September 25, 2020

U.S. Attorney Huber Moving to Indict Clintons and Others

U.S. Attorney for the state of Utah John Huber was appointed by Attorney General Jeff Sessions over a year ago to investigate accusations of abuse of power and corruption at the highest levels of the State Department, FBI and Justice Department.

A.G. Sessions mistakenly recused himself from any investigations surrounding accusations of collusion between the Russian government and its operatives, and members of the Donald Trump for President election campaign. He was then duped into appointing Robert Meuller as Special Prosecutor to investigate such allegations. Meuller immediately appointed dozens of Democratic Party operatives to the investigation, resulting in no evidence of collusion from the Trump camp, but a great deal of evidence of collusion between Hillary Clinton’s team and Russian operatives.

U.S. Attorney Huber was appointed by sessions not under any special counsel statute, but within the normal operational standards of the Department of Justice, and tasked with investigating all those that Meuller seemed reluctant to investigate—including Meuller himself. Huber was also selected because Sessions assumed that a Grand Jury selected from among the citizens of Utah would be willing to provide an unbiased response to evidence of wrongdoing by Hillary Clinton and those in the upper echelons of Washington, D.C. bureaus and law enforcement agencies.

U.S. Attorney for the state of Utah John Huber

Although Huber’s work has remained shrouded in mystery, without leaks, we have obtained information from an inside source that Huber has been presenting evidence of felonious activities to the Grand Jury against several high level government actors, and will soon be bringing indictments against Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Chelsea Clinton, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, FBI Director James Comey, Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe, CIA Director John Brennan, Associate Deputy Director Bruce Ohr, FBI Agent Peter Strzok, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, Christopher Steele, and several other principals of Uranium One, The Clinton Foundation and Fusion GPS.

According to our source, the sealed indictments will be made public within the next 4 months.


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    Not only was everything in this article total BS, but Huber just EXONERATED HRC, and found absolutely NOTHING criminal.

    You right wing degenerate pieces of shit just can’t accept reality. It is so hilarious!

    • No, exoneration did not occur. One cannot be exonerated unless charged and tried. Then, one is only found innocent. As to Mr. Hubner, the evidence shows he did not investigate anyone, only reviewed documents provided by Mr. Horowitz and Mr. Mueller. He deposed no one. He did not require a forensic accounting of the Clinton Foundation, of Mrs. Clinton, of Mr. Joe Biden, or of Mr. Hunter Biden. Essentially, Mr. Hubner, originally appointed by Mr. Obama and Mr. Sessions acted as a bulwark against further investigation. He has failed to complete the task he was assigned, instead consistently deferring to others. Hence, Mr. Hubner’s job was transferred to Mr. Durham, a transfer required because of Mr. Hubner’s malfeasance.

  2. Spell check …

  3. Anonymous says

    This is going nowhere, we all know it.

    • Fredrick Ward says

      Pelosi & Harry Ried both need to be charged with Treason due to both signed a sworn document that they had researched and found Obama was eligible to run for the office of President of the United States. The White House Birth Certificate was a fraud with 26 photo shopted changes. He was born in Kenya, not Hawaii. His Grandmother got him the SS# since she worked for the SS. She found a holder of an SS# who had died and never received any SS financial payments. She gave that # to Barack Obama.

  4. Thomas Wagner says

    Is anyone dumb enough to think that anything will come out of this? The swamp is deep and dirty. Comey had a chance to take out Hillary and dropped the ball!

    • dennis067 says

      Then I will go down fighting and not as a lamb to slaughter. The Lord is MY SHEPHERD. not a den of thieves.

    • uglykidmoe says

      comey? what are you nuts? he was never part of the solution, he and hillary are two peas in a pod professor

      • Luck2lady says

        Shoot Comey just wanted to stay above ground! Comey and the Clintons go way back to their Arkansas days.

  5. I pray for ALL of those (puppets & puppeteers) who have ALMOST brought our nation down for self-serving reasons & power to be brought to their knees begging for mercy as they are being handcuffed.

    • I pray that the eyes of all American will be opened prior to this. I pray that they see these actions as a necessary step in returning our great nation to the people. I pray that the people who have for decades realized the corruption in our government, will not forget. I pray that those whose eyes have been opened will stand for the truth and support the leadership that has already risked so much .

  6. Raymond E Comfort says

    authored by the “editors”, mission statement by “the editors”. more spineless speculation

  7. This article is correct about Huber’s role, but not Sessions/Mueller. ANONs know.

    • Yep!!

