March 23, 2019

Who Gives More Charity-Liberals or Conservatives? has just released the relative charitable giving of all 50 states (and DC) based on a percentage of adjusted gross income.

The 17 most charitable states in order: UT, MS, AL, TN, GA, SC, ID, OK, AR, NC, KS, TX, SD, KY, LA, NE & IN.

The 24 least charitable states in order starting with the stingiest: NH, ME, VT, NJ, RI, MA, CT, ND, WI, HI, PA, CA, MN, AK, DE, NV, IL, WV, WA, OH, CO, VA, OR & NY.

What have libs (backed by the media) told you your entire life? That they’re the ones who are giving and compassionate while conservatives are cold-hearted, selfish and care only about money. So let’s see: The 17 most charitable states ALL voted for Mitt Romney in 2012. While on the other end 21 OUT OF THE 24 least charitable states voted for Barack Obama. (below)

Libs always insist that they are more caring and generous yet as this proves beyond a shadow of a doubt … ONLY WITH OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY!

By Paula Priesse


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