June 19, 2019

Weapons Of Mass Destruction…Revisited

Chemical-Weapons-IraqAnyone in Iraq in 2003-2004 would have come across evidence that the Saddam Hussein regime was not only in possession of chemical weapons, but that they were preparing to use them against U.S. forces.  The truth is, Saddam had a number of nasty little ambushes planned for our brave soldiers, but our victory was so total and engulfing that he and his coward sons were obliged to leave town before any of their “surprises” could be visited on our young men and women in uniform.  The Iraqi army disappeared from the battlefield almost as quickly as they did recently outside of Tikrit.

Let’s face it, no one wanted to die for Saddam, which was fortunate for everyone because the end result was fewer casualties on either side.  The fact is Iraq had compiled a frightening arsenal of chemical weapons which were stored at various locations around the country.  There is no doubt in my mind that Iraq was developing less complicated, easy to deliver batches of biological agents as well.  It’s not difficult to keep these labs simple and mobile, and we have yet to get satisfactory clarification on what exactly the Iraqis were transporting in convoys from central Iraq to Syria in the dead of the night.  Who was surprised when Syrian de facto President Bashir al-Assad began using chemical weapons against the Syrian opposition? [read more . . .]

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