October 13, 2019

Mueller War on Trump – It’s Time to Issue Mass Pardons

With the DOJ’s raid on the offices and homes of the President’s personal attorney, Michael Cohen, it is finally time for the President to tactfully shut the investigation down.

The special counsel was given the DOJ assignment of investigating unlawful collusion activity between Russia and the Trump presidential campaign-accusations created solely in the minds of democrats. A year has gone by and not one whisper of unlawful activity has been uncovered. In lieu of results under his mandate, Robert Mueller has instead produced a series of nonsensical accusations against the president’s associates, in an attempt to force them to “make a deal” and manufacture unfounded accusations against the president.

Wisdom presumes that firing Meuller for ineptness and harassment would be a political misstep. However, simply making a public statement that the Meuller investigation has run its course, without results, and issuing pardons to the handful of people who have been attacked by Meuller, thus ending all inquiries, is the best method of bringing this rein of DOJ corruption to a conclusion.

Raiding the offices of a personal attorney is a clear violation of attorney-client privilege, and is the last convulsive, lawless act of a narcissistic government bureau desperately attempting to cling to unconstitutional power. It is time to shut it down. Issue the pardons and let Meuller slink back into the ooze of the swamp from which he sprang.

By James Thompson, political analyst and commentator.

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