar shortsightedness and thoughtlessness on the part of Mormons rob Mr. Trump of Utah’s electoral votes and hand a close race to the left?

Remember Utah, every vote you cast for Evan McMullin, is a vote for Hillary Clinton.

By James Thompson
James Thompson is an LDS writer and ghostwriter, who is well acquainted with Utah politics–he was ghostwriting the book of Utah’s Speaker of the House, Becky Lockhart, when she died suddenly and unexpectedly. James’ latest book is an LDS historical fiction about the life of the young prophet Enoch titled Enoch in the City of Adam.

Thanks to my publisher, C. Michael Perry, who shared this video with me today. Thanks to the Editor of Federalist Press for posting it for us to view. Investigative journalist and host of the Nephite Explorer TV series: Ryan Fisher outlines 3 things every Mormon needs to know before voting in the 2016 presidential election.  Published Oct. 26, 2016.


  1. Friends, please visit this conservative news site – wonderful conservative writers.

    Also please bone-up on the well-masked-cult of Mormonism – in which they (Mormons) truly believe that “This nation shall Hang By A Thread, and This Church (the Mormons) shall come in and save it”:…/…/1449711995 . They also believe they will become literal Gods, equal to Jesus Christ and “lord” over their own planets…no joke.

    Also visit this site:

  2. I am a 3rd generation combat veteran. A vote for either of these two is a disgrace to our country. SO I propose we vote for Evan, which will get Hilary elected, then throw her in jail and get her running mate as president. THERE you have it

  3. Hmm. The only positions Trump has taken consistently and strongly over the years are on trade. He has no strong values on issues like abortion, LGBT rights and so on, seeming to drift all over the map, so I don’t understand the belief that he will be a powerful warrior for Christ. I think he’ll be a powerful warrior for Trump. The case for voting for him over Clinton comes down to whether I think what’s good for Trump happens to coincide with what’s good for America, or better for America than what’s good for Hillary. As for the words of their mouths, they’re mostly lies and can safely be discounted.

    • I so agree, Jason!

    • Thank you, James.

    • Some of you apparently have not listened to his speeches…. because he HAS taken strong stands on these issues. You are only listening to the media…. who is not reporting a damn thing. You are many hours behind in hearing what he has had to say. At least go listen to the one given at Gettysburg PA. And listen to the last presidential debate where he took a very strong stand against late term abortion. WOW….. where have some of you guys been?

  4. Trump is a con job put in place for the specific purpose of splitting the Republican party into pieces. He is right in the middle of accomplishing this goal. You people allowed this to happen and will be paying the price soon. It’s all on your hands.

  5. You imbeciles are the reason I am about to quit the “Republican” party. Your guilt trip nonsense makes me want to puke.

  6. Sounds like a clever retort “I’m not on that train”. However, you have no choice in the matter, you ARE on that train with all the rest of us.

    • This was supposed to be a reply to a comment about Ben Carson’s analogy that we are facing a situation where our train is going off the cliff.

    • Timothy G Mooring says

      I’m not stepping stepping foot on a train with Pepe the Frog as the engineer. I don’t like creepy clowns. He’s for the so-called “values voters” those who ironically choose not to vote their values. Turn truth on its head at your peril. An upside down cross is a mark of Satan. There is a spur in the track just ahead and yes, It does lead directly into an abyss. You can follow the creepy clown if you want to, but I’m staying on the mainline.

  7. Trump has made verbose claims that he will make America great again? Its all promises that he can’t and won’t deliver. He is more a politician that politians. Why? Becasue he has divided the Republican party and nearly destroyed it. He is vulgar, nasty to people, a huge ego, England’s parliment has voted to ban him from entering their country and they are our greatest ally. Our closest neighbor Mexico hates him. He alienates everyone he needs to be diplomatic with.He will start WWIII. Trump’s business practices are suspect criminal. Trump says he will fix America. Yes, just like we fix our animals neutering and spaying them. Yes both he and Hillary are dangerous. How did we get ourselves in a position of having the two worst choices? Becasue people got enamored with Trump lying to us that he could change things. HE CAN”T AND WON”T. Therefore, do the right thing and vote your conscience, Thats what the patriots of old did.

  8. I am LDS and a friend of mine shared a supposed quote from Pres. Benson which also gave me pause on supporting Trump. I couldn’t find Benson’s quote anywhere. I then saw Paul’s comments and just wanted to pass this along. I think too many Mormons are being hoodwinked by the establishment and Hillary’s campaign.

    “There is no proof that Ezra Taft Benson President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints stated that quote that is popularly shared on the topic of lesser of two evils was stated by him at all. If you see any of those images please remind the poster of this fact and that it is not a quote from a Prophet of God as it cannot be proven or clarified in anyway shape or form…

    The church will not tell you what to do politically. But, God will! I believe if you are supporting a left wing political party who’s platform which votes in people who actively are destroying family values, legalizing murderous abortions, legalizing alternative marriage styles that directly appose the Churches family proclamation. That obviously includes Obama care now transforming our country into deep socialism. I believe you may lose your salvation simply because the blood of those people destroyed by these policies will be partly on your head. .

    Paul Gregersen1 month ago (edited)
    We must realize that Satan is working to deceive people politically as well as spiritually.. Satan is abroad in the land, and he goeth forth deceiving the nations. ”D&C 52:14. “For Behold, they do study at this time that they may destroy the liberty of thy people. Alma 8:17.” “Therefore I the lord, justify your brethren of my church, in befriending the law which is the constitutional law of the land; and as pertaining to the law of man, wherefore what is more or less than this cometh of evil. ”D&C 98:6 I beheld the whore of all the earth, and she sat upon many waters; and she had dominion over all the earth, among all nations, kindred’s, and people. 1 Nephi 14:11.” A mark of deliverance was placed upon all those who cry against the abominations. “Ezekiel 9:4.” It can be assumed that believers playing it safe were not delivered by God!

    • Robert Coray says

      Well said. Anyone voting directly OR INDIRECTLY FOR Clinton will have blood on their hands in one way or another. I’m not electing Trump to be my bishop! Just to stop further demise of our country fiscally, politically and socially.

      • Vote for McMuffin, get a FREE side of Hillary. Pass it on, especially in Utah.

      • Bridgerphillips says

        If we chose to elect anyone evil and immoral into office, even if we’re voting for one vindictive evil person over another, we are still endorsing evil. Both Trump and Hillary are evil people with their own ambitions as their priority. I will not have the blood of Trump’s victims on my hands just to avoid washing them in the blood of Hillary’s.

  9. Mormon Mafia baby! I am extremely proud to stand with my fellow Mormons in this election cycle who are willing to go nuclear on the Republican Party. I will never, ever regret not voting for Trump or Clinton; I only wish my vote counted in Utah or Idaho, instead of here in CA where I will write in McMullin but it won’t matter. TRUMP is the reason Clinton is going to win the general election and the reason Clinton has a chance of winning Utah, not McMullin.

    But Clinton isn’t most likely to win Utah–McMullin or Trump is. If Clinton wins Utah that will be the icing on the cake, but it will certainly not be the state that tips her over the edge (Utah is always R, assumed in all polls to be R, and ALL projections of Clinton winning show her losing Utah but still winning the presidency). So the other two options:Trump or McMullin. If Trump wins Utah, he may win the presidency. But if McMullin wins…!

    The math:
    There are 538 electoral votes total, reach 270 and you win. Let’s imagine Utah goes for McMullin (who is polling ahead of Clinton in UT), and Utah’s 6 electoral votes were the only thing stopping Trump from reaching 270 votes/the presidency :(
    Trump would then have 264 electoral votes, Clinton would have 268, and Evan McMullin would have 6…no one would reach 270 and so the election would be decided by the Republican-controlled House of Representatives. This would be great! Way to go Utah!

  10. fall of you who want to vote for an alternative to trump remember elections have consequences there is reason the pope has told all christians not to vote for Hillary. remember you and your children will have to live with those consequences for the rest of your lives. so protesting your vote only hurts you.

  11. I just can’t believe you idiot mormons would risk Clinton being the next POTUS by voting for some clown you don’t even know. What chance do you really think he has. If, cause of your ignorance, you vote for Mc Mullen, and Clinton wins, ALL of the people not only in America, but all over the world will suffer for hundreds of years to come. You may think Trump is a jerk, so do I, BUT, I do know one thing that you MORONS don’t, he will turn this country around and make it great once again. Even if you don’t believe that, it’s still better than the total destruction of the world under SHitlery. WAKE UP PEOPLE and vote for Trump, and swallow your EGO’S.

    • How about you tell Trump to swallow his ego. If he listens maybe more will vote for him.

      • Lillith Goby says

        He is smart enough to have picked Mike Pence for Veep. They will be a team and Trump’s ego will make him listen to the polls. If not we impeach him with democrat help and have Pence?

        I personally think he is the man for this time and place. I think that Mitt might have won had not GOP attack dog Andrew Breitbart been made dead in the campaign. Mitt’s above board campaign was exemplary and in LDS mode but apparently wasn’t meant to be. It did create the Mormon Moment in the spotlight and he as upright figure did us a favor. Some people think the winners of the election was the LDS church. Out of obscurity with a bang? Or Broadway spoof? 150 years in isolation to firm up before inevitable sifting and change? Exciting future in Christ?

        Thinking back, I don’t think a win would have allowed him to scrub Washington clean. obama on the other hand has aroused the silent majority and the Scots Irish fighters to form a movement. If we relax and know we and America are in God’s hands we can watch what comes next with fair judgement or eyes that see and ears that hear.

      • Amen, John!

    • Im a Mormon and im firmly for Trump and have been from the beginning. Also almost every Mormon person I know in my immediate circle is voting for Trump. My opinion is that most Mormons will be voting for Trump on election day.

      • Timothy G Mooring says

        It’s hard to believe that a people whose history is a great saga of overcoming religious prejudice and intolerance would be so willing, even anxious, to elect a man of demonstrated religious intolerance. Against Muslims, other protestant sects including Mormons. It takes the alertness of another faith, Jewish people with a history of far greater oppression to recognize the menace represented by the Pepe the Frog meme and implications of supporters like David Duke.

        Moreover, I find it incredible that anyone would consider a megalomaniac as being any anyway qualified to be president of this country or commander-in-chief of our military. Trump is not just a liar, but a man who practices deception for whatever purpose serves his interest at the time.

        President George W. Bush was only moderately cocksure and interested in reality. He brought us the 9/11, the Iraq War, 99.9% sure about those WMDs, and the recession of 2008. That really was similar to a “train going of a cliff” or “into the abyss”, pick your favorite metaphor.

        The best argument for voting Trump is: if he doesn’t carry Utah, he may decide that Mormons aren’t really his favorite people and that some extreme vetting might be in order. That would of course depend on how Pepe feels about it.

