May 24, 2019

Voluntary Vasectomies and Tubal Ligations Can Solve Most Problems

black--criminalsIf no one has looked at the plight of those in poverty lately, it is well worth noting that minority children are being born into households headed by a single mother, and are more likely to go to prison than to college. Every cure for poverty attempted by conservatives is blocked by liberals, so the picture is even more bleak with every passing year.

For instance, conservatives keep trying to push for school choice for all students, offering a voucher system that will enable children of any class or neighborhood to attend the school of their choice–only to be blocked by liberals, who like poor, minority children right where they are. Liberal spending of $18 trillion on impoverished minorities in this county has only served to entrap them in the poverty industry, administered by liberals.

MOM-KIDS-COUCHMost of the unemployment in this nation is focused among young minorty men, as is most of the violence. While liberals howl about a few questionable minority deaths during police arrests, they entirely ignore thousands of murders and attempted murders committed against minority men by their own people.

The minority culture has completely abandoned its strong family roots, and adopted a lifestyle of casual sex, resulting in over 1,800 abortions of black babies every day in this country, followed by a like number of Hispanic abortions each day. Those minority babies who aren’t aborted are likely to end up in impoverished, fatherless homes, in the middle of rap and gang cultures where hustling, drugs and crime are a common and accepted way of life.

black-crimeBecause liberals need an impoverished underclass to justify their existence, they block every conservative attempt to liberate the impoverished minorities of this once great nation. If conservatives cannot free them through elevating them into the middle class and above, the only path left open to alleviate the pain of our minorities is the handout path–one that liberals will not fight under any circumstances.

If the federal government would simply offer free contraception in the form of tubal ligations and vasectomies, and add a cash bonus to those who receive them–$5,000 for any man receiving a vasectomy and $15,000 for any woman receiving a tubal ligation–I believe that those who find themselves deepest in the midst of poverty and hopelessness will avail themselves.

What will be the result of this contraception program? Those who have no desire to have or care for children will receive the procedure, and get the money. Those who desire to have children and live the American dream will have no incentive to receive the procedures.

This will cost many millions of dollars, of course. However, the return on investment will be incalculable. Welfare costs, police costs, medical costs, abortion costs, prison costs, repair costs, pain and suffering–they will all begin a rapid descent from the current hundreds of billions of dollars we are currently spending on this sector of society. Societal costs–like disruption in the classroom, violence in our streets, and culture that breaks down every class–will likewise diminish rapidly.

We see no down side to the plan, and invite comments below.


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