June 19, 2019

Why Blacks Aren’t Voting This Election

Obama_VotingWe recently heard an elderly Black woman express why so many Black voters are staying home, or switch their voting allegiance this election.

The woman called into C-Span during the time when Barack Obama was doing his early voting. She identified herself as Joyce and indicated that she is an 82-year old black grandmother who has been a Democrat her entire life, but voted straight down the Republican ticket this year. Her voice is filled with both anger and passion as she explains why she has left the Democratic Party.

It is worth listening to the entire two-minute segment. She begins by saying, “First, let me start by saying that I am an 82-year old, black, senior citizen grandmother and I voted straight Republican because I have been noticing for years what the Democrat party have done to my people.”

Joyce unleashes a long string of facts on the devastation the Democrat Party has unleashed on blacks and how her eyes became opened to their ways. She’s in Texas and had some choice words for Democrat candidate for governor Wendy Davis that I’m sure the Davis campaign will not want to use in a campaign ad.



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