June 2, 2020

Next Step for Gov’t Shutdown – Permanent Pink Slips

Temporary government “shutdown” amounts to a slowdown for a few days.

Most educated people understand that a government “shutdown” amounts to nothing more than a paid vacation for a small percentage of ‘nonessential’ federal employees. After the dust has settled – usually within mere days of the fracas – everyone goes back into the office, and the only ones who suffer any inconvenience at all are a few tourists attempting to get into federal parks. Of course, like most pointless government activities, these partial, temporary shutdowns are expensive.

Here’s a question: If no one really notices the problem of a government shutdown, why is everyone so excited to get the government up and running again?

Followup question: Why does our government employ nonessential people?

At a time when the president, duly elected by the people, would like to weed out Obama-era holdovers who covertly undermine the people’s will by secretly sabotaging the president’s policies, it seems like the perfect opportunity to start handing out pink slips.

Under normal circumstances, it’s really difficult to fire a bad apple federal employee, thanks to sweetheart union contracts authored by democrats. At a time when the government is shut down, and theoretically never needs to start up again, it seems like a perfect time to start saying goodbye to bureaucratic dead wood.

Start the government printing presses, and unpack the pink paper. It’s time to do something that will benefit the people. Fire the deep-state holdovers.

By James Thompson. James is a political commentator and professional ghostwriter.

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