September 25, 2020

Trump’s Guy Wins! Rep-elect Dan Bishop Credits Trump for Special Election Win

Rep-elect Dan Bishop, R-N.C., appeared on “Fox & Friends” Wednesday following his special election victory for North Carolina’s ninth congressional district seat, and credited President Trump with helping him across the finish line.

“[Trump] was a tremendous help,” he said. “We really only were competitive in terms of funding for about six weeks. So the president and the vice president stepping in and committing the way they did to this race was tremendous. And a lot of credit goes to the president.”

Bishop praised Trump’s fighting spirit and said American voters usually respond well to leaders who speak plainly, and directly.

“That’s the thing about President Trump. There’s never been a greater fighter in the White House than he is,” he said. “I think that’s what we’ve got to do is demonstrate fight. He’s got a great vision for America with an economy that’s booming, taxes that are lowered, jobs more plentiful, et cetera. And it’s just an attractive picture. And if you stand up and deliver it the people will respond and they did here last night.”

Bishop also spoke about concerns regarding his slim margin of victory and admitted certain parts of the state have turned blue, before commending Trump once more.

“I really think you can’t overstate the circumstances specific to this race and I think the president’s message — he’s actually fairly well-embraced,” he said. “Charlotte, where I live, is becoming bluer but we knew we had an unconventional strategy, frankly. We knew that the eastern part of this district… [was] important and the president — that’s where he went… and it made a big difference.”

Nick Givas is a reporter with Fox News. You can find him on Twitter at @NGivasDC.

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