    • the reason why Sessions behaved the way he did, was because of a premeditated plan set by the military intelligence, or whomever has carried out the agenda to disclose who the perpetrators are and have been, by choosing Muller, Sessions made the domestic enemies, think that Sessions was on their side, making it easier for Sessions to work in the shadows, with out anyone looking over his shoulder, disagreements between president Trump and Sessions was just an act, in the mean time Sessions was picking the men that were also going to work in the shadows, to uncover so many indictments without the enemy knowing what was going on. When NSI chief of operations Rogers came to president Trump and exposed what the enemies were planning Sessions was also there so Sessions knew who they were dealing with, otherwise president Donald Trump would never had chosen Sessions to become part of the MILITARY TRIALS THAT ARE GOING ON TOGETHER WITH GENERAL MATIS, AND KELLY , NONE OF THEM WERE FIRED IT WAS AN ACT TO NO LET THE ENEMIES OF OUR REPUBLIC KNOW WHAT WAS GOING ON AND NEUTER THEM INSTEAD OF LETTING THEM KNOW WHAT WAS GOING ON AND FORCE THEM TO DEFEND DEMSELVES WITH MORE FALSE FLAGS AND MANY INOCENT AMERICANS GETTING HURT BY TELEGRAPHING THEIR INTENTIONS AHEAD OF TIME. SO YOU ARE WRONG ON YOUR OPINION.

  8. I guess I feel the same as everyone else…I’ll believe it when I see it! Now that this is out in the open I’m sure SOMETHING will happen to keep the ‘treasonous Dems’ from being sentenced…..never fails! And yeah….WHERE’S OBAMAS NAME!!!

  9. We can only hope and pray that the Clintons finally get taken down, along with all those other corrupt people. But I am curious as to why obama isn’t on that list..

  10. Add Nellie Ohr to the list. So many that needs to be prosecuted. Plus these and more within the FBI and DOJ launching a coup against a sitting President.

  11. I see everyone except Obama.

  12. Very good it’s about time to clean up the mess that Donald trump inherited and .Clean the swamp.

    • I personally have just about given up believing anything will ever happen to the “Swamp”. Evidence after evidence pops up, only to be ignored it seems, even in voter fraud. Supposedly El Chapo just testified that he gave the Clinton bribe money laundering “foundation” 15 million, and the Feds rushed up to NYC to shut the doors from the public hearing about it. So how is Swamp being drained if the justice branch is still corrupt enough to do this with apparent immunity???

      • Jill Holmdohl says

        oh, do not fret! The noose has found a head it wants to strangle, all right!! This roundabout way, Russia collusion etc. helps make it look like divine justice and not just slam dunk revenge ! The comeuppance of “cock-sure, dead-wrong”. Hilary. is right around the corner ! …and what a Delicious Demise it shall be ! Lick your chops, drool, enjoy!!

  13. Brian J McLain says

    Barr as the new AG will get it done, Sessions for some reason was afraid to do his job.

    • Tracy Gordon says

      Because sessions is part of the swamp. He recused himself to get Mueller to ignore his wrongdoings. It’s that simple.

      • If sessions did not recuse himself, Mueller would not have been appointed. The only reason that twat recused himself is because he was a mole for the democrats. Ever since the campaign the dems set him up to get close to Trump.

    • That’s about it.. I think He’s scared..He needs to get it together or get out…

    • I think Sessions was up to his ears in the “Swamp” and reluctant to expose them because they could expose him! He was NOT duped by appointing Mueller…how could he be duped when Mueller’s rotten tactics are know everywhere? He knew exactly what he was doing.

  14. BIWISI…

  15. Steven Bailey says

    He better watch his back. Dear Lord, protect this man and his family as he considers taking on an entrenched cesspool of pure evil!

  16. Jodie Obenour says

    I am going to be patient. Like a fox! President Trump is a good man who is steps ahead of them. This big of a takedown takes time. The American public are not ready to hear about the horrors that have been un-covered. It needs to be given in doses.

  17. Jim Janovsky says

    Sure hope this is true. It should be done. There was enough evidence in Greg Jarretts book alone, published last Summer I think, to bring these, and more indictments.

  18. We should get used to a new acronym: BIWISI Believe it when I see it.

  19. I will believe it when I see all of them raised in their family homes and handcuffed

  20. How can we know if this is real??? It sounds too good to be true.

    • I’m with you on that.

    • Sheliavowens says

      The Fisa report will be made public information and then after that they will be arrested by the milllitary.

      • Gayle Herrman says

        Have faith; it will be done!

        • Marvin Foster says

          BELIEVE!!! Don’t be stupid (I’m sorry) just open your eyes!!! Our good President was chosen by the Military that has been running our government for a long time. President Obama and quic pro quo Biden were forced to resign or die. They chose to resign. Our nation has been being run by the great General Joe Dunford and the Military through Paul Ryan, now our nation is being ran by President Trump with the help of our Military. It’s being run like a chess game you use your ponds where they do you the most good. General Dunford, Kelly and Matis along with Sessions weren’t fired they just moved to another place(in this move to Gitmo). Just BELIEVE check mate is coming!!!!! Clean the swamp!!! Nuf said.

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