        • EXACTLY! Thank you!!!

        • Your delusional, ill informed and the depth of your perceptions are still in the dark

          • Sorry “Anonymous” but YOU are the one with your head buried in the sand and it is frightening that Trump has even 10% of the people supporting him. It shows how wicked the people of this country have become.

            Anyone that has been paying attention to Trump and has researched his past should know how dishonest he is, how vulgar and disrespectful he is, how divisive and hate-filled he is, how truly un-American and anti-conservative he is. He is corrupt just as the politicians he claims to save us from.

            With Trump there is no integrity and no hope to “make America great again”.

      • Myself and everyone I know are voting for Trump.
        I’m too embarrassed to put my name on my post.

    • Hey Alan, Can you gaurantee Trump will make America great again, as he claims and you claim? Its all promises that he can’t deliver. Why? Becasue he has divided the Republican party and nearly destroyed it. He is vulgar, nasty to people, a huge ego, England’s parliment has voted to band him from entering their country and they are our greatest ally. Our closest neighbor Mexico hates him. He will start WWIII. Trump’s business practices are suspect criminal. Both he and Hillary are dangerous. How did we get ourselves in a position of having the worst choices? Therefore, do the right thing and vote your conscience, Thats what the patriots of old did.

      • I didn’t know that about England and Mexico. i understand their reasoning, and, like you, I think he will start a major war. I do think he’s a danger.

    • onetruesteve says

      No one can make America great again unless he is dedicated to following the principles that made America great- The U.S. Constitution, and he isn’t. He clearly doesn’t care about what the constitution says. He’s just doing what he feels like, and a lot of it is good, but he is not on the right path.

      • I so agree. Thank you!

      • Robert Coray says

        So you think that by indirectly helping to elect Hitlarry you have a wonderful Constitution-loving, great American principle-following president???? Thanks for helping her put us on the right religious path brother!!!

  12. I’m voting for McMullin. Feel free to call me names and attack me in replies. It won’t change my mind.

    • I will take you up on that offer. You are a complete jackass. You would rather vote for Shitlery, by way of not voting for Trump, to appease your EGO, and destroy not only America, but the whole world for hundreds of years to come. GROW UP. And think for once in your life the consequences for voting for some CHUMP that no one has ever heard of. There is a saying that I truly believe. It says, “Stupid People Should NOT be Able to BREED.” That were your parents.

    • No attacking here! I have tremendous respect for a man that would take on such a tremendous opposition to offer us another choice. He knew he would be facing this. He knew his chances were small. I believe he is an honorable man, despite what Trump supporters seem to be seeing in him. It seems, these days, as if anyone who is standing up for decency is being vilified.

      • When Hillary wins and turns the Supreme Court liberal for the next 20 years and turns our country into a Third World Nation, you can own it, April. What a stupid idea and you fell for it, dear.

        • Lillith Goby says

          No one needs to own it. It such a thing happens because we all got different as O’Reilly calls it, gut reactions, we4 needn’t chew on each other but to do as Christ said and take on His light yoke and also to place all our woes on Him as He has already paid the price.

          I’m old and just learning this. I wonder how much less we would sin if we knew that our lack of it would transversely lift our part of His burden in Gethsemane and Golgotha?

          What if He were still wincing at each blow we cause to be made? Yah, I know i am not there yet either. Maybe once out of a day and when in the Spirit? A lot different spirit than the zeal of politics?

    • Always know the Mormans were off track not only claiming to be Christian beliving in the BIble which is their own Bible made up adding to the word of God not believing Jesus Christ is God Amen remember Joseph Smith check his life out very interesting Forget all that and know you don’t for Thrump u are Voting for Hillery who will take your freedom of Religion ✝️That means Mormans freedom of Speech plus the Supreme Court Plus more evil laws like boys using girls bathroomHelp save America I know most Mormons are great and wonderful people just different beliefs in the word of God. Believe it or not I voted for Romny he’s a good man wounded have been do mush better then Obama

  13. Bronwyn Brown says

    Superficially flawed? Seriously? You think his flaws are of a superficial matter? I do not understand that kind of thinking. I think you have only thought superficially on the matter. Trump is a narcissist. He will say and do whatever serves him best at the moment. This is no superficial flaw. It is a trait that renders him completely untrustworthy. I doubt you will get your wish to see him president, but if you did, I do not think you would get what you are thinking you would get.

    • I agree completely with Bronwyn Brown’s thoughts above — took the words right out of my mouth!

      I will vote McMullin and go with the very slim chance that we lock up the election and send it to the House to decide rather than risk destruction by casting my VOTE OF SUPPORT to either Trump or Clinton. If you say I’m foolish, I say faith and hope can work miracles.

      • I so agree! Thank you both!

      • You mean send it to the same Congress that has an 85% unapproval rating? The same Congress that made it possible for a guy like Trump to win the nomination? The same Republican controlled Congress that has sat on their hands for 6 years and watched Barry “”fundamentally transform America”? Do you not understand that the corrupt Washington establishment ( yes that includes Republicans) is the reason for the state of our country at this time? And yet you think it’s a good idea to allow this same corrupt establishment to select the next POTUS??? Wow……….

      • Kl Anderserton says

        So tired of the “wasted vote” camp, and rabid generalizations about Americans of any group. Something’s gotta give no matter who wins. Agree the last 8 years have unraveled our DNA. Go home.

        • Robert Coray says

          So tired of the “vote my conscience” camp, and stupid people like 2-time-loser Mitt who help elect horrible people every election! Sure, elect Hillary and then maybe the second coming can arrive faster. Stay home and save your “wasted vote.”

    • 2 thumbs up to this comment!

  14. Here is another and parallel article about Mormons and Trump:

  15. Here is another, similar, perspective:

  16. This author lists a number of bad results that will occur if Clinton takes office. I agree. I also think that most or all of those same results will occur if Trump takes office. I believe that he does not respect the rule of law, either.

    • I totally agree with you! Thanks for posting!

    • I totally agree, Clinton King! Did you know that Donald Trump refused to have himself vetted? I just wrote a reply to George Swenson about that. Is there a way you can find his comment quickly? If not, I’ll post it again, to you.

  17. I can’t believe Romney and Lee are not supporting Trump. Romney is just a bad loser. He should have won in 2012 and he knows it. His ego won’t let him support Trump because Trump will win and Romney will forever regret not standing up to Obama when he should have.
    If Utah goes Blue and decides the election, he and Lee will have destroyed their brands forever. There is too much at stake to let a criminal like Clinton who is corrupt to the core lead the country to ruin the next four years.
    Come on guys act like adults and put the future of the country first instead of your bruised egos.
    Trump has flaws but he is exactly what this country needs right now. He’s got the courage to stand up to the special interests, the corruption and the outright disrespect for the constitution that the Clinton thugs represent.

    • Timothy G Mooring says

      I have a lot of respect for Governor Romney, a Christian family man worth of respect. My regard for his Christian values were solidly reinforced by his principled rejection of the profane and unprincipled man if ever I’ve I’ve seen and heard one,

      I’ve heard your argument of ways and means from Dr. Ben Carson in his analogy of a “train going off the cliff” I find it entirely inappropriate and unpersuasive. It amounts to “when you’re in peril, trust the Devil”. I’m not on that train. Donald Trump belongs in his penthouse, not the White House.

  18. James Mohl says

    I think we have reached the point of witnessing the voice of the people choosing wickedness over righteousness. I expect Hillary to win not because I want her to, but because the vast majority of this country are past feeling and embrace wickedness. My hope is that Trump will win and make it possible for Evan or someone like him to have a chance in the future and delay the second coming, but when Hillary wins my only consolation is that she with help to drag the country down faster and expedite the second coming.

  19. Make sure to sign this petition regarding Evan:

  20. The Constitution hangs by a thread and Mormons are poised with a scissors…

    • Robert Coray says

      So true. Sad to see so many fellow Mormons duped by thinking they are standing on the moral high-ground!

      • I agree that people are being duped, and it is very sad to me, too! I differ in my feelings about who those people are. There are so many lies out there that people are believing!

  21. I don’t understand how anyone could vote for Hillary, just for the fact that she supports abortion, going totally against God’s word. One day we will have to answer for this .

  22. Qh the rhetoric, the passion, the naivety, and the contention… Don’t you get it? America turned their collective backs on God some time ago. We Americans have collectively allowed our country to come to this awful state prophesied by the prophets through the ages. The time is near… kiss your “beloved” America good bye! As a Mormon, it amazes me that only 10% of the church members are preparing for “what surely will come”. Quit ignoring your prophets. Get your food storage and survival preparations! 10% of us might be the survivors, The rest of you will surely be no more that stastics of the tribulation that is our future! Sorry. Game over!

    • Lillith Goby says

      Hillary will take your guns and your food storage.

      But at this point, we need to listen to the still small voice and trust other in their’s. God uses good and bad people equally to do His will..

      We sure don’t need to be going for each others throats. We just do not know what moves another person to act or not act. But this, too is a time for spiritual learning, testing and knowing our own innards?

    • Good advice, Mike!

  23. When I put a check next to Trump’s name on my ballot, I will be thinking “Save the Supreme Court”

  24. George Swenson says

    McMullin is unvetted – you don’t know whether he is even what he says he is. If Hillary wins we can guarantee what will happen with the supreme court, abortion, adherence to the constitution, government corruption, foreign policy, free markets, etc. Also we will probably lose one or both houses of Congress. With Trump, he is diametrically opposed to Hillary on every point. The only opposition to him other than the progressive left are the already corrupted establishment types on the right and Glenn Beck’s rabid and irrational hatred of him on the right. If Hillary wins we are sunk, if Trump wins we will retain control of both houses and if suddenly Trump fulfills Beck’s worst fear we can depend on the Republicans in congress to stop him, since so many of the establishment types in both houses hate him anyway. What conservatives must do is stop eating our own, and yes, Trumpis at least ostensibly conservative. Repeal of Obamacare, defunding of Planned Parenthood, and other policies come from Congress, even if Congress gets the backbone to pass conservative bills Hillary would repeal every one, Trump would not.

  25. Some of you are so ignorant! You will vote for a lying criminal, serial Murder who hates America over a upright man who loves America and has chosen a Christian for his VP.
    Wake Up! If you vote Hillary you are saying you hate America and want a Dictator Communist nation. If you really believe in Jesus Christ and seek to be one of His followers, there is only one choice. VOTE TRUMP

  26. I am a faithful member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints and I am voting for Donald Trump with a clear conscious. I understand why so many members are excited and supporting McMullin. He is faithful, qualified and a really great guy and I would probably want him as a friend but sadly it is too little too late.

