June 19, 2019

Supreme Court Limits President’s Power

pelosi_supreme_courtThe Supreme Court has limited a president’s power to make temporary appointments to fill high-level government jobs.

The court said Thursday that President Obama exceeded his authority when he invoked the Constitution’s provision on recess appointments to fill slots on the National Labor Relations Board in 2012.

The justices said in their first-ever consideration of the Constitution’s recess appointments clause that Congress gets to decide when it is in recess and that there was no recess when Obama acted. The president said he made the appointments in the face of Republican refusal to allow the NLRB to function.


  1. It’s about time. This President acts more like a dictator than the President of a free country where he is the SERVANT of the people and not a king.
    There is too much federal overreach. The people have the laws, let us govern ourselves on a state/municipal level.
    I am not alone in saying, “To the federal government and Mr. O – “STAY OUT OF MY PRIVATE AND FAMILY BUSINESS. I PAY YOUR SALARY…YOU WORK FOR ME AND YOU’RE WORKING AGAINST ME.”

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