September 26, 2020

Presidents Indicate There is Alien Life

Let me begin by stating the obvious: If I ask you if you’ve ever been to Iran, I assume that if you have not, you will say ‘NO.’ If you have, but can’t talk about it and don’t wish to lie to me, you’ll give me some sort of qualified answer, like, ‘I can’t really talk about that.’

When President Bush 43 and President Trump were asked by people very close to them if aliens really exist, their reply was NOT ‘No.’

The Pentagon has confirmed the existence of a $22 million program to investigate UFOs and has released video of an encounter from a US Navy F/A-18 Super Hornet present at the 2004 Nimitz incident off the coast of San Diego.

George Bush (43)

In August of last year, on Fox News’ THE FIVE (August 8, 2019), Dana Perino, Press Secretary to Bush 43, and other members of the program talked about the above US Navy video of an encounter with a UFO. They speculated whether or not the time is rapidly approaching that the government will officially confirm the existence of extraterrestrial intelligent life.

They then showed Bernie Sanders on a radio show and he was asked if he would officially divulge the existence of UFOs to the public if he were elected president. He said he would; but he clarified that as a mere senator he has no alien UFO information.

Dana Perino’s first statement on the subject was quite interesting when asked if Sanders might actually reveal the existence of alien UFOS:

“He probably won’t, because the CIA will stop him.”

Then, Perino went on to express her own interaction with her boss, George Bush 43, where she asked him about the existence of UFOs:

“I asked him, and he wouldn’t tell me.”

My point: When Dana Perino, Press Secretary and close personal friend of George Bush 43 asked him point-blank about the existence of alien UFOs, he did not deny it, but said he couldn’t say anything to her about it.

Conclusion about Bush 43’s responses: He didn’t say ‘No’ when that would have been the correct answer if there are no UFOs. He gave Dana Perino the qualified response, that you give someone when you can’t tell the truth, but you don’t want to lie to a friend. I can’t tell you what I know.

Donald Trump

President Donald Trump told Tucker Carlson on July 5, 2019, that although there are many military pilots who have been reporting encounters with UFOs, he personally remains skeptical.

Donald Trump Jr. asks the President if he will open up and disclose information about aliens and about Roswell before the end of his presidency. Seen at 18:40 on video.

Now, the president was asked point-blank by his son if he will be willing to disclose information about alien life and the Roswell UFO crash to the American public before the end of his presidency, “and let us know what’s really going on.”

Trump made the comments Thursday in a Father’s Day-themed interview with his son Don Trump Jr., hosted by the president’s reelection campaign.

Trump responded:

“I won’t talk to you about what I know about it, but it’s very interesting.”

Did you get that? It was NOT a ‘No.’

Roswell in a nutshell: In 1947, a rancher discovered unidentifiable debris in his sheep pasture outside Roswell, NM. Air Force officials first confirmed that it was a crashed alien ship, but the next day reversed themselves and claimed it was nothing more than a crashed weather balloon.

The president in the past has spoken skeptically about the possibility that there is something out there. Last year Trump said he received short briefings on UFO sightings, but also offered: “People are saying they’re seeing UFOs. Do I believe it? Not particularly.”

Conclusion about President Trump’s responses: A couple of times in the past he has acknowledged that there are reliable government and military people who claim to have personally seen UFOs, but he remains skeptical. But in this latest response to the question from his own son, he gave the qualified reply: “I won’t talk to you about what I know about it, but it’s very interesting.”

Ronald Reagan Saw a UFO

Presidents Ronald Reagan publicly discussed his encounter with a UFO, describing it as possessing abilities and technology far in advance of anything on earth.

President Reagan was in an airplane during his first well documented encounter, and he pointed the UFO out to the pilot, and asked him to follow it. The pilot was shocked, and tried to follow, but the erratic zig-zag pattern was impossible to duplicate, and they soon lost the UFO.

Lucille Ball shared a story about the second encounter that Ronald Reagan and his wife Nancy had while they were were driving on Mulholland Drive on their way to a party at the home of actor Steve Allen. According to Ball and Allen, the Reagans arrived over an hour late and reported that a UFO had landed near their vehicle. Reagan claimed a ladder appeared and an alien climbed out of the craft. The alien told him to quit his acting work and go into politics. Of course, we receive this account from unreliable sources, but other guests at the Allen party confirmed that the Reagans were very late to the party, and were quite shaken.

When they became president, President Reagan remained silent on the subject, although he spoke privately with at least a few world leaders about the possibility of banding together if it became necessary to fight an alien invasion.

Jimmy Carter Saw a UFO

President Jimmy Carter recounted the following UFO sighting on Larry King Live.:

“I was outside a school lunch room one night right before sundown. It was getting dark and we were getting ready to eat supper. And I and about 25 men were standing around and all of a sudden in the western sky we saw a strange light coming toward us, a round light. It got closer and closer and right above the pine trees it stopped and then it began to change colors from blue, to red, to white. Then it stayed there for a while. We were all aghast. We didn’t know what it was. And then it just disappeared into the west. That was the end of it.”


This is not an exhaustive recounting of presidential mentions of aliens and UFOs, but these statements coupled with recent candid military videos and statements about UFOs are helping to turn the tide of the public’s perception of the subject. In the past the government went to extraordinary lengths to convince its citizens that there is absolutely no basis for believing that any life, especially intelligent life, exists beyond our planet. Now, officials at the highest level seem at least neutral and open minded on the subject, while others claim to have seen technology flying in our airspace that is at least thousands of years ahead of anything known on earth.

Most of us have not personally seen an alien UFO. Millions claim to have seen them. We are probably reaching a tipping point where the burden of proof is shifting on the subject, as recently asserted by famed physicist Michio Kaku:

“The burden of proof used to be on believers to prove that UFOs are real. Now the Burden of proof has shifted to the government and the military to prove that they’re not real. But the evidence is overwhelming. We have all of this information from U.S. Navy pilots, and we now have metrics–we can actually measure how fast they travel and how high they are and what kind of centrifugal forces they can experience. Now we have testable information. It’s a game changer.”

It’s a new world out there.

By James Thompson

James Thompson is a professional ghostwriter, and a politics and culture writer, and has written a number of books and articles on the subject of alien and UFO witness encounters. His hardbound book is available at Cedar Fort Publishing at a special rate of just $1.99 for readers of this article. buy now


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