May 23, 2019

Sen. Harry Reid Admits He Was Beaten in Gay Love Frenzy

Senate GOP And Democrats Hold Weekly Policy LuncheonsDemocrat Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid told a close friend that the injuries he sustained 3 months ago were inflicted by one of the men he was “with” at a gay orgy party in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Recent rumors that Senator Reid was beaten by a mobster when Reid failed to deliver promised political favors forced the Democrat leader to come clean on the source of his injuries.

The “anonymous source” said that Reid has often traveled to exotic locations at taxpayer expense to meet with underage men for “personal” reasons. Another “anonymous source” confirms that Reid has a penchant for burly, hairy men, who “smell like baby apes,” to put it in Reid’s own words.

Harry-ReidAnother anonymous source says, “Oh, you know that little bitch likes the rough stuff,” referring to Reid’s facial wounds.

Reid, who personally ensured that every piece of legislation sought by Barack Obama was passed in the Senate, may be best remembered in US history for blatant and purposeful lies he told on the Senate Floor, saying that that then presidential candidate Mitt Romney had paid no taxes for 10 years. When asked on CNN about those lies, which were described by CNN as McCarthyism, Reid said that he had no regrets about being a liar, and that his lies kept Romney from winning the election–and that was all that mattered.

harry_reid_flips_the_birdSen. Reid, an admitted liar, and some of his supporters, claim that the statements in this article are untrue. Let Harry Reid prove that he wasn’t beat up by a gay lover in a homosexual orgy, and that he hasn’t traveled to meet with underage men. If it isn’t true, he should be able to prove it.

Happy April 1st ;~)


  1. Jonny Rebel says

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  3. James R Groner says

    Insignificant little Faggot

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