January 24, 2019

Romney HAS an Economic Plan

We are surprised each time we hear that presidential candidate Mitt Romney needs to come up with an economic plan if he wants to distinguish himself from President Obama–who has proved he has no economic plan. Certainly, throwing trillions of taxpayer and borrowed dollars at his friends’ companies and organizations has resulted in nothing but record high unemployment rates, burgeoning deficits, and economic downturns.

So does Mitt Romney have a plan to reinvigorate the US economy? Indeed, on his campaign’s website his plan is laid out quite clearly: “Mitt Romney will rebuild the foundations of the American economy on the principles of free enterprise, hard work, and innovation.”

Also, Romney has very clearly stated that his “plan seeks to reduce taxes, spending, regulation, and government programs. It seeks to increase trade, energy production, human capital, and labor flexibility. It relinquishes power to the states instead of claiming to have the solution to every problem.”

In other words, Mitt Romney’s plan is the exact plan that the founders put into place for America through its Constitution; the same plan that elevated our nation from a mere agricultural colony to a major world leader in every category and kept us there for several decades–until the left began its socialistic experiments with our economy.

So why the debate over whether or not Romney even has a plan? Because to the main stream media and the entire left, if the government isn’t managing every aspect of the economy, forcing its will on the people and taking their money and liberty in the process, it is no plan at all. Indeed, centralized control of production, distribution, and labor is the very essence of socialistic government, and it has NEVER succeeded, not anywhere or at any time in the world’s history. This kind of troubled thinking is exactly what got the country into its current mess.

When Obama sidesteps blame for the current state of the economy, he refers to President Bush and republicans in general and says that they are the guys who did this to our economy. Is this true? The truth is that our economy was in a recession when George Bush (II) took office. Later that year the economy took a serious hit with the 9/11 terrorist attacks, shutting down major portions of American transportation and industry. Democratic policies forcing lenders to extend unsecured loans to unqualified borrowers is what has led to the greatest downturn in the US economy since the Great Depression. Democratic high taxes and burdensome over-regulation have crippled our economy, and to the extent republicans have been willing to go along with these democratic policies, they must share responsibility for the problems they have caused.

Lowering taxes always floods the economy with capital–as happened under Presidents Kennedy and Reagan. That is the stimulus that will put Americans back to work–which will be great news to the 15.5% that are currently unemployed or underemployed, and for the rest who are waiting for a raise.

Yes, Mitt Romney has a plan to revitalize the American economy, the American Plan, and anyone who wants to see America come back from the brink would be wise to support his candidacy.



  1. Skottieg says:

    I’m sorry, but “Mitt Romney will rebuild the foundations of the American economy on the principles of free enterprise, hard work, and innovation” is not a plan, although it may be a goal. Just like “I am going to the grocery store” is not a shopping list. He can’t even decide on where he stands on Obama’s recent immigration announcement, and that’s not nearly as important (to many folk) as rebuilding our economy.

    It must take a ton of makeup to hide that giant key that turns in his back while he speaks.

  2. Country Doc says:

    Romney said he would vote for the NDAA….
    He has switched his positions way too many times to really trust him.

    Even so, there is still a third option…..

    Obama needs out….and the Congress could do it….impeach him.
    Romney…who is he? Big Banks, most of the problem in U.S. and the world are backing him.
    He has so much money that he is vulnerable to lobbyists, and voting or promoting his own interests over America’s interests.
    His Bain connections are quite questionable. Bain still pays him a percentage. Romney and
    Bain own the press and main media (monopoly?) contracts. His partner was sentenced to
    110 years for fraud and falsifying records for 20 years…..hmmm

    WAKE UP! The only one with true freedom actions is Ron Paul.

  3. A. Zelko says:

    I don’t believe in anything Mr. Romney says. Lower taxes ? Oh, yes -for the high income bracket-not us, Middle America. I don’t trust him. he worries me about international confrontations and the like. He does not resonate peace in my heart. I am scared he will win. This country needs a patriot and Mr. Romney is not. President Obama is a hard worker who is decent and not after money like (for instance) the Republicans who made his life hell . No patriots there. I am concerned about everyone, not just one group. By the way, why are Republicans trying to change EPA laws? More money in their investments!! No regulations means worse pollution and money in their pocket. Is that what you want? Not me.

    • Country Doc says:

      Hi. Glad to get your post. I am a freedom lover and consider myself a patriot. I understand that
      one of the best loved and known patriots is Ron Paul in this country. I understand he also wants
      to do away with the EPA. The Republicans want to do away with the EPA with more logical and less control going to each state which understands the dynamics and problems and effects better on both environment and people than the federal government. It is that I am an Idahoan and understand our problems close to home better than even those of others a state or two away in most cases. Like the protection of the spotted own and cutting out the lumbering industry which is a renewable source. Like the federal government mandating communities to re-do their water systems at a cost of millions of dollars to get out a bit of arsenic that residents living 80 or more years had in their water a lifetime. Now, those communities are laden with a huge payroll for two employees or so to run the water plant due to it’s complicated operations. A simple well was
      designed by one individual that removes arsenic from third world country wells, but the contracts
      were awarded to big business for the big bucks in the U.S.

      Republicans are caring about people in their local assessments. Hope this helps.

      Country Doc

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