    Four years ago I was heartbroken when Romney lost but if Hillary Clinton wins I will be angry. We need to think about the future by remembering our past. We talk of the founding fathers often and with respect and quite often with reverence. We look at what they accomplished and how they built the foundation of our nation but forget they were human and flawed. Some just as much if not more than Donald Trump.

    I would never say anyone’s vote is wasted or thrown away. It is their right to vote for whomever they choose. I respect that right especially these days when so many neglect it and don’t vote at all.

    That being said I have to ask how those who are voting for McMullin in good faith and conscious see our future with a sure to be left leaning Supreme Court for many, many years? I have heard and read comments stating that it is only 4 years and we will have another chance. Not when it comes to the Supreme Court and the many federal judges that Hillary Clinton will nominate and legislature will approve(they haven’t stopped Obama). This will be a very foreseen consequence of a vote for McMullin.

    Am I apprehensive about Donald Trump, yes. Am I afraid of Hillary Clinton, yes. Election day will come and inevitably one of these two will be our next president. Whoever it is I will still be grateful to live in this great country and I will do my best to “endure joyfully”.

  27. Come on. Utah’s electoral votes will make no difference in this election. You are deluding yourself if you think otherwise

  28. “superficially flawed”? That’s hilarious.

  29. Diane Romney says

    I don’t understand why people think Trump is acceptable. He has never been a champion of conservative values and if people think that electing him is going to save the country, they are being deceived. He is dividing the country and reminds me of Paanchi and the king men we read about in Helaman. He is fracturing the country because the only thing he cares about is himself and he is a poor sport who can’t bear to loose.

    • Thank you, Diane! You brought up a very good point — that rather than we who are wanting to vote our conscience who are dividing the country, it in actuality is Donald Trump. And Hillary on her side. Each causing tremendous splits within their parties!

    • Scott Workman says

      Diane and April, you both are correct that both Hillary and Donald are dividing the country (I would argue that Hillary/Obama are much, much more divisive however). We can expect this kind of divisive talk in elections, but we’ve never seen it quite like this before.

      So where does that put “we the people”. “We” put them in this position. This election is no longer about what has been done. We can’t change that now. We now must choose between the only two electable options available (no one else has a shot). Neither Trump nor Hillary has the persona I want. But only one has the message that is even close to what I want. That’s Trump, fortunately or unfortunately – depending on how you want to look at it. I am praying for Donald Trump, warts and all, and he will get my vote.

    • Lillith Goby says
  30. You’re choice is Clinton or Trump – which one do you want? Any other vote does not count for anything and is just a throw away. You know that a vote for McMullen gives Hillary an advantage. It’s a really hard choice this election year, but don’t be a coward, pick one. Look past the personalities because they both suck and focus on the policies. We have a Senate and a House that have the true power of this nation. Thank God we have Judicial, Executive and Legislative Branches of our government. It’s all about policy, people – make a choice or Utah will be the Broward County of 2016. Can’t believe you all are even considering McMullen.

    • no way in hell will I ever vote for that evil criminal witch and that evil rapist husband Bill. Trump is no were near as bad as they are. And their plan for the country will be the worst yet.

    • The Legislative Branch of government has been taken over by the Executive Branch and the Judicial Branch will soon be gone if Hillary wins.

      • Taken over by the executive? No. Wrong. Completely.

        The Legislative sure seems hellbent on destroying the Judicial these days. At least that is backed by facts/evidence.

        “Trump is no were near as bad as they are.”
        Open your eyes.
        Trump has accusations of raping in his history as well – of a 13 year old girl.

        • That is TRUE, Matt K! And there are other things of which he is accusing the Clintons of that he himself is just as guilty of — for example, did you know that he has his own charitable foundation very similar to the Clinton Foundation, the donated money of which he has used largely for his own purposes, much of it for court fees for lawsuits against him and by him?

  31. Virginia Roddy says

    Yes, the Evangelical Southern Baptists lost the Romney election for us. Baptists repeatedly played anti Mormon films in their Churches particularly the Mark Hoffman Salamander letter film, even 10-15 YEARS after it was proven the documents were forged and Hoffman went to prison for murder. Now the Mormons may cast an emotional vote which will gift us with a pro abortion, pro LGBT, pro Obama care president and a left leaning Supreme Court.

  32. I am offended. The fact is Mormons are the only people as a whole who see the truth behind both established frontrunner party’s. Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are tremendously poor choice as President. Evan McMullin’s is a true Christian that would champion the cause of God and help ( as an instrument in the hands of God ) in pointing this country back in the right direction. He is humble, and that is a unique attribute in todays political stage. If we as a State and people (Mormons) vote for the person who most closely represents our standards and expectations of a leader then we have done a great service to the nation.We have done our duty and like a lighthouse on a hill in the storm that is American politics we have started the process and laid the foundation that will take hold of all. I have a firm hope that good individuals through out the nation ( not only Mormons) will cast their ballots for a trust worthy and upright individual that I see and hear in Evan McMullin’s.True he will not win this election but when the dark and terrible storm of either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton is over American will rebuild and learn from hard lessons of our previous poor choices.

    • Sherry Harrison says

      We have to vote our consciences, neither Clinton nor Trump are good choices so we do the best we can. In the end Heavenly Father is in control and all we can do is trust in Him.

      • Thank you, Micah, and Sherie. I think that if we hold strong and vote our consciences we will have a positive impact on others, and hopefully they will find the courage to do the same. And I love your and Sherie’s conviction that no matter who wins, God is in control, and America will rebuild.
        All we can do, after we’ve studied it all out and voted our conscience, is know that we can trust in God to save our country. He, not Trump or Hillary, is the only One who can do it. And He will.

    • That’s just it. We will never recover from a Clinton win. We don’t live in the fair, judicial, law abiding world anymore. Any step in this same direction will take this country to the abyss. Evsn can’t win. It’s time to stop negotiating with the ones who have taken our country hostage and let Trump pay the ransom.

      • That is what we said in 2012 — that we’d never recover from Obama. I’m appalled at how many in these comments support Trump as if he really did believe in conservative values — the only thing Trump believes in is himself.
        Look up the definition of demagogue if you don’t already know what it means — it describes Trump perfectly. I am afraid that the Republican party and conservatism will be twisted and lost from America for a LONG time if Trump becomes president.

        Trump is NOT a conservative, he is NOT moral, he is NOT a true leader, he is not even a nice man. I will be voting Evan McMullin with other level-thinking Americans this November. With God’s grace we will see a stalemate that takes the contest to the House. I know, it’s a long shot but’s IT’S THE ONLY SHOT WE HAVE in my opinion.

    • You may well be offended, truth is, a vote for McMullin is a vote for Hillary…as for America rebuilding and learning from their mistakes, good luck with that, they did not learn from a similar decision to vote a 3rd party rather than Romney…again, A VOTE FOR ANYONE OTHER THAN TRUMP, IS A VOTE FOR HILLARY…PLEASE PICK SOMETHING LESS IMPORTANT TO “PROVE A POINT”…Thank you

    • You need to read Bednar’s talk…you’ve chosen to be offended….

    • I am glad you are offended. sometimes you need a good does of reality talk.
      It takes a true arrogant selfrighteous person to not grasp that only Trump or Hilary can win.
      Mormons are as bad as Evangelicals when it comes to arrogant selfrighteous myopic views.
      If Hilary wins, I will be driving around with a sticker that says,

    • Jennifer Jasper says

      Thank you Micah Womack. You said it very well. I agree.

    • George Swenson says

      McMullin is unvetted – you don’t know whether he is even what he says he is. If Hillary wins we can guarantee what will happen with the supreme court, abortion, adherence to the constitution, government corruption, foreign policy, free markets, etc. Also we will probably lose one or both houses of Congress. With Trump, he is diametrically opposed to Hillary on every point. The only opposition to him other than the progressive left are the already corrupted establishment types on the right and Glenn Beck’s rabid and irrational hatred of him on the right. If Hillary wins we are sunk, if Trump wins we will retain control of both houses and if suddenly Trump fulfills Beck’s worst fear we can depend on the Republicans in congress to stop him, since so many of the establishment types in both houses hate him. What conservatives must do is stop eating our own.

      • Are you aware that Donald Trump is unvetted as well? That though he was advised early on by his own campain advisors to have that done sothey would be prepared for the dirt his oppponent would dig up, he refused to have his past looked into?
        How much do you really know about his past? All most peope know is that he is a tough talker, a successful businessman, who said some mean words 11 years ago, and that he is a victim of the media and especially the Clinton Foundation. There is much more to him than that. Here are a few things people are not realizing but are a matter of public record — His dealings with the Mafia, his involvement with Jeffrey Epstein, his repeated failings in business, including 11 bankruptcies even after borrowing $14 million from his father, his illegal and sometimew cruel business practices, his own charitable foundation eerily similar to the Clinton Foundation that we all abhor, most of the money of which he has repeatedly used on court fees for lawsuits, his refusal to release his income tax returns. No, I didn’t get my information from Hillary or the Clinton Foundation. It is all a matter of public record.
        Never mind what we don’t know about Evan –There is SO MUCH the general public doesn’t know about Donald! No wonder he refused to have himsef vetted!!!

    • you admit he will not win….why not vote for a platform?

    • Scott Workman says

      Respectfully speaking, as a conservative, I must vote for the ideals of the republican platform. I don’t have to like Trump’s personal flaws to vote for the Trump ticket, but I am fan of what he wants to accomplish for our country. Hillary will destroy our country – plain and simple. While Evan may (or may not) be a trustworthy option (who knows?) we cannot keeping kicking the can down the road with the hope that the party will nominate someone better in four years. This country blew it with Romney. THEY BLEW IT BIG TIME! My vote needs to count for the good of the future. Our hope is in the Trump/Pence ticket. Period.

    • You are sadly misguided, even though your sentiments are pure. Time to take the blinders off and see the real world ahead. You see to be woefully ignorant on several issues here. First and foremost, the Supreme Court. In the next four years it is highly likely that two to three MORE justices will have to be replaced. Now imagine that the court responsible for interpreting (and sometimes making) all of our laws is made up of a bunch of flaming liberals who don’t value God, religious liberty, ethics, integrity, or moral values as we know them. Our very own freedom to worship in the way that we believe will quite certainly be in jeopardy. One rights are then away, you seldom get them back. Secondly, our government under Obama has been so deeply corrupted during his tenure, that it’s impossible for the American people to get anything resembling truth and justice in this country. Hillary Clinton is the most corrupt human being ever to run for president, and with the help of thousands of my fellow Mormons, she’s going to take charge of every single one of us. You talk about rebuilding in the future…what future? Once corruption gets a stranglehold on a government it takes generations, if ever, to free it from the shackles. As Latter Day Saints, I think we know that there’s not enough time left in this dispensation to accomplish that.

