June 19, 2019

We Finally Must Ask the Question–Is Obama Mentally Deficient?

president-obama--stupidIn a world where insults and epithets are bandied about without thought or provocation, we hesitate to thrust into the public’s discourse a concept so crude as questioning the actual mental capacity of one who has twice been elected to the office of the presidency by a “majority” of the electorate.

However, every day we see Barack Obama’s face on television and hear his words, and it is apparent that he is not in touch with reality. In every aspect of his governance, he has failed, and things have gotten much worse–yet he tells us daily what a great job he’s doing, and how successful his presidency is.

Mr. Obama tells us that the economy is soaring and that employment is nearly full, while every economic indicator tells us that earning and buying power have diminished significantly since Obama took office, and that millions of Americans have lost their careers, and are now either entirely unemployable or flipping burgers to scrape by.

by-yourself-ObamaMr. Obama tells us that America is now loved by the countries of the world, and respected as never before. He tells us that there is peace throughout the world and that it is a much safer place since his brand of foreign policy has been implemented. He has apologized to the world for America’s delusional thinking of the past, and has bowed and scraped before foreign potentates, and has almost single-handedly handed the Middle East and much of Europe to Islamic extremists and the atomic bomb to Iran, while lecturing American’s that Islam is due his special attention because of the Crusades (which followed Islamic attacks on Christians) that occurred 1,000 years ago. All this while tens of thousands (and more) of innocent Christians, women and children are murdered annually for no other reason than refusing to embrace Islam and submit to its backward and savage tenets.

The media, academia and like-minded politicos on the left for years have told the sane of the world to just wait and we will eventually behold the fruits of Mr. Obama’s leftist world view–and we have waited, and watched as things have declined into the spiraling trajectory we now see. It was all extremely foreseeable, and we who are old enough watched as the same things spiraled out of control during the presidency of Obama’s spiritual predecessor, Jimmy Carter–or for those who have read a book, e.g., how Hitler nearly enslaved the world while people like Obama tried to pacify him by signing documents in front of cameras.

The difference now is that the media and educational institutions are ‘all in’ with Obama’s leftist panacea, and only now are any of them beginning to question the sanity of Obama’s moves. Only now are pundits beginning to raise an eyebrow at the daily briefings coming out of the White House, telling us how successful Mr. Obama’s policies are, while the walls are falling down around us.

No–Mr. Obama is not f______ing retarded, as so ineloquently expressed by many of his detractors, nor is he necessarily less intelligent than most of those who have declared themselves to be the world’s intelligentsia.

The truth is that Mr. Obama is a true believer and the foreseeable product of leftist thinking, which holds that 1) if you divert as much money from an economy as possible, you will strengthen it (much like treating illnesses with leaches) and empower the poor, 2) the more people that eventually drop off the unemployed rolls because they can’t find disappearing jobs, the better the unemployment figures are, 3) by letting Islam overtake the world, you will spread its inherent message of peace and tolerance and replace Constitutional/colonial bigotry, and 4) by taking away the property of the hard working and productive and giving it to the indolent, you will increase productivity and spread wealth.

ISIS_murdersIt’s not that Mr. Obama suffers from mental retardation any more than anyone else on the left does–the problem is that they all suffer from an inability to deal with reality, or to mentally project the natural result of a political or economic policy: a + b = c; or higher taxes plus deficit spending = bankruptcy

Reality is that Islam hates women, homosexuals, and anyone who isn’t Islamic–and the Islamic movement will force itself into every country and every state until it has removed all obstacles and replaced them with the Islamic caliphate–where women are subjugated, gays are beheaded or burned, and Christians and Buddhists are murdered to the point of extinction. Yet we see gay people marching with pro-Islam signs–with Mr. Obama cheering from the Oval Office. Reality is that stealing from one person and giving to another only makes the recipient dependent and the victim loses incentive to produce more than the recipient. Reality is that increasing the size of a national government and giving it authority to regulate every aspect of someone else’s life, enslaves everyone within its borders–including you.

Wherever and whenever leftists have risen to power, enslavement and murder soon follow. The Soviet Union, China, North Korea–which Democrat would want to live in one of those countries? Which gay man or woman? Which proponent of free expression? Yet these are exactly the people who respond so eagerly to the battle cry of the left–“Give us the power over your neighbor, so that we can bestow our gifts on you.”When the Red Army marched through China they were cheered by the people of the cities because the rich were now going to suffer for their sins. They were shocked to learn that anyone with more than 1 acre of land or anyone who had ever hired a laborer to help harvest the land was considered “rich,” and was murdered by the Red Army. China lost all of its ambitious producers in a matter of months, and it took several decades and the relinquishment of leftist principles to begin to create sufficient supplies for the people of that country.

It never works out the way leftists tell us it will–and it is never intended to work out that way. They are liars–and there are always enough people stupid enough to believe them. In fact, about half the people are gullible enough to continue to fall for the lie. Elections are close, but they have severe and long-term consequences. Who’s the f______ing retard now?


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