June 2, 2020

Why Dems Fight Against a Border WALL

A nation without borders is not a country—it is an open territory. If a nation fails to delineate its sovereign boundaries, and enforce its borders, it becomes impossible for that nation to care for its citizens or defend them from outside aggression.

So why are democrats dead set against establishing a solid border in the form of an impenetrable WALL?

First and foremost, most democrats benefit from an influx of illegal migrants who are uneducated and unskilled. These people are dependent on the welfare state—the power base of the Democratic Party. Democrats thrive on the existence of a permanent underclass, and count on the votes of all those who depend on government handouts. Indeed, those who receive government benefits in one form or another vote almost exclusively democrat.

But don’t democrats say they support border security? No. They say they prefer secondary support systems—electronic surveillance, drones, monitors, etc.

Aren’t these forms of border monitoring just as effective as a WALL? No!

Here’s why. Think about our current immigration system. It is a mess, and as soon as an illegal crosses the border, he or she is taken into custody, and in many cases is eventually released into the country after promising to show up in court to determine the proper immigration status. Almost no one shows up to the hearing. They are lost into the crowd of millions of illegal aliens living in our country.

A WALL stops that process. With a WALL at the border, no one and nothing gets through. Illegals don’t get through. Victims of human trafficking don’t get through. Drugs don’t get through. Terrorists don’t get through.

That is exactly why democrats are fighting the WALL so vehemently. They know that only a WALL will stop those foreign invaders who weaken America and render it easy for political takeover. That is their endgame—so it benefits them. If democrats were truly representing the American people, as is the president, there would be no question—the border WALL would be built and illegal crossings would end.

By James Thompson. James is a political commentator and professional ghostwriter.


  1. James Thomson is also a first class writer! And i am not a democrat!

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