      • “a bunch of flaming liberals who don’t value God, religious liberty, ethics, integrity, or moral values as we know them”

        Oh, no, we flaming Liberals value those things.

        We don’t value Propaganda over the Truth, though… so when you try to convince everybody that “Obama was born in Kenya” and “Obama was a gay Prostitute” and “Hillary is gay”, we laugh hysterically.

        And then we vote to keep you crazies out of power.

        “Religious Liberty” means you get to worship in any Church you wish. It doesn’t mean you get to fire people who go to a different Church, or no Church.

        From our perspective, you folks believe any propaganda the Right Wing pushes in their drive to SEIZE power.


    • agreed.

    • He is only there to take votes from Trump and let Clinton win. I don’t like either one but I can’t vote for Clinton so I will vote against her by voting for Trump.

  33. Save your breath. Trump can’t win. This isn’t complicated.

    • I agree that it’s not complicated, or hopeless. Thank you for the link!

    • That is exactly why we all need to vote for Trump. If he can take Utah, Arizona, Idaho, and Nevada he will have a better chance to win. Without them No Chance.

  34. Possibly the best thing Mormons have ever done.

  35. Ha, “hand a close race to the left”. This isn’t going to be a 6 electoral race, leave Utah mormons alone.

  36. “Trump has some superficial blemishes, but they are insignificant in the big picture.”

    No. They are not insignificant. They define what kind of man he is, and that is something I cannot vote for.

    • Very good comment.

    • But you’re willing to hand the election to an evil traitor, abortion supporting bitch like Hillary. She is also defined by the woman she is and has always been. And, you’re a bunch of cowardly assholes who make your comments anonymously.

      • Timothy G Mooring says

        Other anonymous posters are cowards, but you’re not? How do you rationalize that? Your ugly language and blatant hypocrisy are strong indicators of an incoherent mind. If there’s a traitor running for president, it’s Trump not Clinton. It’s Trump who’s allied himself with Putin, the polonium poisoner and war criminal.

        • Trump has not “allied himself with Putin.” You’re drinking the media-mixed kool-aid. He said he’d sit down and talk with him. Is that a bad thing?

          • You are correct Bren…that is not a bad thing…better the likes of Putin than what our current POTUS has done. I mean, when was the last time you saw a Russian lob someone’s head off?

            • Timothy G Mooring says

              President Obama is a good Christian family man. Your saying otherwise is just so much blather. Trump on the other hand is in his third marriage and openly brags about his extramarital affairs and refers to age 35 as “checkout time”. He urges his followers to violence against political opponents. As for Putin, he prefers to poison his detractors over lopping off their heads. If you can stomach what Putin and Assad are doing to the people of Syria, then yes, he’s your guy. If Trump is a Christian, then Putin and Assad are saints. It’s clear to me that for you, and Trump lovers generally, “believe what thou wilt is the whole of the law”, Satanic as that may be.

            • Timothy G Mooring says

              This is crazy talk. Putin has concrete objectives that we’re, except for you apparently, are well aware of. Putin has called the fall of the soviet empire the biggest catastrophe in his country’s history. So in exchange for unneeded help in wiping out ISIL he gets a realignment of our foreign policy to be more tolerant of autocrats and dictators. Trump would make Chamberlain look like a real tiger. Putin would immediately push into Ukraine and blitzkrieg past NATO to re-establish a Russian. You think Putin is fooling around? Trump is Putin’s fool and extremely valuable tool. That’s not just my opinion either.

              We need four more years of foreign policy aligned with and refined from that of the current administration. None of our allies will be reassured by yo-yo foreign policy from the U.S. Are we to align ourselves first with NATO, then with Russia, and then what? Merge with China?

              Your comment is why we all should be thankful that we have an honorable, thinking president in the White House and not a fool in a Trump House. He would throw us into an abyss that doesn’t yet even exist. A Trump presidency under Putin would in fact be like “a train going off the cliff”. (Dr. Ben Carson).

              • Gary Crosby says

                Timothy, you really have drunk from the Kool-Aid table. We need four more years of the current administration’s policies? I can promise you the vast majority of Americans don’t agree with that statement. Um, let’s think about Benghazi and billions in cash to Iran just for two failed and stupid examples of this administration’s decisions that have run amuck and only exposed by mistake. There are SO many other past examples that are continue to come to light–yet you refuse to see all this corruption. Stop writing goofy contradictory statements here. We all think YOU are crazy and the fool. Even the simplest-minded can see this.

                • Timothy G Mooring says

                  Ambassador Stevens, and his entourage into Benghazi were American heroes, not a victims of HRC. We shouldn’t be perverting something noble into something pathetic. We lost 200 Marines by barracking them in unprotected Holiday Inn in Beirut. Beirut is still a noun and not a verb.

                  The money you reference actually belonged to Iran. It was advance payment for military equipment ordered by the Shah, but never delivered due to the Iranian revolution. Ownership may not mean much to you or the Donald, but for others it’s not the fine distinction that you and Trump apparently believe it to be.

                  Neither of these issues rise anywhere near the level of strategic significance that a Putin-Trump alignment would represent. Chaos theory would definitely apply.

                  In Lybia, the GNA is making significant progress towards stabilizing the country and normalizing its commerce. Attempts by ISIL to extend its so-called caliphate into Libya have failed. Our military has been instrumental in the progress being made.

                  In Iraq, Iraqi’s are driving ISIL/Daesh out of Mosul, there last stronghold in the country. Again our military is instrumental, but it’s local forces taking the lead expelling this malignant infection from their country.

                  In Syria, Russia is NOT fighting ISIL. It’s brutally suppressing the rebel forces opposed to the moral imbecile and autocratic puppet of Russia, Assad.

                  These are events of global significance. I stand by every word that I said. I don’t know who “we all” are, so I’ll address this directly to you: You don’t know what you;re talking about.

    • Scott Workman says

      Regarding Trump: No, they’re not “superficial blemishes”. Bad choice of words there. I would say they are severe blemishes. That said, I am not voting for someone unvetted (what a gamble!) and unelectable, nor for a criminal and a liar (that’s just plain stupid!).

      So what to do? If we’ve learned anything from history, God has used very flawed people to bring about His purposes. Think Columbus, Jefferson, Martin Luther King, Jr. – to name a few. He has even taken the most vile sinners and made them into Prophets! Trump is no Saint (and I doubt he’ll become a prophet) but I believe his heart is in the right place.

      The point is, my trust is not in Trump the man, my trust is in the policies he espouses that align with my conservative values and which mostly align with my faith. That he is pro family, pro life and wants to protect religious liberty is just a start. Hillary espouses none of that. She is a far left secular progressive bent on big government and aspirations for fame, money and prestige at the expense of the people she despises – us! I truly believe that, despite his flaws and head scratching temperament, Trump cares about the people of this country. That is my observation. Hillary cares about Hillary.

      Bottom line – If it is not Trump, it will be Hillary – with high taxes, through the roof healthcare, secularism to the extreme and the end of religious liberty as we know it. Evan McMullin may be “humble” and “Christlike” but that won’t get him elected. When this election is over, he will be but a footnote in history – unless, of course, Utah becomes the spoiler for a Trump victory. Then Utah (and Mormons) will be known for sending our country over a cliff. I want no part of that scenario. If Trump doesn’t win we’re in big trouble.

      Let’s stop kicking the can down the road, hoping for some night in shining armor to save the day four years or eight years from now. By then, it will be too late to turn back the liberal – progressive clock. My conscience says – vote Trump on election day and stop our country from going down the drain. We’re already circling the bowl.

      Oh be wise; What can I say more? (Jacob 6:12)

      • Timothy G Mooring says

        They’re not blemishes either. Much deeper than that. Trump’s superficial traits are the very policies you reference and that he supposedly supports. As long as the crowd is howling, he’s for it. Otherwise, not so much. If that doesn’t strike a nerve, it should.

  37. Tikla Fife says

    This is such a strange position to me. As though political parties are sports teams that we owe our allegiance to no matter what they do or how they perform. Parties are intended to represent us, if they no longer represent us it is our duty to abandon them and find something that does. Mormons are not failing the Republicans by not voting for someone who does not represent them. Donald Trump failed to represent goodness and kindness. That is true failure.

    • So you think Clinton represents goodness and Kindness??? Mcmullin seems like a much better choice but there is no way he can win and will most likely take more votes from the republicans than from the democrats. The most important thing to all of us is the Supreme Court and Republican control is much more likely to produce a conservative court.

  38. Not trying to start an argument, but shouldn’t we be pointing fingers at all the people who voted for Trump in the primaries instead of an entire religion? Seems to me his ship was sinking long before McMullin arrived. Shouldn’t get what you didn’t earn..

    • The problem is that Americans have become lazy and complacent. There are about 250 million people that could vote and only about 120 million voted in the 2012 election. only about 9% of that voted for Trump in the primary. We the people need to wake up. We are committing suicide as a country.

      • Laurie, what makes you feel that he didn’t earn his place? He worked just as hard and put in as much time in the primaries as any one of the others.

  39. Timothy G Mooring says

    What about the teachings of Jesus Christ? What if there’s no open carry in Heaven? Do you still want to go? Listen to the words of Donald Trump. Does he sound like a Christian to you? Just asking, as he sounds like an immoral low-life to me. I’m concerned about the innocents being slaughtered in Aleppo by Assad/Putin. I’m concerned about clean air and water, not full employment for coal miners. Good Christians have their heads on straight. Jesus Christ is their role model. Love trumps hate.

    • ivette kenney says

      Seriously you gonna vote for Clinton I thought you Marmons did not believe in abortions I am confused because God is so hurt because he loves his children so much he gave us life and you worried about somebody for their personality I find that so hypocritical you are traitor to your country and God

      • Scott Workman says

        Thank you Ivette. “Marmons” (I like that) are probably the most pro-life of groups anywhere in the country. That’s why I get upset when people of my Mormon faith talk about throwing their vote to Hillary (and by extension a 3rd party spoiler) who does not respect the sanctity of life, to say nothing of protecting our religious liberties. Speaking of hypocrisy, we are in a world of hurt because evangelicals stayed home in the last election so as not to vote for a Mormon, Mitt Romney – a pro-life Christian. Our country is paying the price. We’re swirling in the toilet bowl right now. Only Trump can keep us from going down the drain.

      • Timothy G Mooring says

        I don’t think voting my conscience makes me a traitor to either my country or my God. You’ve got a lot of nerve. I stand with my country, not with Putin or Russia. You don’t have any idea what you’re talking about.

        • Radojka Grbic says

          I voted early and I voted for Hillary. Trump is satanś spawn, this is a person that has no respect for humanity, we don´t need his type in the white house. Anyway men have screwed up this country long enough, now its time to let a women become president and see what she will do for the United States. I am willing to give her this chance. She can´t do any worse then the men who ran our country did.

