December 19, 2018

Theater Massacre Foiled By Armed Person

December 16, 2012, just two days after the Newton, CT shooting and in the wake of the Aurora, CO theater massacre, a gunman, Jesus Manuel Garcia, entered the China Garden Restaurant in San Antonio, Texas, looking for his girlfriend. He had just sent her a text claiming he was going to shoot somebody.

When Garcia couldn’t find her in the restaurant he fired some shots, hitting one person, causing employees and patrons to flee.

The gunman followed the fleeing employees into the Mayan Palace Theater down the street, and entered shouting and firing shots. As Garcia hunted innocent victims in the theater firing shots at anyone he could find, an armed off-duty County Sheriff’s Deputy named Lisa Castellano heard the shots and pulled her weapon and ran toward the shooting.

When she encountered the gunman Lisa Castellano aimed her pistol at him and told him to drop his weapon. Garcia raised his weapon to fire and she shot him, repeated three more times.

Only one person was shot in the would-be San Antonio theater massacre–the gunman.  Garcia lived. The wounded restaurant patron lived.

So why is the national press ignoring this story? Because it sheds truth on the lie that firearms only cause violence. The presense of a firearm saved lives–perhaps several.

This is a perfect example of why more citizens should carry protection (and I don’t mean the liberal version that fits in your wallet). Indeed, an armed public is a polite public. Death and violence were averted by the presence of a gun.


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