March 22, 2019

Obama-Holder Send DOJ After GOP Conservative

Barack Obama, Eric HolderNew York Republican Rep. Michael Grimm’s attorney confirmed late Friday that federal prosecutors plan to file criminal charges against the congressman.

The decision follows a two-year FBI investigation into various aspects of Grimm’s business and campaign history.

“We are disappointed by the government’s decision, but hardly surprised,” said the statement from Grimm’s attorney, William McGinley. “From the beginning, the government has pursued a politically driven vendetta against Congressman Grimm and not an independent search for the truth.”

The statement said Grimm  “asserts his innocence of any wrongdoing” and “will be vindicated.”

Rep_Grimm“Until then, he will continue to serve his constituents with the same dedication and tenacity that has characterized his lifetime of public service as a Member of Congress, Marine Corps combat veteran, and decorated FBI Special Agent,” the statement said.

The House Ethics Committee announced in November that Grimm was under investigation for possible campaign finance violations. That committee said it would defer its inquiry because of a separate Department of Justice investigation.

A spokesman for the U.S. attorney in Brooklyn said he could not confirm, deny or comment on the case. / The Associated Press contributed to this report

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