        • It doesn’t, Timothy! People are getting more vicious as the weeks roll on!

  40. McMullin is not in the race for us or America. He couldn’t care less. He’s in it to take votes away, period. He doesn’t care about you or anyone

    • Timothy G Mooring says

      How do you know this? Is the Anonymous family related to the McMullens by marriage or something? Clairvoyant? Or is this just another baseless assertion? Facts do matter you know – whether you’re a McMullen or an Anonymous.

      • There is a video where he says exactly that. That he is trying to take votes away from Trump.

        • Timothy G Mooring says

          That doesn’t come close to covering the full spectrum of what you said, and you didn’t even provide a link to the video you reference. You also said that he doesn’t care about us or our country. That was also in the video? Running for office is all about getting people to vote for you – not for someone else. Trump is an amoral, ignorant, belligerent, self-worshiping, buffoon and big league liar – even on the subject of abortion. Listen to the words that spew from his mouth. Observe his behavior. Is that the kind of person you want in the WH? HRC will not be the first pro-choice president elected and almost certainly won’t be the last. In a our democracy you don’t always get what you want. You do get a vote. If it makes you angry, you have deal with it. It’s been our system of government for 240 years.

        • It also says that he is trying to take electoral votes away from Hillary.

  41. Unfortunately, this race is between two and only two. If you go with Clinton there will be no future for real Americans or Christians and I’m afraid God will turn his back on us as well.
    But, if you can look past Trumps roughness, I believe you will find a Lion of a man who will fight for America and God will smile down on us once more. Please think about this and vote for Trump and for Gods Grace!

    • That comment really says a lot about your morals, of lack of… God is not on the ballot and plays no part of politics decisions … It is unfair to bring him into this and try and shame religious people into believing your nonsense that he will turn his back on them if they vote for Hillary…. Trump has broke most , if not all the 10 commandments in his life…. adultery seems to be his favorite one… He is morally unfit to hold the office…

      • Don’t judge someone because he sins differently than you, George. I can’t predict what God will or will not do, however, I do know that one of these two will be our president, as Rob stated, and I’m more concerned with what Clinton DOES than what Trump SAYS.

        • Scott Workman says

          I agree Bren. We are all sinners to one degree or another. What I can’t understand is someone even thinking about voting for Hillary, a proven liar and criminal, for our next president. Someone please explain to me how Trump can be so immoral when every thing his policies say otherwise (ie., pro-life, pro job creation, wants to protect our borders, wants to protect our religious liberties, etc, etc.). And to vote for a potential 3rd party “spoiler” could have devastating consequences for our country. We’re circling the toilet bowl. A Trump/Pence vote can keep us from going down the drain.

  42. Our country can’t afford for either Hillary or Trump in the White House, but we’re likely going to get one of them. A third-party vote should be seen as a vote of faith in God no matter what the outcome.

    • Scott Workman says

      Certainly a valid argument Meri. But I think God expects us to act in faith. We can’t, and shouldn’t, sit idly by, just hoping that our prayers will be answered to our favor when we don’t take action. Faith means action.

      I’m voting for Trump, not because of his warts, but in spite of them – because his platform is the best hope we have for our constitutional rights to continue. While a 3rd party vote (Evan McMullin for example) might make some people feel better about themselves, it is at best a “throw away” and at worst could spoil a victory for conservative, free market, Christian principles. The thought of being party to Trump losing Utah’s electoral votes frightens me – especially if that led directly to a Clinton Victory.

  43. Jackie Peters says

    Please keep the church out of this. Any “Mormon” that votes for Evan McMullen is voting as an individual he does not represent the church. I am a Mormon and I will be voting for Donald Trump… with a clear conscience!!!

    • Scott Workman says

      I’m voting for Trump, not because of his warts, but in spite of them – because his platform is the best hope we have for our constitutional rights to continue. While a 3rd party vote (Evan McMullin for example) might make some people feel better about themselves, it is at best a “throw away” and at worst could spoil a victory for conservative, free market, Christian principles. The thought of being party to Trump losing Utah’s electoral votes frightens me – especially if that led directly to a Clinton Victory.

  44. This article is such a shallow dip into the issue. Trump is addicted to and completely and perpetually intoxicated by adulation. He goes from rally to rally like a drunk hops from bar to bar. The problem is he would like to offer you and me a ride in his super-charged race car, and assures us, “believe me, it’s gonna be great!”. Well, for me, no thank you sir! This republican will not only turn away from that offer, I will turn against it by voting for one I am not a big fan of, but at least acknowledge as a sober, capable adult. Don’t full yourself! He is drunk (actually blasted) with adulation, and that is a dangerous combination with the highest office in the land. Don’t confuse intoxication with adulation with enthusiasm or high energy, It is nothing short of Madness! It takes, perhaps, the highest degree of discernment to distinguish between ‘bad’ and ‘worse’. And anyone who fools themselves into thinking that we have some third, ‘good’ choice in this matter is naively flailing at windmills!

    • Thank you for pointing up the very evident traits of a Narcissist. I think there are many people who’ve not seen a narcissist up close and the damage they can do. I quiver in fear to think what one would do to our country.

      • We have already seen what a narcissist can do to our country; we have one in office right now. We have also seen what someone who isn’t necessarily a narcissist can do (George W.). Neither has been good for our country. Bill Clinton was a narcissist. You will almost never have someone who isn’t a narcissist running for POTUS.

    • Scott Workman says

      It’s a choice between the self-adulating Trump and the untrustworthy liar/criminal Hillary. I will take Trump, in spite of his persona, because he supports the rights of Americans under our constitution. We lose those rights with a continuation of Obama/Hillary.

  45. Harry Reid is my favorite example of the issues inside of the church. So many members of the church are willing to speak poorly of their brother in Christ because they disagree with his politics – many have no idea what he actually stands for – but they know he is a democrat and thus they have to hate him. This is truly sad. While serving my mission in Mexico I baptized an entire family, three generations of people because the mother had worked for the Reid’s while they lived in Las Vegas. They said they had never felt so respected, valued, and important to anyone in their lives. They approached Sister Reid to find out what her religion was before they left and said they had been looking for missionaries ever since. So, while many may hate the politics of the Reids, they should at least know that they are such decent people that dozens of people in Mexico are now joint-heirs in Christ due to the personal example that they set of charity in its truest definition.

    • Is that why he purposely lied about Mitt Romney not paying taxes, and when called on the carpet about it, all he said was “He wasn’t elected was he!”. Harry Reid is a liar and another “the ends justify the means” Democrat. I don’t care how well he treated his housekeeper. I care what policies he foists upon the American people.

      • wanagiakicita says

        Your hating everyone but a Republican speaks volumes about YOU and YOUR religion.

      • ”Principles compatible with the gospel may be found in various political parties” (First Presidency)

        • Scott Workman says

          True, although it’s becoming nearly impossible to find conservative values in the secular progressive platform of the Democratic party. I’m having a hard time finding Democrats who are pro-Christian, pro life, and pro constitutional rights. We The People has become We the Government.

  46. Please read my following article on this subject, which goes to great lengths to look at everything from a little different perspective. Many people have had their minds poisoned by the mainstream media and anti-Trump movement.

  47. This is nothing but a ploy to get Mormon’s to drop there convictions and vote for an evil man! There is no real difference between Clinton or Trump. They are both Progressive, Big government, Egotistical liars that think they are perfect and know better than anyone else! Mormon’s know that their vote counts with GOD, not man. We will be held accountable for who we vote for by GOD, not you Pro-Trump people. It is just proof that evil is deep rooted in both parties and we CAN NOT VOTE FOR EVIL. Take your Anti- Mormon Article and send it to someone else. You do not even understand the beliefs of Mormon’s!

    • So very true, Jeff! The very title of this article is misleading and misrepresentative of our Church in general and of every Mormon I know.

  48. A vote not for trump is putting hillary in as president. I am a Utah Mormon who gets that ad am voting for Trump. I hope other Mormons here will stop nd think what they are doing by helping put Hillary into office is that seriously what u want to do. She represents none of the Mormon values and this evan has no chance of winning think about what u are doing and who you are helping become president.

    • Timothy G Mooring says

      Trump does represent Mormon values? Even with a mouth full of Tic-Tacs that doesn’t pass a basic smell test.

      • Scott Workman says

        This election is not about Trump, the persona, but Trump’s policies. Trump’s hands will be tied without the support of the people and congress. For this reason, I can support a Trump ticket

  49. If Utah decides to vote for McMullin instead of Trump, that actually doesn’t give the White House to Clinton. To win, Clinton needs 270 Electoral Votes. Transferring 6 Electoral Votes from Trump to McMullin doesn’t change Clinton’s Electoral Vote total.

  50. This Mormon is NOT determined to give anything to the Democrats! As a Mormon, a recent retired military member, sworn law enforcement officer and government contractor, I’ll say Hillary is a criminal in all aspects! She shouldn’t evendors be allowed on the ballot and as for McMullin, he maybe a decent man but he has NO place on any ballot. If he wanted to run, he had his chance just as anyone else did. The fact that he’s suddenly popped up at the last minute only tells me he’s trying to hide something or simply trying to derail Trump. I’m a registered GOP and since the GOP nominee is TRUMP, then that’s who I’m supporting, not because I agree with him on everything he stands for but mainly because of his choices for up coming Supreme Court Justices! Folks remember that a majority of Justices will likely be replaced by this upcoming POTUS, and we may not like Trump and in 4 years you can vote him out but if you vote for Hillary or McMullin, which is a vote for Hillary, we will have 4 DECADES of her influence in the Supreme Court and that’s something we can’t survive. Remember, an appointment to the Supreme Court is for LIFE!

    • Awesome!

    • The President does NOT appoint Supreme Court Justices……..Congress does.

    • I agree ! What you say about McMullin; Voting for him is most certainly a vote for Clinton! No one knows him. He should have come into it at the beginning if he is all that qualified; the country does not even know who he is. That would be like playing a big bad joke on ourselves. Our prize, would be our own destruction.

    • BRAVO! — and thank you for your service to our country!

    • Jo Anne Otterstrom says

      You sir are correct!!! If Hillary get in office, the United States of America will no longer be a free and civilized country…

    • George W. Kaelin, MSgt, USAF, Retired says

      I agree with you, as a retired military and TSCO while on active duty we can not afford to have someone in the White House who disregard our classified information as she has done in the past and in the present. She is only showing off to her friends what she know to impress them. The Democrats think security is a joke.

