June 19, 2019

Network Villains are Called ‘Patriots’

revolution_patriotsIn the socialist takeover of the free world in the book Nineteen Eighty-Four George Orwell described a totalitarian society where ‘good’ would be called ‘bad,’ and ‘bad’ would be called ‘good’.’ He also describes official deception, secret surveillance, and manipulation of history by a totalitarian state headed by the quasi-divine Party leader known ‘affectionately’ as Big Brother.

The similarities to our present government are more than a little troubling.  And indeed, we now have a topsy-turvy way of speaking and thinking that were forecast in that prophetic tome.  For instance, morality is now ‘immoral’ and backward, and immorality is ‘progressive’ and ‘tolerant of differences’; while those who contribute the most to society and its economy are ‘takers’ and ‘greedy,’ and those who benefit without contribution are ‘victims.’

big_brother_watchingIn the latest wave of Orwellian doublespeak the American television networks have followed the current Administration’s lead and have set out to villainize those who seek to preserve America’s foundational law and the personal liberty it ensures–the U.S. Constitution. On NBC’s Revolution the futuristic survivors of the worldwide blackout are being oppressed by the evil totalitarian “Patriots.” Likewise, on Person of Interest, the villain terrorist hacker group is called Patriots.  The same is true on NBC’s The Blacklist. Watch for villains called Patriots in more upcoming television programs and Hollywood movies. In short, the communist re-education camp that is network television would have the low information voter believe that a patriot is one who seeks to enslave and oppress.

For the first 200 years of this nation’s existence, most of its citizens would have proudly and boldly declared themselves to be patriots, defenders of the Constitution, and would have waged war on anyone who sought to undermine it and its principles–foreign or domestic. Now, however, those who adhere to foundational principles of personal and economic liberty are put on government watch lists, and derided by leftist politicians, the media, and educational institutions as hate groups and anarchists.

When did PATRIOT become a dirty word? It happened when the left decided the Constitution was holding them back from full implementation of their socialistic form of government. Now, anyone who is a patriot is branded a backward kook, a racist, or a terrorist. Does this fit the Orwellian test? ‘A patriot is an oppressive racist who is dangerous to the citizens of the United States.’ Yes, it is Orwellian.


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