March 22, 2019

Temp Agency is America’s Second-largest Employer

unemployedWhile the Obama Administration insists that the June jobs report is good news for the economy, some of the indicators tell another story. As noted yesterday, part-time jobs surged to a record high last month and full-time employment dropped, a sign that some say could be blamed on ObamaCare.

Another startling data point, as reported by Ashe Schow of the Washington Examiner, is that America’s second-largest employer is Kelly Services, a temp agency:

Behind Wal-Mart, the second-largest employer in America is Kelly Services, a temporary work provider.

Friday’s disappointing jobs report showed that part-time jobs are at anall-time high, with 28 million Americans now working part-time. The report also showed another disturbing fact: There are now a record number of Americans with temporary jobs.

Approximately 2.7 million, in fact. And the trend has been growing.

Why is this so concerning? Marina Fang of ThinkProgress, a Leftist blog owned by the Center for American Progress, notes that “[t]here is a negative correlation between an increase in temp jobs and overall economic growth.” Pointing to a study by EMSI, Fang explained, “[C]ities that have recovered fastest from the recession are those with the lowest growth in temp jobs.”

“For example, Washington D.C. has added 117,238 jobs since 2009, and only 2 percent of those jobs were in the temporary help sector. Similarly, San Francisco added 125,134 jobs with only 4 percent constituting temp jobs. Austin, Houston, Seattle, and Boston also experienced fairly sizable increases in jobs but coupled with low proportions of temp jobs,” she added. “By comparison, in Philadelphia, where 41 percent of jobs are temporary, the economy has added only 19,752 jobs overall since 2009.”

The Associated Press has also chimed in, surmising that the growth in temporary jobs could be a “permanent fixture” in the United States.

Many employers have been reluctant to hire because of ObamaCare. In fact, many have either suspended hiring or have scaled back their operations because of the law. A Gallup poll released just last month found that 41% of businesses have frozen hiring and another 19% have eliminated jobs specifically due to the uncertainty over ObamaCare.

The poll also showed that 55% of small business owners believe that ObamaCare will cause their health insurance costs to rise, while 52% believe that they can expect lower quality care because of the law.

This is the Obama economy, folks.

By Jason Pye

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