      • Timothy G Mooring says

        At least HRC’s server wasn’t hacked by the Russians. If it had been we’d be reading all about it on Wikileaks. In contrast government servers have been repeatedly hacked, including OPM with much of its critical data on EBI’s and security clearances compromised. Her server has been examined by experts with no indication of a breach found. On the other hand Putin has an actual back door into the Trump campaign. I wonder if Putin’s preference for Trump has anything to do with his (Putin’s) intent towards Ukraine, or towards NATO and the West generally? Mull that over. I see very real and extremely serious security implications there. It’s real vs. made up. I don’t like KGB.

    • Tikla Fife says

      I completely respect your decision to vote for Trump. However, I do want to say that Evan mcmullin’s late entrance to the race was not simply because he wanted to be president and should have done it sooner. It was because Donald Trump was nominated, had anyone else on that stage been nominated Evan McMullin would not be doing what he’s doing. I can respect people for their strong allegiance to the Republican party, but parties aren’t like sports teams. They are meant to represent us, not simply to hold our Allegiance. So at least for me, once the republican nominee was someone who I felt didn’t represent me, it became a choice between staying home or voting Evan McMullin. Trump is a liberal in republicans clothing. He is unkind and unpricipled. To me, voting for someone I know to be bad because he says he will do what I want is corruption in its truest form.

      • Sibyl Thomas says

        Isn’t Evan McMullin an elite globalist, who supports wide open borders and trade deals that take away American jobs?

    • ”Principles compatible with the gospel may be found in various political parties” (First Presidency)

  51. If Utah mattered, it would be if there was a 2000 type election, where Utah determines the election. In this situation (not that likely), if Clinton or Trump wins, she or he would be the president. But if Evan won Utah, it would indicate Clinton or Trump would not have a majority, but it would push the election to the House of Representatives, which is controlled by Republicans. A sensible Republican, not Trump would be president, not Evan but maybe a Ryan or Kasich. Voting for Evan is not a vote for Clinton, but it is a vote that would more likely produce a more moral President, assuming the election ended up like the year 2000.

    • Not a realistic plan. Why do the conservative people in this nation always fall for the 3rd party play? Please share an example of this ever happening. You say maybe Ryan or Kasich, but do you know what they think or believe? They weren’t in the lime light and haven’t been hacked up by the media like Trump, yet you will throw your vote to a question mark?

    • Please realize that this cannot happen. IF the House gets to pick, they only get to choose from the three top finishers WHO HAVE ELECTORAL VOTES (which means a person who actually won a state in the general election AND was awarded the electoral votes). They can’t pick Ryan or Kasich. It’s impossible.

  52. I wasn’t even registered to vote until I researched Evan McMullin and found someone and something to vote for. As an LDS convert in California ANYONE I vote for will almost certainly go to Clinton because of the electoral collage system. McMullin is not a protest vote for me. He is the kind of person I want to see leading our country. McMullin is Pro-life. Trump is Pro-Trump as far as I am concerned. I cant trust his stance on abortion when he has been so inconsistent. How can I vote for a lesser evil when I can’t tell which one is worse! If it where a clear decision Utah would not be so equally split. It’s going to be a rough four to eight years a head with either of them. My vote for McMullin is a hope for a better future and better leadership. I’ve don’t my homework and McMillin best represents my values and my ideas.

    • I think the point of the article is that Evan McMullin doesn’t have a chance and Utah (a usually red state) will give Clinton a better chance of winning. I identify with you. I would vote for Evan McMullin based on my values, but I won’t and here’s why:

      If Hilary Clinton is elected she will fill the supreme court with people she likes (and who have values that majorly conflict with yours based on your comment). They will be around a lot longer than Clinton or Trump even if either of them served two terms. The supreme court plays an enormous role in the America’s future (and past). They can open the door to policies you can’t even imagine.

      I can’t stand Trump either, but I know that if Hilary wins she can literally fill the supreme court (4 or 5 positions will likely become available during her administration) and those people will potentially be in there until my one year old is my age (!!!!!). That is a huge deal.

      I can and will vote my conscious while still voting for Trump.

  53. I completely don’t understand this kind of political rhetoric and overstating such as this article promotes. Anyway, it doesn’t matter, because I am voting my conscience regardless of what some ghost writer writers.

  54. This is so typical of every hard right wing nut. You’re looking right past what Donald Trump is. Stop making this Democrat vs Republican like this is any other election; it’s not! Utah is going to vote left because they have morals and ideals. Every Trump supporter only has “because Clinton is worse” as their reasoning to vote for him, ignoring the fact that if they vote in Trump he will ACTUALLY BE PRESIDENT, then what will happen? He is so desperately unstable in his person and business life, its scary to even think about how he’d run the country.

    • Absolutely the most ridiculous comment I’ve seen…..You sir, need your head examined.

      • Clovis Long says

        Not ridiculous at all. Trump is an unstable mess. I’ve voted republican all my life, but I’m voting for Hillary this year. (just like a whole bunch of other republicans, including former heads of state.)

      • Absolutely the most logical comment I’ve seen.. You sir, have your head together.

    • Pretty easy to see where you got YOUR talking points there Phil. MSNBC likely!
      Clinton endorses full term abortions/murders of tens of million annually, and BIGGER Government, and Obamacare 201.
      Trump endorses Republican/Conservative principles.
      The choice is crystal clear, and that’s why I’m a strong Trump supporter and I’d encourage others to weigh out this. Do you “really” want to vote for a MURDERER?

      • Timothy G Mooring says

        You don’t get to say who is a murderer and who isn’t. That’s a decision reserved for God – or by a properly constituted court of law. You’re neither. If you know the Gospels, then you know about the War in Heaven and God’s decision on the issue of elective sin. Your judgment is too severely impaired for you to start casting stones at others. If it weren’t you wouldn’t embracing and mimicking an amoral, mean spirited, bigoted man like Donald J. Trump. You don’t get that much mileage from trying to set yourself above, and in judgment of, other people.

        • Bridgerphillips says

          If you know the gospel, Timothy, you know that the War in Heaven was fought to secure the free agency of man, something that Hillary and the Dems want to strip from us in the name of equality, fairness, and protecting us from ourselves.

          Trump is a despicable, self-serving man. Hillary is a despicable, lying woman. Why are we attacking each other on behalf of either of these two? They don’t deserve an ounce our loyalty.

    • Phil, absolutely the most intelligent comment I’ve seen… Anyone who disagrees with you sir, needs to have his head examined.

    • I actually agree with Phil. There is so much emotional subjectivity in the Republican party right now that they’re willing to look past the red flags of a deeply flawed man. Trump doesn’t suffer from “blemishes,” he has character flaws that would take our country on a roller coaster ride, the end of which nobody can conceive. His inability to let a perceived slight to his person just roll off his back will very literally put American lives in danger when he determines how America responds to a perceived foreign threat.

      I could never see our country getting through the Bay of Pigs incident or another Cold War with a Trump presidency. He would not have the required restraint.

    • wanagiakicita says

      Thank you for using your thought processes and not your ego….Clinton is clearly the best for the country as a whole….NO ONE likes abortion, but MOST women agree it should be a choice made by the WOMAN and her doctor…..and most abortions are NOT for birth control as publicized but for health reason for either the mother or the unborn child….who are WE to make health decisions for anyone other than ourselves? Give me a break!

  55. So the church that promotes itself as so very pro-family is going to vote to murder babies. Fascinating…..

    • This article does not make sense. The church is pro-family and is very against abortion. Dont let election articles intended to deceive and opinions not based on facts mislead you. There are so many out there right now…please dont believe everything you read on facebook. Go to the source for research and questions.

      • Robert Coray says

        It IS TRUE!! Where the crap was McMullin during the primaries when he could have ran the debate gauntlet and made a real impact??? As a member of the LDS church, I am convinced that Utah will have blood on their hands if they spoil the election and allow Hitlarry into the white house. Sleep well with that on your moral high-ground conscience!

    • Linda – Read the article instead of just the headline.
      Trump thinks Planned Parenthood is a great organization. He is not pro-life.
      Trump is married to a former “model” whose nude pictures can be found all over the internet. He is on his third marriage. He is not pro-family.
      Basically, Trump is pro-Trump.
      May your heart be filled with charity, the pure love of Christ.

    • Well churches dont actually have a vote Linda, people do. If they did, youre right, that actually would be… fascinating!

  56. AgResources has deep ties with JOE Company.

  57. As distasteful as it is don’t you think that it might be better to vote in Hillary, rather than a narcissistic demagogue. In 4 years we have the opportunity to vote her OUT of office. If Trump gets in, in 4 years we may not have a country or a vote. C’mon people, you would seriously consider putting your vote toward a person whose view of reality is strictly contextual. Count how many contradictory statements (lies) he has uttered throughout this election. You know once the missiles are flying, he can’t call ’em back because he fired ’em on a whim, rather like he might grab an anatomical part of your daughter, because he can’t help himself!

    • You have your hims and hers confused….

    • Your post reminds me of the pot that called the kettle black. The difference is that Hillary will kill the most innocent among us. She will not keep our country safe as she has demonstrated no care in the past. Her email serer was not safe. If it had been, there would be no wikiLeaks. How many bodies have to drop before you think she is dangerous?


      Exactly my thoughts; and that will make America making HISTORY again. ONE TERM FIRST WOMAN PRESIDENT!

    • Sir it is people like you, thinking the way you do, this woman stands for everything that is wrong with this godless administration. Abortion, gun control, taxes. You might want to hit them knees in prayer. We have a chance to not be the under dog anymore, a chance to live under the constitution, be somewhat free. My guess is you like the idea of new world order. But I and millions of God fearing people will cancel out your vote, by voting the chosen one. Goo
      d day.

      • What does God have to do with guns?

        • Anonymous, Did you get a Heavenly recommend with your Temple Recommend?? Are you ALREADY a judge in Israel. Somehow it seems you already feel you’ve been promoted to a Prince!! Sometimes I find that those who live in the “shadow of the temple” (as do I) seem to have all the answers and the right to judge the views of others. I support your right to think as you do. As a VietNam Vet who has seen lot’s of crap including lots of crap from the Pious Religious……. Judge on, just keep doing it on your knees and continue to keep your brain out of it.

  58. This whole election is like deciding which STD you’d like to contract!

  59. So a vote for McMullin is a wasted vote because Clinton might get elected?

    A vote for Trump is a wasted vote because Trump might get elected.

  60. If Trump is the answer, the Lord surely works in mysterious ways.

  61. russ ballard says

    Simply put, you can take a chance on Trump, or vote McMullin and elect Clinton. Hillary is a a known commodity. She will continue to destroy America. How appropriate that “Cain” is her VP choice! Trump is not a politician–he is an inarticulate businessman. He is a job creator. McMullin is a spoiler. I lived in Nevada until I left for college,and I was witness to mormons voting for Harry Reid every 6 years just because he is “mormon.” Evil, corrupt Harry, evil corrupt Hillary. How sad it would be if mormons (I am active Utah LDS) give McMullin all 6 of Utah’s electoral votes and end up being responsible for Hildabeast being elected! Trump’s Contract with the American voter is a conservative dream come true. Give him a chance, don’t put Hillary in the White House!

    • Well put! I don’t understand why people can’t see this!

    • The Clinton’s have already been in the white house and we all know what all went on in there. She wants to raise health care 25% why is everyone so blind to her? IF she is president everything will continue on obama’s plans and nothing will change it will only get worse. For all those who are here illegal now is the time to make it right. The last good president was Ronald Reagan and he was for the people. Seriously think about it do we want Obama in office another 4 years?

    • Dyan Ricks says

      This is one “Mormon” who would never have voted for Harry Reid! If you were to read the comments on McMullin’s face book pages you would learn that people of many different religions are voting for him in many states other than Utah. Yes, it is unfortunate that he entered the race late but it’s never too late to do the right thing. I breathed a huge sigh of relief when I “found” Evan. Now I can vote FOR someone instead of AGAINST the others! YAY!

    • Actually, in Utah, a vote for Trump may be a vote for Hillary. Most of you seem to prefer McMullin over Trump but believe he can’t win. Polls show that he can. If you live in Utah (and maybe Idaho–no good polls with McMullin in them), vote for who you really want, and McMullin will win easily. He can easily win if people believe he can.
      For those of you that don’t live in Utah and live in swing states, you may want to vote for Trump. I live in Maryland, so like the California voter above, I have nothing to lose by lodging a protest vote in support of McMullin.

  62. I am mormon and a US Veteran cold war era. While in the Navy I witnessed many conflicts with the Russian Navy. I’m talking hair on the back of your neck stuff, at any moment you just knew a nuke was gonna fly. Actual stuff like in the movie top gun. YOU here at home tucked away in your PJ’S and warm homes never knew anything about it. Had it not been for our cool headed military officers ww3 would have started. MY point is I don’t like Hilary, but I’ll be darned if I will trust Donald with my brothers in arms lives. This man is a boiling teapot. My vote will in fact go to Evan, if more Americans had the huspas to follow suit we could win this thing but alas we are doomed to fail because we can’t agree on anything, not Even as brothers and sisters in the church.

    • In other words you’re voting for HRC.

    • A vote for Hillary is a vote for corruptions and more lawlessness. It’s Hillary that wants to pick a fight with Putin. Please open your eyes Mr. Veteran, you may soon see the vanishing of America. Think… from one Veteran to the next.

    • Amen

    • Veteran, I’m sorry, but sadly you are very wrong. Are you saying you trust Hilary with our men and women in the military?? I don’t like the choices we are being given either, but even if every single LDS person voted for Evan, he still couldn’t win. Maybe it could have been a possibility if Evan had actually started a campaign, even a year ago, but he didn’t. So yes, EVERY SINGLE VOTE for Evan is a direct vote for Hilary, or at the very least, equal to throwing it in the trash, and that my friend, scares me to death!! I don’t like Trump and I think he has said and done many really stupid things. So let’s face it, do we vote for an idiot or Satan? That’s our actual choice. Please truly think about it, because life is going to get really bad for many, many innocent people, including children and the elderly. There are so many retirement age people, including veterans, that will receive less social security benefits, less veteran benefits, and less medicaid & medicare benefits if Hilary is elected! My mom, who worked for many years with very little pay, now lives on $800 a month and can’t even make ends meet, yet the democrats want to cut that amount. And don’t forget that they also will never raise taxes on the wealthy, which makes it even harder for the middle and lower classes to just survive. Please remember that no matter what, you are helping put either a democrat or republican into office, and don’t forget what they REALLY stand for!!

    • I’m veteran too and you have lost your mind. The military is for Trump and so are the police. Trump wants good relations with Putin, Hillary wants war. Your tales of conflict sound pure fiction, never heard of any of them.

    • Did you miss the part that Mr. Putin, will start WWIII if Hitlery gets elected???

      • He must have missed the part of the no fly zone in Syria that is for sure. You folks and LDS on here really need to open your eyes. Do some research for yourself and find out what each person really stands for and who they really are. If McMullin wanted to run he should have but he did not in fact run for office in any other state that i know of. This is 1 LDS that is going to vote for the best person that is running and has a chance of winning, his name is Donald J Trump. And like it should be in the Book of Mormon everyone in my family will vote the same, my wife, my 3 children and their 2 spouses.

  63. What a joke of an article. No. In fact, it is the other way round. The fat cats of the GOP elite shoved a complete disaster into our faces and are trying to force us to choke it down, and then blaming ~us~ when we refuse? Malarky. Double malarky. They should be ashamed to look themselves in the mirror for not stopping this farce when they had a chance.

  64. This is the dumbest thing I’ve read yet, so a select poorly educated mormons are determined to protest republicans so they will put a criminal, killer, in the white house, I don’t think so, just because there is a couple dumb mormons doesn’t mean the whole Mormon religion is stupid let alone the majority, nice try Hillary lovers your still not the majority. The majority of us mormons may not love trump but at least he is not a career criminal, with swindled tax dollars, foreign accounts, and allowing Americans to be killed in Benghazi, let alone all the other charges, that I don’t have time to write. Thanks but no thanks I would rather see her swinging from a tree than president, just like Utah used to do to criminals convicted or her crimes that her cronies, or should I say Comeys are getting her out of. Go mormons let’s vote her to a tree not the white house.

  65. The latest polls estimate Clinton will win about 322 electoral votes and Trump will win 214. The six votes from Utah will not throw this election one way or the other. McMullin isn’t giving the country to Clinton. Trump did that himself. Vote your conscience.

    • And you really believe the polls? Hillary has made 5 stops in Florida with a total of less than 2,000 people showing up. TRUMP DID 5 STOPS WITH OVER 100,000 PEOPLE AT HIS RALLIES. WHO DO YOU BELIEVE?

      • 100,000 sounds high to me. At any rate, even if that’s accurate, there are 12.6 million registered voters in Florida. Remember, 100,000 is 0.1 million. Maybe Clinton’s fans are busy working and raising families and don’t have time to come out and chant and wave signs all afternoon.

    • Polls are created by the Media. I don’t see how any red blooded American can vote for the murderer and liar.

      • Polls you say? Don’t forget how Fox News and particularly Karl Rove predicted a Romney win almost to the very point Romney conceded the election. They may or may not be controlled by the media but they have consistently put Hillary ahead of Trump. Maybe if some of us conservatives would get out of the echo chamber of conservative thought media we wouldn’t find ourselves surprised so often at the outcome of our choices. Trump was foisted upon us by those who refused to believe those polls and who thought good and upstanding people, Mormons among them would accept whatever nominee thrown their direction as long as it had an R in front of its name. Just because the majority of the media is biased against the conservative side doesn’t mean it can’t be right.

  66. Kelli Mease says

    I’m not that what they really think? How desperately sad. So afraid of what could happen with Hillary in office. No integrity.

    • I am a Mormon, and no, not all Mormons are voting for McMullin. I am voting for Trump, and pretty much all of my Mormon friends are, too! Please do not think that all Mormons are voting for McMullin!

  67. Vivian Wayment says

    A vote for Evan DOES NOT give Hillary one more electoral vote. It can stop Trump, but it does not add one more electoral vote for Hillary. It is simply math. If she wins, she would have won anyway even if Utah went with Trump.

    This is a tough one. I support my friends that vote for Trump because of his stated stands on issues, but I also support those whose conscious leads them to vote for someone that actually has morals.

    I just wish Evan would also pick a state that Hillary needs and would run equally against her. They both are unfit!

    Two weeks away and I am still undecided. Evan isn’t on our ballot, but there is a third party who is running who has conservative stands. I wish the networks would give a debate with these third party. I really wonder what percent of the US really doesn’t want to vote for either.

  68. Great Article. Its the plain simple obvious Truth.

    There is nothing right or good about a man who jumps into a race with a 3 month campaign with the goal of blocking Trump. Trump stands up to Hillary on all the right and moral issues. Trump is not perfect and neither is Evan or any person.

    Its sad to see Romney supporting Evan when Trump has given and helped Romney raise Millions on 2012. Romney can take $$$ from Trump, but too Holy to support and give Trump $$$$. Funny how that works.

  69. why do people insist on sharing this crap? Then everyone insists that it is truth!!! WHAT CRAP. Everything you read on the internet is true guys. Everything someone says is fact and logical. Yeah! STOP SHARING THIS CRAP WITH EVERYONE, WE DON’T CARE!!!

    • Why are you commenting then??? If you don’t care, then don’t read the article or comments! Such sarcasm from someone who doesn’t even post a name other than “anonymous.” Many parts of this article are researched FACTS, look some of it up! Otherwise, run along and let the adults have a discussion and state their opinions!

  70. Frustrated says

    I wish members of the church would stop using the church to guilt or scare voters on who to vote for…it is wrong. Let members do their own research and choose who they want to choose. I always read such angry, mean, hateful articled/comments coming from members during the elections. Sad

    • Yeah it is true, what this article fails to acknowledge is that these voters would never have voted for trump in the first place. I think all of them would of voted for who ever wasn’t trump or hilary or not vote at all

  71. I’m LDS in Utah & voting for Trump! We can’t have Hillary as president and it will be Trump or Hillary, vote Trump!

  72. Have you forgot the word is forgivens.

  73. Trump isn’t going to win. He is a complete joke! So he is moral?? He is conservative?? Give me a break! He is for sale to the highest bidder! His god is money and power. He is a mysogynist, bigot and racist oh and he’s a bully. What a great example to all our children! He’s a ticking time bomb and if he were elected, the rest of the civilized world would never take us seriously! We would be in even bigger trouble if he won than if Hilary wins! It’s really scary that they are our only two viable choices! If Romney had run again, he would win in a landslide. The only reason the race is as close is as it is, is because so many people distrust Hilary. This whole race is ridiculous! It’s embarrassing! I wish McMullin could actually win!

    • Could not agree more!

    • Nathan McNaughton says

      Better if Hillary were elected? Come on, people! We don’t want late term abortions, more government control, Obamacare, more likely than not three more liberals on the supreme court (a third of our federal government, which has the power to interpret the law which then becomes the law) — essentially more of Obama. Have you read Trump’s policies and contrasted them with Hillary’s?

    • I completely disagree. You’ve been had by the Media. That’s what they want you to believe cause guest who’s buttering their bread.

      • Cut the Crap says

        Willie I hope you realize that there are thousands of videos of Trump making statements that prove all of those accusations to be true. Look if you want to vote for trump because you like his policies more than Hillary’s that is perfectly fine with me, but don’t go attacking people who point out the fact that he has spent most of his life behaving like a pig.

        • hahahaha “thousands”. “thousands of videos of Trump making statements that prove all those statements to be true.” give me some links that prove he’s a racist or a bigot.

    • I didn’t know that there were that many stupid fucking Mormons who would vote for that bitch and you folks call yourselves Christians!

    • I agree. Trump is not “superficially flawed.” Heard is flawed in every sense. Morally bankrupt and ignorant of foreign policy. Narcissistic and mean spirited…..unsuitable to be president in every way.

  74. This opinion piece is wrong on so many levels. First, it is important to remember that citizens vote for different reasons. Second, it is also wrong to shame members into voting for a particular person and party. Third, #jesusisadiehardliberal

    • Thank you Suzy

      • Nathan McNaughton says

        Jesus is a liberal? Give me a break. Liberalism is grounded in the idea that the government should solve our problems. Where did Jesus say that government was the solution to our problems? If you want to help the poor, great, (me, too) but Jesus never said that anyone, government included, had the right to force other people to be charitable.

  75. It is evident that everyone making comments here has no idea what will happen if Hillary is elected. If she gets the office, it will be the end of the U.S. as we know it. If Trump is elected that will at least give us a few more years before the country self-destructs.

    • we do, but you don’t understand what Trump will do to it. Either way it is bad news. It isn’t a choice of the lesser of two evils, it is the choice between two evils in different shapes.

    • Hear! Hear! I hear you and agree! In the last days good will be bad and bad good. Presently, the majority think that Clinton should win, and the others side with Trump (who really is the ‘imperfect’ Good). Billary is the evil clone of Obama, who is the Devil’s Advocate. Wake up America! And that includes you too Mitt and Glen!

  76. I am not in the state of Utah- I am a little ol’Mormon in the “mission field”. My question is this- when are we going to stop blaming the politics of this nation for all that is wrong? Who are we? We are disciples of Christ!!! What do we stand for??? For every that is good! Stop whining about who is going to win and go out and change your world!!! As for me and my house we will serve the Lord. Pray. Ask. Then do as directed. You will find out who you individually are suppose to vote for. In the mean time stop shaming people for following their conscious.

    • Utah is the mission field, just saying, they baptize more than any other English-speaking mission in the world.

      • true story

      • Scarlet Utah is no mission field Baptism means nothing with first accepting Jesus Chrisr as ones Savior which when tbose ?? missionaries as you call then never ask when they knock on ones door about Jesus our Savior that God sent to die on the cross for ones sins and show them the plan of salvation which is only was to Jesus by confess they are a sinner only saved by Grace. John 3:16

      • The mission field was more of a sarcastic comment then a statement of where I live. I served in Idaho Pocatello mission where they’d say…OH your from the Mission Field…everywhere is the mission field

    • Aaaaamen

    • That’s just the point. Should a wrong person gets elected, you may not have the freedom of religion you have now. You don’t think, it’ll happen, look at Venezuela, at one point it was haven not to far a distance ago. You put the wrong evil person in the position where they can take away your very freedom that you so enjoy. it’s call choosing wisely.

      • Willie- don’t you think that by electing someone without integrity will cause the exact same thing? Look to the Book of Mormon- they elected wicked judges and caused the eventual destruction of their people. So please put Hilary and Trump on a scale…is some how one MORE unrighteous then the other??? It won’t matter in the end- as a society we are failing in being righteous and we will lose our rights no matter who we elect unless we change the course that we as INDIVIDUALS are on and as individuals make changes in our communities and states…that is where we will change our course.

        • I’m trying to reply to Tracy. You’ve said something I’ve been thinking, as well. That’t what I am thinking is about to happen, should either Donald Trump or Hillary become President.

  77. Are you kidding? Trump does not model a single Christian value. STOP SAYING THAT CHRISTIANS SHOULD VOTE FOR HIM. Trump has “superficial flaws?” Inexperience, terrible ideas, hate, absolute inability to build consensus (REQUIRED for our government to even function), promiscuity, and ZERO respect for people must all be unimportant for being president. Why don’t we just elect a dog? It would be cuter and just as effective. You want to know what destroyed our international standing? Try the invasion of Iraq.

  78. The article is saying that we can’t afford another term with Democrats in the white house. If you vote McMullen you are giving your vote to Hillary because McMullen does not have the support to win.
    Trump may have said some crude remarks 11 years ago. Who hasn’t made comments that were less than holy. That women is evil and she promotes evil in others. She will be the total destruction this county if she is elected.
    If for no other reason, we cannot elect another person to continue funding abortion.

  79. F J Rogers says

    No matter how many of my LDS friends say that Trump loss the Election on his own or that lessor evil is still evil you could well be the very cause for the US Constitution to be brought to the point it is hanging by a thread or becomes completely loss. I was partly responsible for the eight years of embarrassment of the first Clinton who became President. I voted for Ross Perot the first time he ran. I not only met the Ross, but I spoke to those who knew and worked with him daily. Perot took more than 20% of the conservitive Vote. He ran a campaign from the very first of the election process unlike McMillen. We knew who he was and we knew his history, Unlike McMillen who entered the race, in his own words when interviewed, to make sure Trump losses. He understands that Hillary Clinton will stack the Supreme Court with non-constitutional liberal judges! How conservative can he really be? I admit I was wrong for voting Perot, and thus allowed Bill Clinton to be voted in. Those who make the effort to cast a vote for McMillen are you ready to admit your responsibility for Hillary Clinton becoming President if she wins by less than the precentage of Votes that McMillen takes from Trump? Remember Harry Reid is LDS, would you want him President just because he states he belongs to the Church? Let McMillen run in a full general election and find out who he truly is, he just may be a great choice in four years, or he may just be a spoiler? We don’t know. Please make your vote matter in saving the Constitution, really ponder what your vote can mean.

    • Your comments are right on! McMillen has come into this too late. He can’t win. Very few people know him. All the votes for him will take away from Trump because, I am sure, the voters that will vote for him really would not vote for Clinton, so please understand, if you vote for McMillen you will be taking the vote from Trump and giving Hillery a greater chance of winning. One other thing. I thought people in the Western States are usually close to the same mind set with real constitutional values. Where is your loyality? Don’t we here in the West “Ride for the Brand”. We need to stand together and get this job done. Get the Clinton corruption out of our government and clean up this mess.

      • Cut the Crap says

        I have two problems with your comments first you can’t spell McMullin correctly which means that you are making these claims without looking into this properly. Secondly you make the claim that McMullin is stealing the conservative vote from Trump but for that to be true Trump would need to have had the conservative vote in the first place. The fact is Utah has never been on the Trump train, during the republican primaries he came in dead last. If McMullin was not in the race most of his supporters would still not vote for Trump, they would probably write someone in or just stay home.

  80. Donna Wells says

    I am LDS and I live in California and I voted Trump. And proud of it.

    • Donna, Way to go! I’m LDS in Az and did the same thing. Unfortunately, too many sheeple in Utah don’t really understand that a vote for McMillen is a vote for Hillary! Again, great job. Maybe there are more of “us” out there than we think.

      • I’m LDS in Utah & voting for Trump

      • My Husband and I are LDS and we are voting Trump! He is not a part of the elite in Washington who need to be removed. We need a brash strong Man at this point in time.
        WE CAN NOT LET HILLARY WIN, she is a pure socialist, hates religion, gun rights, property rights and rights to raise your own children! Don’t forget the Supreme Court, it will affect our children and grand childrens lives for decades!

    • I am proud to vote Trump too! Proud to tell my kids that I voted against an Evil women who has no heart and is for abortion and has committed horrible crimes. Proud to tell my kids that I stood against voting for someone who wants to rip our country and constitution to threads.

      There is nothing right or good about a man who jumps into a race with a 3 month campaign with the goal of blocking Trump. Trump stands up to Hillary on all the right and moral issues. Trump is not perfect and neither is Evan or any person.

    • I’m in the Blue State California, but voting Trump. It’s the only absolute choice. I don’t see any complication. It’s time to put someone with guts and love for this country.

  81. The paragraph about Obama should be required reading. It’s unintentionally hilarious. I don’t agree with President Obama about much, but to say that he is “making immorality the norm” is fantastic comedy coming from a Trump supporter. It’s too bad the writer takes such liberties with the truth, because I’m a relatively persuadable guy if only he would have used reasonable arguments. #sad

  82. Melissa Crump says

    We don’t have another 4-8 years to wait for for anyone to take notice people..that’s the sad truth . By then things will be so bad there will be no hope at all!

  83. What a terrible article, even aside from politics. Not sure you have any idea of how the world works.

  84. I totally disagree with your summary. Voting for Evan is voting for decency, honesty, integrity, and other good character. Mormons voting for Trump is like the Evangelicals voting for Obama. Evan probably will not become President – at least not this year. But voting for Evan says I stand up for what I truly believe and I simply can not vote for Trump. Besides Trump has scuttled his own ship, and Hilary and all her lies have pushed Trump out. Evan will not affect that at all, but voting for him will send a message that Utah believes in what is right, not what is convenient.

    • he can’t win! It would do no good for the Prophet to run if he couldn’t win! Wake up you LDS non thinkers!

      • That isn’t the point — read it again, slowly this time.
        You are framing someone as a “non-thinker” who has obviously considered this very carefully and chooses to use their vote to make a statement about what should be true leadership qualifications for president. Both Trump and Clinton are a disaster for this country and we all know we’re going to get stuck with one of them — I can’t say which would be worse…conservative supreme court picks would be nice but how do you know Trump will follow through with that? Because he said so? Trump has no integrity, he’s unstable as dynamite, and he certainly doesn’t care one bit about anything other than himself — he will put in whoever he feels will give him an advantage. Besides, electing Trump sends a signal to the world that America no longer cares about virtues/principles/morals.

        I, along with thousands and hopefully even millions of other level-headed, deep thinking Americans will be casting my vote and support for McMullin.

    • John Wemhoner says

      It doesn’t matter if you feel his summary is correct or not. If you throw away your vote, you might as well stay home. Do you really think the establishment will take two looks at 3rd party votes? They will… to laugh at the GOP when Hillary wins. Watch the results and then expect to hear massive “I told you so” responses.

    • CouldItBeTrue? says

      Evan’s name is on a list of being paid $12K by the Clinton administration….don’t know how that can be “fact checked” but would he do something like that to split the Utah votes which helps Hillary? I’m just asking.

  85. Joyce Chapman says

    The title of this article and the picture of the temple are giving the wrong impression. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is not endorsing anyone in any election bid. Those members of The Church who choose to vote for McMullen are doing so of their own choosing, not at the advise of The Church. They may be voting their conscience, but at what loss. They are selling out our country to Hillary Clinton and the liberal left.

    • Exactly Joyce! Our country can’t afford to allow Hillary to continue her corruption. At least Trump can try to make some serious changes as a business man, not a politician.

  86. Looks as if written by a complete moron

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